Status Info – 19w31

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Hello everyone!

It has been a while since the last Status info about the mods, so here we go!

As some of you know, Naruto C will be the next mod to be receiving an update . I’ve spend a lot of time in the past few weeks going through things to be added to it, and how those systems would work, but most of those rely on things I haven’t experimented with, so it might take a lot of time to actually be able to have an idea on when the update is going to be released.

This time, I don’t want to just release a small update, but if it takes me too much time, I will release it sooner!

Plans for the release:

This update will focus on rewriting a few main parts of the mod, and hopefully redesign how Jutsus work for the better. The first plan was a Tailed beasts update that would have added interesting boss fights, and later a Jinchuuriki system, but I decided to focus on that later since we first need a nice way to fight them.

And for the updates after this one, I plan on adding Sage mode, more Clans with unique traits, Sharingan, and of course Tailed Beats and Jinchuurikis.
Now these are not the only plans I have, they are just the big boys.

Here are 3 Videos of Jutsus, that I had worked on while learning about the mod:

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8 Responses to Status Info – 19w31

  1. dude says:


    the force is strong in this one, much like his brother

  2. Endobear says:

    I think that a option for chose between the 3D and 2D style would be good

    The update looks great!

  3. megafreeze says:

    I’m glad that your still updating Jin’s mods

  4. i cant get DRagonBlockC too work on me forge server

  5. Velthar says:

    It’s heartwarming to see content being uploaded and new updates still coming. I love your work and your plans, looking forward to seeing new content!

  6. WindowCreep says:

    Found a minor bug, when mental training the score multiplier is disappearing within only like 400 milliseconds, is this caused by a setting or is this a mod issue?

  7. leonardo says:

    Increase the damage of Gates Of Death

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