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Hello everyone, this is a quick update video about JinGames.

I will make another one maybe next week, depending on how much I’ll get done until then.

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6 Responses to UPDATE

  1. lickutung34 says:

    ok im attempting to reply, if it goes through good if not oh well, hope to see great things from you in the future Ben

  2. Ren11 says:

    What will be the next update?

  3. Ren11 says:

    I have an idea for training. And this idea is: when we are with pesos we get 1 tp per hit that we give in the air and every step we take, every 1 hit we give in blocks we get 2 tp. And according to the weight of 10 up we gain multipliers for the gain of tp in these quests, I would also like to add an extra attribute that could increase the tp gain in this type of training by percentages (this specific attribute and training does not would be configurable and the attribute would have a lower limit than the other normal attributes)

  4. Ren11 says:

    If you want to make the necessary changes in the idea.

  5. Ren11 says:

    If you want, make the necessary changes in te idea.

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