UPDATE: Quick Bug Fix – 20w14-2

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Now personally I would much rather wait to have more bugs fixed then one for a new build, but I thought that if this did fix the issue then it would be worth it.


BUILD 1.105

JRMCore Version 1.3.26:


  • CRASH: Hopefully fixed with the Red Ribbon Mecha rockets.
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6 Responses to UPDATE: Quick Bug Fix – 20w14-2

  1. ezequiel says:

    hi ben !! I am very excited about the update !!! Thanks for the new things you have put in, but I wanted to ask something if it is not too much trouble. It is that I wanted to know if they are going to add the limbs to the mod? ….. Sorry if you do not understand much, I speak Spanish and I am using the translator. Have a nice day.

  2. you can change the mod to version 1.14.4 of minecraft

  3. reumu says:

    Good job on the new update Ben, we’ve been waiting for an update to the story for a while. A suggestion I have for the animations is making the aura rotate to face the direction you are flying in rather than just facing upwards all the time. Keep up the good work ?

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