Status Info – 18w31a

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It seems I wont be able to release the mod yet.
It seems the world is against me.

Since yesterday right after I published the patreon post there was a power outage, and no one knows yet why. but my neighbor has power… tomorrow afternoon should the landlord be able to look at it.

Before the power outage my gf’s pc stopped working, and I have no idea why, but my gf is on my neck that i should fix it. and so i tried, without success yet.
Then her monitor doesn’t work somehow either now :/
Which might be related to the power outage or pc, so I visited my parents and at least I got a replacement for that.
And still yesterday on the same day everything happened at once, her chair broke too XD
anyway, I got power from my neighbor at least, and borrowed temporary laptop for my gf. so since then I couldn’t work without power, and neither today, because I was running around to do something about these, I was able to sit down now at 10pm and I will do an all nighter in hope to post something specific about the mod in the morning.
And if everything goes well the UI, even if its experimental, will have some nice functions. 😀

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I’m excited how it will be welcomed.
So atm a max 2 day delay probably is unavoidable.

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It is possible that the update wont make it for even Tuesday, because this UI version that is being worked on might have a bit more functions then expected XD

That could be good and bad as well.

Anyway since something is needed to fill in the UI requests, I have to make it. And I want it to work then, and probably everyone else too. XDBut still this UI might not be something easy to access :/
I will try to add configs for servers to make it possible to be easier as well as harder, depending on server.

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15 Responses to Status Info – 18w31a

  1. Divinz says:

    Good luck Jinn dont Rush to Much You need sleep

  2. IAmRaptor says:

    Well visibly it was just not your day 😛

  3. 凌小汐 says:

    Hope it can be updated as soon as possible

  4. Divinz says:

    But one Thing Will there be ssj Rage because i dont Know IF Jinn Said Something about ssj Rage

  5. Bills_012gr says:

    um soo when is the update gonna be released ?

  6. Cell says:

    Just make sure it’s good. Rushing through it will make it all the worse.

  7. dude says:

    ui im kinda hype about it but time to make the old better wouldn’t that be nice ? i mean the more forms we get the more boring it all gets and old am i the only one thinking that ? why chanting about new stuff when the old can get better ?

    • Mitohan says:

      We’ve had many discussions here about how just adding forms is killing the mod, I agree

    • IAmRaptor says:

      Man, he’s been clear on that subject : “missing forms are needed”, to take Jin’s own words. I don’t like either but he can’t back off anymore now.
      But with SSBS, SSRS and now the beginning of UI (it’s still at an experimental level as he said), there’s not much forms to add left.
      False SSJ, SSJ Ikari, and that’s it if I’m not wrong ?

  8. kevin_50 says:

    dragon ball has a lot of forms

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