Teaser #3 – SSB Shinka

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so SSB Shinka is on the way. Yea, this is how it looks if i just slam it in how i was told to XD

Anyway this is only a first glance, not the final state!
I will need more work on the aura thou.
I really want to change the look again :/
Ah rose wont be out of the fun either 😛

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(Uploaded on: May 13, 2018)

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6 Responses to Teaser #3 – SSB Shinka

  1. Dragonmatic says:

    Amazing work as always, one suggestion I have though is maybe add white particles to imitate the sparkly effect Vegeta had in the form


  2. Divinz says:

    I Thing that is the Best for SSGSS Blue form that in middle box we can chose SS Blue evolution and ssj Blue 2
    IF ssj Blue 2 is enabled than we go in ssj Blue evolution, IF its enabled than we go in ssj Blue 2
    And please make for ssj forms that we can go from ssj 2 to go back to ssj 1, and ssj Blue to ssj god just make for ssj form and for frieza Race
    It would be CTRL+G to go back to previous form

  3. Oscurum says:

    I think SSB Evolution should have SS2 hair.
    When Vegeta was transformed, his hair looked more bristly.

  4. TheDJMuffin says:

    Beat ya to it jin 😛

  5. I like the idea of being able to descend to previous transformations. It would make pvp a bit more interesting if you can go down a form to preserve your ki without having to go back to base and transform again.
    Another thing that could be useful would be if we were able to configure hot-keys to quickly select between transformation states, so you could for example select the ssj forms in the action wheel and then swap between ssj1,ssj2 and ssj3 with your configured hot-key.

    It would be amazing if something similar was added in the future.

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