UPDATE: DBC Tournament of Power, Energy Attack Changes – 20w52

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Hello everyone!

This build was also released a bit earlier than planned, and it contains some major changes so it’s not recommended to use it for servers until at least one bigger bug fix update is released!

Also for this update I’ve tried out a new way of writing down the changes I’ve made to the mods, but that turned out to be a bad decision because I didn’t write down all of the information so this update changelog is not going to contain 100% of the changes sadly, and also might not even go into as much detail as the previous ones.

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Mod Updates:

  1. JBRA Version 1.6.46 (HOTFIX)
  2. JRMCore C Version 1.3.33  (HOTFIX)


JBRA Version 1.6.46:


  • Superform hairs were all white


JRMCore C Version 1.3.33:


  • Superform hairs were all white


BUILD 1.113


Mod Updates:

  1. JBRA Version 1.6.45:
    1. JBRA Version 1.6.46 (HOTFIX)
  2. Dragon Block C Version 1.4.72:
  3. JRMCore C Version 1.3.32:
    1. JRMCore C Version 1.3.33  (HOTFIX)
  4. Naruto C Version 0.7.14:



JBRA Version 1.6.45:


  • Made it compatible with the new Ultra Instinct System


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Dragon Block C Version 1.4.72:


  • NPCs:
    • Danger Trio, Brianne, Caulifla normal and SSJ, Dyspo, Jiren normal, and Full Power, Kale normal and SSJ, Kefla normal and SSJ, Toppo, God of Destruction Toppo
    • Most of the God of Destructions, and their angels
  • Story Mode
    • Dragon Ball Super is finished
  • Dimension:
    • Null Realm
      • Contains the Tournament of Power, and Zeno Expo Structures
      • Master Whis spawns at the T.O.P. Arena
  • Structures:
    • Guru’s House
      • Spawns on Planet Namek with Master Guru inside
  • Configs
    • Null Realm Minimum Height.
      • Teleports players to Whis if they go below the set Height
    • Can Whis teleport players to the null realm and back to earth On
    • Whis Teleportation location in the Null Realm and the Overworld
    • Enma Size Scale
    • Guru Size Scale


  • Made it compatible with the new JRMCore Systems.
  • Whis spawns on Kami’s lookout
  • Whis can teleport players to and from the Null Realm if enabled
  • Whis’s Safe zone in the Null Realm is very small
  • Porunga received a new model
  • Planet Destroyer Ki Attack type was changed to a Large Blast


JRMCore C Version 1.3.32:


  • Configs
    • ExtendedPlayer Variables
      • This wasn’t tested much, but it should increase mod pack compatibility



  • Ultra Instinct:
    • Transformation can no longer be charged while moving
    • Transformation can be charged with Turbo mode On
    • If you hit someone in Ultra Instinct when you are in Ultra Instinct as well then the dodge rate is divided by the difference of levels between the two players. The less difference in the level is the lower the dodge rate becomes
    • New Aura for Incomplete and White hair Ultra Instinct
    • Auto Counter:
      • If you succeed in dodging an attack then you have an x % chance to hit back the source of the damage
    • The pain status effect duration after using the skill will depend on the Highest level Ultra Instinct the player has reached in it
    • Has a new unique Config file located at “config\jingames\dbc\forms\ultra_instinct.cfg”
    • Configs:
      • Main:
        • Ultra Instinct Levels
          • By default you have 3 levels
          • Lvl 1 and 2 are the incomplete, and Lvl 3 is the complete/white hair version
          • Each level is stronger than the previous ones, but they will have a shorter “lifespan” because their Max Heat level is lower so you can for example hold Lvl 1 for 2x as much time as the Lvl 3
        • List of Damage sources UI can’t dodge
        • List of Damage sources UI can counter
        • Was in Pain Requirement
          • Modes:
            • 0 = Turn this off completely
            • 1 = Player can only enter a white hair UI level if he had at least once the Pain Status Effect
            • 2 = Player can only enter a white hair UI level if he had the Pain Status Effect
              • This resets once the player enters a white hair level
        •  Was in Pain Duration
          • If “Was in Pain” is set to mode 2 then this timer resets it after the set time period
      • For Each Level:
        • Attribute Multiplier
        • Counter Attack Damage (Percentage)
        • Counter Attack Rate (Minimum, Maximum)
          • Each level has a minimum and maximum rate
          • The current amount of attack rate will be decided by checking the player’s current Heat % with this config’s values
        • Dodge Rate
          • Each level has a minimum and maximum rate
          • The current amount of attack rate will be decided by checking the player’s current Heat % with this config’s values
        • Dodge Stamina Cost
        • Counter Attack Stamina Cost
        • Health Requirement (Percentage)
        • Heat Timer
          • Setting it to 0 will disable it making the form endless
        • Level Requirement
        • Mind Requirement
        • Pain Duration
        • Regardless Level Requirement (Percentage)
        • Skippable level On
          • If true then when you are transforming to this level you will instantly turn into the level above this one If you meet the requirements of the next level
        • Successful transformation Chat Message
          • Adding “@p” in the String will be replaced by the player’s name
        • TP Cost
        • White Hair Mode On
  • Energy Attacks:
    • Added new 2D option for Ki Attacks and Jutsus
    • Added Client settings to switch between the 2D/3D rendering, and change the size and transparency of the attacks
    • Energy Attacks only give Experience Once when hitting entities (this just effects mainly Ki Explosions)
    • Completely changed the Sizes for Energy Attacks.
      • Now they depend on what the damage of the attack is compared to the server’s max attribute and the new size configs
    • New Particles for charging and shooting techniques
    • Ki Attack’s explosion size now actually depends on the strength of the attack (be sure to change the “Energy Attack Size Limit” config if you want bigger explosions)
    • Config “Energy Attack Explosion Size” was changed to a DOUBLE number that can go from 0 to 100. So now it can be set to very small numbers such as 0.01. (This means that it will generate a new config!)
    • Configs:
      • Continues Attacks can be shot forever
      • Continues Attacks start moving forward again once the hit entity isn’t near anymore
      • Continues Attack Enemy Lock
      • Energy Attack Death after x tick
      • Slow down when hitting an entity
      • Ki Shield, and Explosions follow the user
      • Training Point Gain Multiplier
        • This originally was connected to the Global Training Point Gain Multiplier
      • List of Continues Attack types
      • Minimum and Maximum Size Scale
      • Scale with the User’s height
      • Continues Attack User walks or looks away from it then it dies On
      • Continues Attack Dies if the hit entity moves away from it
      • Continues Attack Shrinks if the user looks walks or looks away
      • Ki Attack Power Formula
        • This is used to calculate the Power of a Ki Attack when it clashes with another one to decide which is more powerful
  • Aura Lightning becomes red if the Player has the Majin Status Effect
  • Custom Particles have a longer render range



  • Naruto C characters didn’t gain Damage when using “forms” such as 8 gates, and dojutsus such as Sharingan and Byakugan.
  • If effect was disabled for a Ki Type then it will have it’s effect set to 0 if it’s used
  • Hyperbolic Time Chamber kick from being too long in the dimension sent the players to a bad location
  • Swapping the location of Ki Techniques didn’t swap their cooldown timer
  • Ki Waves (now all Continues attacks) cost didn’t scale with the Ki Cost Config once it looked onto a Target


Naruto C Version 0.7.14:


  • Made it compatible with the new JRMCore Systems.

Stay Safe and Have a great Winter Break Gamers!

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9 Responses to UPDATE: DBC Tournament of Power, Energy Attack Changes – 20w52

  1. slasher says:

    I don’t know if I can report bugs here, I apologize in advance if not, but when I try to play with this version, neither my hair, skin, or tail appear.

  2. ReuMOO says:

    Great work, I really hope they add more ways to train like with training partners and other activities other than the main story to do like explore west city and interact with npcs or something

  3. la verdad si los creadores ven este comentario pueden agregar el ssj5,el ssj falso, y el ssj rage porfavor no importa que sea en unos años pero que porfavor lo agan los que lo lean intenten apoyar el comentario para que lo vean i listo eso es todo me despido chao

  4. dub says:

    The system for Ultra Instinct is sick, though I’ve noticed a couple oddities with it, or at least some things that I feel could be changed to make it more configurable.

    One of the configurable areas for the form is “HP Requirement”. I tried setting up a system where the HP req decreases for each level you have (So Lvl 1 Ultra Instinct has a req of being below 30% HP, Lvl 2 is raised to 40%, Lvl 3 raised to 50%, etc.) Then, all levels have “Skippable” enabled. Idea was so that slowly you’d be ‘mastering’ the form, until you hit the highest level and get the White haired mode.
    Slight issue though – the health restrictions don’t exactly work that way. I thought that if I enabled “skippable” for levels 1 through 4, then to access UI at level 5 all I’d need is to be at THAT level’s HP restriction (So for instance, under 90% HP.) Doesn’t seem to work that way though, and I still need to be be at Lvl 1’s HP restriction, AKA 30%. Feel like that’s not intended, not entirely sure though. Would love if it were changed.

    Also attempted to add certain DBC NPCs to the “Cannot dodge” area of the config, but seems like it’s either all mobs can be dodged or none, which is a little unfortunate. That being able to be modified would be nice as well.

    • kev_spyro says:

      its really interesting you would want a higher level of ui in the mod to be obtainable more easily in the first place, but i think its just something (because of my first sentence) Ben didn’t think of as he didn’t think someone would make it that way, i could be wrong, but thats how i understand it

  5. kev_spyro says:

    hey, i don’t know if its a bug, but i can’t enter a white hair ui mode, it only tells me to “be in pain status” but it doesn’t work.. any idea why that is?

  6. Hi! Good job on the update! The only problems are that the game glitches a lot, when I’m fighting the villains, I’ll get transported to a random area and the mob disappears. Also the game crashes… A lot. I know you’re working very hard so I have no complaints.

  7. frankmax12 says:

    Hey great update man! All the animations and additions are great. The only problem I have found is with the story system, when spawning a saga mob they stop moving and all ki and game functions stop after 2 minutes or so.

  8. Anthony says:

    Loving the updates Ben, good work 🙂

    A small suggestion I’ve had for years is a buff form for Frieza race? A 100% powerup already exists for PP, but it would be neat if it made the frieza’s buff/wide when you go up to 100%.

    Additionally, could we have the ability to toggle 100%? For example, whenever I charge my ki with active meditation enabled, it inevitably forces me to waste my power points because it goes up to 100% when I don’t want it to.

    Thanks for your work on the mod again!

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