UPDATE: Quick Bug Fix – 20w14-3

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Hello everyone!

This is more decent size quick bug fix update I’ve been working on.

Important note: This update contains config changes so server owners should check the changed ones in case they don’t like the new default amount.


BUILD 1.106

Dragon Block C Version 1.4.67:


  • Gave Unstable/Damaged Fused Zamasus the SSJ Rose Aura


  • Reduced Barrage skill shot sound volume: 100% > 20%
  • Reduced Barrage skill moving sound volume: 100% > 50%
  • REMOVED: Flying speed config for now because it was client sided.
  • Configs:
    • Flying speed stamina cost was rewritten to “Flying speed, and Dodging Stamina cost”


  • The Ki Scythe Damage config had  a bad value written as default in its description.

JRMCore Version 1.3.27:


  • In-Game Client config:
    • Damage bruises (ON/OFF)
    • 3D Normal aura, 2D god aura (ON/OFF)
    • 3D Aura Invisibility


  • Bruises images were moved one folder up
  • Reduced the ki explosion life ticks: 120 > 60
  • Ki Barrages  now have a 1 in 5 chance to get experience
  • Ki Explosions now have a 1 in 3 chance to get experience
  • Ki Shields can level up now, and a 1 in 3 chance to get experience by getting hit with a energy attack
  • Custom HUD:
    • Battle Power text now also contains the difficulty level of the player, and the arcosian power point reserve amount
  • You can no more swoop with a low amount of Ki (10% – (Fly Skill level * 0.5%)) for now to prevent a few bugs


  • If you were a pure blooded Saiyan then you you could not use the new RGB color picker anywhere
  • New Ki charge effect used the client player’s skills for things like color

JBRA Version 1.6.41:


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  • Ki Scythe received a very small rotation when rendering on players
  • Kaioken Gives a red tint even when charging


  • You could only see ki blades and ki scythes if you had ki fist and ki infuse learned
  • SSJ4 fur color did not turn white if April mode was enabled
  • Hopefully a crash with the bruises textures sometimes not found

Have fun!

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2 Responses to UPDATE: Quick Bug Fix – 20w14-3

  1. Sxorps says:

    Hi Ben! Everyone even the youtube community is loving your work. You brought quite an update to the mod and people has never seen this much content in a while. Tho as a DBC veteran here were the small problems that i’ve noticed. I just finished the whole stoey system!

    The problems were not bugs, the update was clean! although the story system after buu’s saga did not feel the best. After i defeated buu, there was not much grinding left to do and the battles did not feel as if they were progressing to get harder. The npc’s stopped teleporting behind players after 3 times whicg leaves them on a still position while I, the player, blast the npc with ki balls until it dies. The HP pf the npc’s were also not too much apart which did not seem fun to grind so that I could beat them. DBZ and DBS npc’s battle power and HP did have a difference but it still is too easy to beat. Please make us train and grind a little more and i hope more HP could be added to thr npc’s so that the battles could be a little mpre challenging.

    But all in all it was such a great update, considering that it was your first huge update, it’s loterally the best.

  2. Kiralai says:

    Hi Ben,I just want to ask if you can add a little power boost to SS5 and if not officially, can you at least make confing for those who want.I think that it will be cool cause a lot of people like that form and even if they use it only as event reward it will be good to get something plus the color and name change 🙂 . Thanks in andvance and I really hope to see that in the future.

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