Teaser #2 – new Shenron model & animation

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I think it looks nice.
This model and animation was made by me.
Took me quite some while, and I still have some parts I want to add to the  model, but it should be ready for the next update.

So this is closely its final form actually.
I could mess around more with the animations or try to make the model better, but I bet there are many other things that you guys would like to see XD
So I guess the dragon should be okay for now.


Please note that teaser videos aren’t meant to be present in the product as shown.
Teaser videos are only for showing off raw work process that can be shown.


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7 Responses to Teaser #2 – new Shenron model & animation

  1. mreman says:

    Can you give us another teaser for the ki animations? And it looks great.

  2. IAmRaptor says:

    It’s not even it’s final form and still it’s neat.
    And never noticed before Shenron has two pairs of arms.

  3. S.T.O.N.E.M says:

    EI Jin, I would like to give you a suggestion .. since it will add new models of ki, why not add ki donation to players? would be cool because it is something that is being used a lot in the anime or even giving of energy to the Genki Dama, now I would also like to see a burst of ki spheres but not very strong, maybe you should add hakai and transformation of the toppo in hakaishin with the ki of a god of destruction
    I also want to take the opportunity to ask if the barrier of 17 is a force field of it or a skill of ki because if it is of ki you could try to add it, however if it is of androids, you could add future along with androidification

  4. Teza says:

    This looks awesome Jin. It would look even greater if it were like twice as big, but i’m sure there is some reason why you want to keep it that way. Anyways keep up the amazing work!

  5. 6 Star Ball says:

    Nice! Keep it up! How’s that new Male character model coming btw 😉

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