UPDATE: Hot Fix – 20w14-4

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And of course here is another hot fix. This bug was kind of game crashing so I really wanted to put it out quickly, but for now I’m just going to stop spamming fixed for a while.


BUILD 1.107

JRMCore Version 1.3.28:


  • Ki shield would CRASH the server when getting hit by an energy attack.
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29 Responses to UPDATE: Hot Fix – 20w14-4

  1. kev_spyro says:

    nice! another fix! i wanted to ask something.. do you think its possible to make fusion work somehow on singleplayer? like you could do the ssjgod ritual form with goku?
    and maybe more configurations for fusion? but only if you’ve got time ^^

  2. lickutung34 says:

    I prefer you spam fixes, at least we know its being worked on 🙂

  3. ade says:

    Hey Ben if you have time can you add zenkai boost like if the player’s health reaches 10% or 20% you gain 1 level on all stats or you get TP

  4. lickutung34 says:

    I prefer frequent patches

  5. frankmax12 says:

    Another great update Ben! I spoke to jin a few times on Skype he would be proud of how far his creation has come, keep up the great work! Also since your playing around with astetic’s maybe a small change to SS3 to remove eyebrows.

  6. RigSenpai says:

    I love the Fix spamming i wanna know what ingame gets fixed

  7. Great updates, it’d be cool if ki-blade/ki-scythe scaled off willpower instead of strength though.

  8. frankmax12 says:

    Could you make Android 18 use ki attacks?

  9. Great update overall, one this I noticed when playing around with sagas and the new npcs is that both Krillin and Roshi_super do tons of damage even when I set their attack stats really low. I’m not sure if that goes for all the new npcs as I haven’t tried them all yet, I’ll reply to this comment if it turns out I just messed something up or if I find something else. I just wanted to post this incase it is a bug.

  10. frankmax12 says:

    I have a suggestion for later in the mod, once MUI is added I suggest 4 levels total for the skill. Level 1 remains the same as it is. Level 2 would allow you to ascend to MUI from UI.
    Level 3 would allow you to access UI without having to be low health but transforming this way would limit you to UI
    You would only be able to access MUI at low health in other words you would have to transform the original way to access it. Then finally level 4 this would remove the need again for low health but for MUI resulting in complete mastery of the skill and the ability to tap into both forms at will.

  11. frankmax12 says:

    The command /dbcbuildings respawn doesn’t seem to affect kame house

  12. dude says:

    this is neat and all….but where is that naruto stuff we was promised?

  13. Jessica says:

    Thank you for all of your hard work!! <3

  14. frankmax12 says:

    Alot of the new npcs and some old ones like fat buu and all the other buus don’t do melee damage no matter how high you set their attack.

  15. WindowCreep says:

    it would be really cool if we got some support moves possibly?

    maybe if you give spiritual namekians a healing move which trades ki for health on the person it hits that would be cool since it will help against the saiyan meta, and another one where you shoot a ki blast which just replenishes ki for the person it hits (like during the namek arc with goku or when frieza does it in the tournament of power)

  16. frankmax12 says:

    Okay so after much testing the command /dbcbuildings respawn only affects babidi’s ship Goku’s house and the cell arena. Kame house as well as korin tower and the lookout are unaffected by the command please fix this as it’s very in convenient when ki blasts hit them.

  17. JackFrost213 says:

    Could you possibly add a config for the multiplier of the skills, like kiInfuse, kiFist, etc.? Also, could there also be a config for the energy attack damage multiplier so that a server owner can raise the energy attack damage per willpower amount?

  18. andrewfoot7 says:

    Thanks for the big updates man looking forwards to trying them out

  19. being very sincere you are doing a great job, and … i just wanted to make a request, q you put the option of the ultra instinct to be upgraded, i was thinking about the following: when the ultra instinct was in lvl 1 he could only to be assesado with 20% of life and the measure in which you raised would increase 10% of life so that you can asses the form, and when it reached lvl 9 it could be assesada with 100% of life, then when he was in lvl 10 the player could go through phase 2 of the ultra instinct (which would be silver hair)

  20. Honestly, naruto c needs some love. The neglect it has received over the years is incredible and honestly, it needs like 6 months of straight hardcore work and what better time to do it than now with this quarantine all over the world. So much stuff needs to be fixed and upgraded it’s insane. For once the inclusion of all the tailed beasts, becoming a jinchuriki, sage of 6 paths and rinnegan.

  21. wzl says:

    How do you do? I hope you can update the hope form of trinkes in Dragon Ball super(Miracle form) and Berbata’s violent super Saian form and Super Saian mimicry

  22. wzl says:

    I hope you can update the super Saian mimicry

  23. wzl says:

    I hope you can update the story of the power conference

  24. wzl says:

    Hope to update the king palace and destroy the God Star (including NPC)

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