UPDATE: DBC Super Story mode, Ki Blade, and SSJ5? – 20w14

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Hello everyone!

IMPORTANT: THIS UPDATE IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SERVER! Check Known Bugs at the bottom of the post!

It’s been a few months, but the didn’t go by with no progress, here is a new update for DBC, Naruto C, JRMCore, and JBRA.
This update focuses mainly on continuing the DBC Story mode till the end of the Future Trunks Arc in DB Super. The rest will come in an update hopefully not too far away.

I’ve also created a method to create and use a Custom HUD with JRMCore. To learn more about this check out the forum here: Custom Hud Creator.

Examples made with the Custom HUD Creator:

Some of you might be interested in what will come after this and well I don’t have a fix plan, but I hope to tackle some things regarding Forms and Races, maybe both.

Important note: This update contains config name changes (for default numbers) so server owners should check the changed ones in case they don’t like the new default amount.


BUILD 1.104

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Dragon Block C Version 1.4.66:


  • Super Saiyan 5
    • Each April the first every Super Saiyan 4 will turn into Super Saiyan 5 or if April fools mode is enabled in the client settings
  • Story Mode:
    • Fight 7 Cell jrs before Final Form Cell
    • Finished Buu saga
    • Beerus Arc
    • Golden Frieza Arc
    • Universe 6 7 Tournament Arc
    • Copy Vegeta Arc
    • Future Trunks Arc
    • Ki Blade/Sword AND Ki Scythe
      • They don’t have a new unique skill for now,  instead they can be acquired by learning Ki first and Ki infuse.
      • You can turn them on in the second page of the action menu (Default key: X) in the right middle box.
      • Raises your punching power, and it gets stronger by leveling up ki fist and ki infuse.
      • Their Colors change with your Aura color
      • Both use Ki when hitting.
      • Their damage rises with higher Ki first and Ki infuse levels, and their cost goes slightly down.
      • Scythe is 3 times stronger than blade, but costs 3 times to hit with it
      • Having 0% release will turn them off
    • Ki Barrage (Ki Attack Type)
      • Very small cooldown timer
      • Raising the Damage ki power % will not raise its cooldown
    • Ki Shield AND Ki push (Ki Attack Type)
      • Moving away 3 blocks from it will make it vanish.
      • Turning EFFECT on in the skill creator will make it push away others
      • Blocks Ki Attacks, but takes damage from them.
    • Ki Explosion AND Final Explosion (Ki Attack Type)
      • Damages entities inside it. IF effect is on then it will damage the user as well, But it deals three times the damage
      • Turning EFFECT on in the skill creator will make it damage the user as well, but deals 3 times more damage
      • Blocks Ki Attacks, but takes damage from them.
  • MOBS:
    • Master Grand Elder Guru
      • Doesn’t spawn naturally yet (“summon with command “/summon jinryuudragonblockc.gurumaster”)
      • Can teach Skill potential unlock
    • Master Whis
      • Doesn’t spawn naturally yet (“summon with command “/summon jinryuudragonblockc.whismaster”)
      • Can teach Skills God Form, and Ultra instinct
      • Can give Weight Whis’s Heavy Weight Suit
    • Goku –  (Normal, SSJ, SSJ God, SSJ Blue)
    • Vegeta – (Normal, SSJ , SSJ God, SSJ Blue)
    • Adult Gohan Blue Gi – (Normal, SSJ)
    • Adult Gohan Orange Gi – (Normal, SSJ)
    • Future Trunks DBZ – (Normal, SSJ)
    • Future Trunks DBS – (Normal, SSJ)
    • Krillin
    • Master Roshi Super
    • Cell jr.
    • Evil/Skinny Buu
    • Buff Super Buu
    • Super Buu Gotenks absorbed
    • Super Buu Piccolo absorbed
    • Super Buu Gohan absorbed
    • Kid Buu
    • Shisami
    • Sorbet
    • Tagoma
    • Berryblue
    • Botamo
    • Cabba – (Normal, SSJ)
    • Champa
    • Frost (Form 1, 2, 3, 4, 5(looks like 4), 6)
    • Hit
    • Magetta
    • Monaka
    • Vados
    • Whis
    • Zeno
    • Goku Black (Normal, SSJ Rose)
    • Zamasu
    • Fused Zamasu (Normal, Half-Corrupted, and Big Half-Corrupted)
    • Beerus in Monaka suit 1, 2, 3
    • Copy Vegeta (Normal, SSJ Blue)
    • Namekian Frog
      • Spawns on namek with the configured spawn rate
      • You can summon him with the command “/summon jinryuudragonblockc.EntityNamekFrog”
  • Command:
    • Spawn Ki blasts
      • Command: “/dbcspawnki”
        • “/dbcspawnki (Type) (Speed) (Damage) (Effect) (Color) (Density) (Sound: Move) (Charge Percentage) [User Position X] [User Position Y] [User Position Z]’ to spawn a Ki Attack.”
        • Example usage: “/dbcspawnki 1 1 10000 0 2 1 0 50 44 77 152” OR “dbcspawnki 1 1 10000 0 2 1 0 50 44 77 152 @p”
      • This command allows you to spawn a ki attack from a specific entity. It checks for a user in a specific position, and spawns a KI attack using his rotation.
  • Configs:
    • Ki Fist damage, and cost per level multiplier
    • Ki Infuse damage, and cost per level multiplier
    • Ki Defense armor, and cost per level multiplier
    • Ki Blade damage, and cost per level multiplier
    • Spacepod, and Flying nimbus flying speed multiplier
    • Player flying speed, ki cost and stamina cost multiplier
    • Dirty Stone/Rocky Biome spawn rate
    • Namekian Frog spawn rate
  • A Very simple dodge animation for Ultra instinct
  • Block:
    • Namekian/Guru’s Throne
      • Can be right clicked to sit in it (sadly doesn’t work a lot of times at the moment)
  • Ki Attack Charge Animation
  • Custom particles:
    • Player Flying Aura Trail
    • Flying nimbus moving trail
    • 2D particle Aura (You can use both this and the old aura at the same time).
      • God form, SSJ Blue, SSJ blue Shinka, SSJ Rose, SSJ Rose Shinka, Golden Arcosian, Ultra instinct all have their own unique aura.
    • Spiritbomb has small particles flying towards it while charging, and kamehameha has a few lines spinning around it randomly.
    • NPC Auras
      • Some of them have a unique aura (for example Goku SSJ Blue, SSJ God, SSJ, Goku Black SSJ Rose, and Beerus)
  • Sounds:
    • Ki blade/ki scythe On
    • Ki blade/ki scythe Hit
    • Lock on
    • Blocking (has 2 different sound effects)
    • Ultra instinct dodge (has 3 different sound effects)
    • Hit Time Skip when he teleports towards his target
    • Goku Black Teleport when he teleports towards his target
    • Rocket Shot
    • Rocket Travel
  • Vanity Items:
    • Halo
    • Whis’s Angel Halo
    • Fused Zamasu’s Barrier of Light
  • Weight Item:
    • Whis’s Heavy Suit


  • Command
    • dbcspawn
      • Now you can set the health of the spawned Entity using the command “/dbcspawn (MobName) (Health)”
  • Config: (They might create a new config, because of the default value change)
    • Default Mecha spawn rate from 4 to 3
    • Default Sabertooth spawn rate from 4 to 2
  • Z sword model
  • Lightning’s color gets a slight red tint when the user has Kaioken status effect
  • Black Flying nimbus name to Dark Flying nimbus
  • Ki blasts now have 2 colors, a lighter inside and a normal outline.
  • Ki attacks from the same person won’t hit each other, unless it is a ki shield or a ki explosion
  • Aura lightning is a bit more random with size, rotation, position, and amount.
  • Ultra instinct aura particles
  • Jin’s aura particles to the new Ultra instinct
  • Sounds:
    • Punching (has 3 different sound effects)
  • Flying Nimbus models and textures. They have a small shake animation.
  • Item texture for black nimbus to match the now dark blue tone of the model texture.
  • A few body slot Gi clothes were changed to Vanity items.
  • Red Ribbon Mechas no longer spawn in plains biome
  • Ki infuse, Ki Shield, Ki Defense were all boosted in power with the new configs


  • Instead of spawning Sabertooths in the selected biomes (Plains, Forest, Forest hills, Birch forest, Birch forest hills) they were spawning Red Ribbon Mechas
  • Aura Lightning would follow the client player when moving away from it, rather than rendering on the player creating it.
  • Many of the mobs made King Cold(s) angry on death (Super Buu, Beerus, Cell1,2,3,4, Android 16,17,18,19,20, Dabura, Pui Pui, Yakon)
  • Golden Frieza made Jeice(s) and Burter(s) angry on death
  • Super Android 17 clothes received damaged textures

Naruto C Version 0.7.12:


  • Fireball jutsu
    • Received a speed boost
  • Water bullet
    • Received a speed boost
    • It’s a water affinity jutsu now instead of fire.
  • Rasengan and Chidori
    • They are now properly in the players hand.
    • They can be used by hitting the enemy rather than tackling them.
    • They can be used without a time limit at the moment.
    • Rasengan and Chidori models
    • Rasengan and Chidori on hit effect


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  • Crash when using a character that learned a new Jutsu, but the server reverted to an older Naruto C version.
  • Earth wall Freezing the server if getting hit by a strong attack, and other smaller fixes.
  • Bar seat leaves behind a very tiny invisible entity on client side

JRMCore Version 1.3.25:


  • Configs
    • Punching stamina cost multiplier
  • Custom particles:
    • New particles:
      • Hitting enemies will create a Clash effect
      • 3D Stone, and grass particle with client setting to switch from 2D
  • Custom HUD System
    • Using the Custom HUD creator you can generate a code that Ben’s Config for JRMCore can use to make a custom in-game HUD. You can download and learn about this HERE (INSERT FORUM LINK)
  • Block
    • Barrier Block (Works in a similar logic as the original minecraft one in the later version)
      • If you have the item in your hand you can see every block’s icon, else it becomes invisible
      • Has a high destruction resistance
      • Can be found in the JRMCore creative menu
  • Client settings/Ben’s config:
    • 3D Stone, and Grass Particles on/off switch
    • Custom Particles Spawn rate changer (1x, 2x, 3x, etc…)
    • Custom Particles Speed changer (1x, 1.01x, 1.02x, etc…)
    • Separated Aura Particles (Stone, Grass, Dust, UI, God) switches into more switches, to give each their own one
    • Custom particles now rotate with a unique speed
    • First person particle visibility mainly for particles following the player
    • First person animations On/Off
    • New 3D Explosion effect On=New/Off=Old
    • New 2D Explosion Particle On=New/Off=Old
    • 3D explosion effect On/Off
    • NPC Auras On/Off
    • Double ki blast color On/Off
    • Ki charge animation On/Off
    • Flying trail On/Off
    • Aura lightning On/Off
    • 3D player aura On/Off
    • 2D player aura On/Off
    • Hit clash effect On/Off
    • Other auras On/Off
    • April Fools mode On/Off
      • This will enable all April fools changes all the time. At the moment it only changes SSJ4 to SSJ5
    • First Person Blocking Animation
  • Bruises
    • If a player reaches a specific percentage of health or less he will show more and more bruises on his body. There are 4 levels for it: 70%, 55%, 35%, and 20%.


  • Custom particles:
    • Rewritten the Custom particle system
  • MOBS:
    • DBC NPCs:
      • Multiple Unique attack types and colors
        • For example Krillin can shoot out Destructo disks, while also being able to shoot blue ki blasts
        • Some can also fire a ki blast barrage
    • Golden Frieza now teleports towards target
    • Super Buu Model
    • Beerus Model
    • Red Ribbon Mechas
      • Mechas will no longer take fall damage
      • Shoot Rockets at the target enemy randomly:
        • Create a dust trail behind them
        • Explode when hitting ground or target, but don’t destroy blocks
        • Higher tier Mechas have a higher chance of shooting a rocket
        • Rockets can’t hit Red Ribbon Mechas
        • Mecha’s max range for shooting rockets is 25, 50 and 75 for the tiers (as long as they target you).
        • Tier 0 Mecha:
          • Shoots out 2 small rockets 
        • Tier 1 Mecha:
          • 1 medium rocket
        • Tier 2 Mecha:
          • Many quick small ones
          • 2 medium rocket
      • Item Drop Alien Tech tips (These drop rates might not be 100% accurate)
        • Tier 0 Mecha (purple):
          • Tier 1 chip – 7% drop rate
        • Tier 1 Mecha (light brown):
          • Tier 1 chip – 8% drop rate
          • Tier 2 chip – 4% drop rate
        • Tier 2 Mecha (red):
          • Tier 1 chip – 12% drop rate
          • Tier 2 chip – 5% drop rate
          • Tier 3 chip – 3% drop rate
    • Guldo is now smaller
  • Color Pickers now also have 3 text fields to set the RGB colors. To get the entered numbers you must click the “Get RGB Color”
  • Client settings/Ben’s config:
    • Every on/off switch’s text was changed from “on: true” to “: ON”
  • Configs: (IMPORTANT NOTE: Changing a config’s default value like these will generate a new config for them rather than using the old one.)
    • RAISED Minigame Combo Speed Timer from 1 to 3 seconds.
  • Client Settings received a custom icon image, and was moved from Settings and Configs to the main JRMC GUI page (Press V to open) below the help icon
  • GUI Buttons, and background image textures received a very slight change.
  • Moved the custom skill textures from the main image to a new one.
  • In the help menu the guides lines. Now they are split in the code.
  • Slightly the main colors the mods use for texts, and ki blasts.
  • Guide texts so that they are one language line, but are separated automatically in code.
  • Damage indicator now has a black border
  • HUD mods work again


  • Custom particles:
    • They’ve made other models stop rendering shaders.
  • In Ultra Instinct players would spawn more dust particles
  • CRASH: When reloading a work that had a newer jutsu used it in such as Fireball.

JBRA Version 1.6.40:


  • The First person camera now has animations for blocking, and shooting out ki blasts.
  • Using sharingan or byakugan now will draw either a 3 tomoe pattern sharingan, or veins on the player’s face
  • Rendering for Whis’s heavy body suit weight
  • First person Ki blade, Ki scythe, rasengan, chidori rendering.
  • Player’s skin gets a slight red tint when using kaioken. The tint gets stronger when transforming to higher kaioken levels.


  • 3D Vanity items didn’t scale with player using Years C
  • Hair moved even if the game was paused.

Known bugs:

  • Flying speed is a client config, so it will be removed in the future.
  • Red ribbon rockets can crash server. (Fixed in the next Build 1.105)
  • If First person blocking animation is enabled then when right clicking on things like blocks with a use (for example redstone repeaters) will show a buggy animation.
  • Ki attacks spawned by dbcspawnki command don’t deal the set damage to non player entities
  • DBC Namekian throne, and Naruto C barseat sometimes doesn’t have the player sit in it when right clicking

And most importantly stay safe Gamers, and don’t forget to wash your hands!

Small Mod Update for DBC – 20w2

Hello everyone!

Here is a small update for Dragon Block C that is only to give more customization for a few mobs.


Dragon Block C release version 1.4.65:

  • REDUCED Red Ribbon Mechas, and Sabertooth’s spawn rate (From 8 and 10 to 4)
  • ADDED Configs:
    • Set Damage, Health, And Spawn rate for
      • Dinos
      • Red Ribbon Mechas
      • Saber Tooth
    • Set Spawn rate for Ogres (this might not work)

Mod Update: DBC and Naruto update – 19w52

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I’ve decided to split my Naruto update plan into multiple segments so that you won’t have to wait too long for it to come out. Now I may have added a bit too much for DBC considering that I’ve wanted to make it a Naruto update, but the content added to DBC took far less time so I just wanted to give more you all more content. I hope you enjoy!

IMPORTANT NOTE: JRMCore Version 1.3.23 will crash if you upgrade then downgrade to any other version after it. It is caused by the client sided options/Ben’s config. To fix this crash all you need to do is delete/rename your Ben’s config file that can be found in your minecraft/config folder called “BensConfig_JRMCore.cfg”.


JBRA release version 1.6.39:

  • CHANGED: Rewritten Vanity item model renders.
  • CHANGED: Now there is a specific armor id for Vanity items, that will make it hide the player hair when worn rather than asking for a fix few Vanity items.


Family C version 1.2.17:

  • FIXED: A crash when mod failed to find a player while updating.


JRMCore release version 1.3.24:

  • CHANGED Texture for Enderman Sweater Damaged to an actually damaged one.
  • FIXED: First DBC colorable Shirt had “Creeper Sweater” as name by changing the Creeper and Enderman Sweaters names
  • ADD Vanity Santa full clothing set as a Christmas update bonus.
    • Has crafting recipe.
  • ADDED Blocks
    • 5 Blocks with unique patterns
      • Each has 16 color variants that you can use.
      • Each color variation has a stars, slab, and fence to it.
      • They can not be crafted.
  • ADDED Particles for Explosions used in DBC and Naruto C.
  • CHANGED Texture for:
    • Status effect green up, and red up arrow, and red X
  • FIXED: When using Chakra as power, in client settings it wouldn’t render and position your chakra bar properly.
  • OTHER FIXES to a few random client sided crashes, and hacks.
  • FIXED: The Health and Stamina/Action bar’s red outline shows your minecraft health again.
  • ADDED to Vanity Items description that they can be colored using dye surrounding them.
  • ADDED: To Help Menu:
    • In Basic keys Guide: Spacepod key to turn it on (pick block/mouse 3 middle button)
    • When entering Guides it will now give you a list of all of their titles.
    • Colorable Tieless Belt, Colorable Wide Tieless Belt, Santa set, Konohamaru’s Scarf and Naruto’s Goggles recipe
    • CHANGED Colorable Tied Belt’s recipe
    • CHANGED the inventory image to the current one with 8 vanity slots
    • To recipes that you can color “colorable” vanity items by surrounding them with dye
  • Client settings and Ben’s config:
    • FIXED: Upgrading and downgrading Ben’s config can cause crashes. Starting from this version that should not happen anymore.
    • ADDED: The lock on style image is visible on screen
    • FIXED: Ki bar now shows properly without needing to save
    • ADDED: Naruto Fireball Particles ON/OFF
    • ADDED: Explosion Particles ON/OFF
    • ADDED: God particles ON/OFF Now also affects the new Ultra instinct particles
    • ADDED: Rotated Health bar ON/OFF (Known error: It doesn’t rotate in the client settings preview)
    • ADDED: Percentage/normal Health bar level switch


Dragon Block C release version 1.4.64:

  • CHANGED textures for:
    • Katana
    • Brave sword
    • Z Sword
    • Small club Item
    • Cooked dino meat Item
    • Flying nimbus Item
    • Black flying nimbus Item
    • Katchin shard Item
    • Ki Sense
    • Namek House Stone/Basic Wall Stone Block
    • Space Pod Entity and Item, and GUI
  • FIXED: In second third person view Ki sense wasn’t rotating properly with players camera.
  • FIXED: A rare random crash when the Namek sapling failed to return it’s icon.
  • Remade God Particles:
    • Now they use a custom image, and system rather than the basic minecraft particles
    • They turn a bit transparent in first person
  • CHANGED Stone/Rock Particles:
    • Rotate while flying, and also a few of them fly away from the player.
    • Spawn while player charges, or transforms. 
  • ADDED: New custom particles:
    • Ultra instinct (Omen) particles
    • Besides Dust particles, every other one rotates while moving.
    • All particles vanish in and out rather than pooping in and out of existence.
    • Grass particles will spawn when charging, or transforming above a block that has “grass” in its name.
      • Many of the particles fly away from player
    • Dust particles will spawn when charging, in turbo mode, or transforming.
      • The closer you are to the ground, the more dust particles will spawn.
      • Get smaller as they go away from player
      • Sneaking makes them spawn a bit more higher
  • ADDED Clothing:
    • Xeno Goku set
  • ADDED: Dino 2, and 3 now have tail wagging animation
    • Red Ribbon Mecha Robot 1 – has 3 types
      • Has a unique 3D model
      • They spawn in Dirty stone, Plains, and Extreme Hills, Taiga, Taiga hills, Ice plains biomes
      • It has 3 types of variants which all have different textures, power, health, and size.
      • They can be summoned with the command “/dbcspawn RRMecha1”
    • Sabertooth
      • Has a unique 3D model
      • They spawn in Dirty stone, Plains, Forest, and Birch Forest biomes
      • They can be summoned with the command “/dbcspawn Sabertooth”
    • Dino 1 model changed
  • CHANGED: Sounds:
    • Lowered the punching, and jumping sound a bit
  • ADDED: Jin now has god particles spawning around him
  • CHANGED: God Form and Ultra instinct (Omen) are now taught by Jin instead of Kaio
  • CHANGED: Kaioken in pain now damages the player greatly
  • ADDED: When using Mystic and Ultra instinct at the same time, the player loses his life and both forms.
  • CHANGED: Vanity item Belt with Knot’s name to Colorable Tied belt, and had its recipe changed as well.
  • ADDED Vanity Item:
    • Colorable  Tieless Belt
    • Colorable  Wide Tieless Belt
    • Android 21 clothing set
      • Coat, Chest, Arm, Leg, Boots


Naruto C version 0.7.11:

  • CHANGED Jutsus:
    • Rasengan and Chidori
      • New 3D Model
      • Spawn around the player hand
      • Player can use them by running in to an entity while holding it
      • They increase in size while holding them until reaching their max.
      • When hitting an entity create an “explosion” that looks like the jutsu.
      • Rasengan pushes away hit entity
      • Switched Rasengan Sound when charging.
    • Fireball Jutsu
      • New 3D Model
      • Creates particle effects while flying
      • Gains more damage, and speed when upgrading fire affinity
      • Very slow while flying, but this will most likely be increased in the future
  • ADDED: Naruto C now has its own icon textures rather than using DBC ones. (8 gates, chakra charge, chakra turbo)
  • ADDED Jutsus:
    • Earth Wall  & Mud Wall
      • They can only be spawned above a block that isn’t air
      • Both act as shields against Jutsus and ninja tools, and you can not go through them.
      • Earth wall is weaker than Mud wall, but costs less.
      • Their health is more when upgrading earth affinity
      • They will vanish after a while
      • (Note: Maybe in the future these will become 1 Jutsu in the future, but will have multiple stages)
    • Water Pistol
      • It’s a faster, but weaker than other Jutsus.
  • ADDED Vanity item:
    • Konohamaru Scarf
    • Naruto’s old Goggles
  • ADDED: Kunai, Shuriken, and Giant Shuriken now have a proper 3D model. (Both as item, and when throwing)
  • ADDED: Shurikens spin while in air
  • CHANGED: Chakra Turbo mode sound. Removed the first small part to make it less loud.
  • ADDED A second Zabuza mob. He drops his sword on death.
  • Story Mode Changed:
    • The seconds Zabuza fight is replaced with the new one.
  • ADDED Weapon:
    • Kubikiribocho – Zabuza’s sword
      • Has a 3D model and is dropped by Zabuza.
      • Doesn’t take damage/lose durability when hitting entities
  • ADDED Armor: 2 full sets of Zabusa’s clothing
  • ADDED: Ninja Katana now has a 3D model (from DBC)
  • ADDED: Shurikens, Kunais, paper bombs all bounce away from earth and mud walls
  • FIXED: Shuriken Throwing sound effect had a click sound at the end
  • FIXED: When sitting in a bar seat, it created a while box that will only vanish if you exit and relog in to the world.

Mod Update: The second filler episode – 19w42

Hello Everyone!!


Since I am not making the greatest progress with Naruto C, here is another time filler update! This was originally going to be a Halloween update, but most of the planned features weren’t working as planned, so they were cut out. So here we go:

IMPORTANT NOTE: JRMCore Version 1.3.23 will crash if you upgrade then downgrade to any other version after it. It is caused by the client sided options/Ben’s config. To fix this crash all you need to do is delete/rename your Ben’s config file that can be found in your minecraft/config folder called “BensConfig_JRMCore.cfg”.


Hair C updated to 1.12.2!

  • Recommended forge version: 1.12.2 –

Naruto C version 0.7.10:

  • Compatibility for the new moveable chakra/ki bar
  • Barseat was recolored, and has been given an icon
  • ADDED Vanity item:
    • Vanity Headband – Same as the normal headbands in the mod, but your hair is visible while wearing it


JBRA release version 1.6.38:

  • FIXED: Years C Watch renders properly again on players
  • ADDED: Head rendering for Vanity items


JRMCore release version 1.3.23:

  • ADDED: Using Kaioken while having Pain Status Effect now makes you lose a lot of health.
  • ADDED: New Craftings to Help Guides
  • CHANGED: Help text below the icon has now a border
  • CRASH FIXED: When a Saiyan opens up the “turn ssj” mission in Super Saiyan God SSJ Evolved/Shinka, the game crashed.
  • FIXED: If you were to lose Potential Unleashed (Mystic) skill, but had it enabled, it would stay enabled in the action menu, and block you from enabling Kaioken and Ultra instinct
  • ADDED: 5 more vanity slots. Now there are 8!
  • CHANGE: Vanity items were changed in to regular items from armors to prevent players from putting them in to regular minecraft armor slots
  • CHANGED: Server config tab name changed to Settings & Configs
  • ADDED: New rocks animation when player is transforming.
  • ADDED Item:
    • Fabric
  • ADDED Vanity item:
    • Creeper Sweater
    • Enderman Sweater
  • ADDED New Config:
    • Minigame Combo Timer (in seconds).
  • ADDED New GUI: Client Sided Settings
    • This contains the new “Ben’s Config” content so that you can customize them in-game
  • ADDED: Ben’s Config, a new Client Side Config system
    • Ki bar style picker
    • Ki/Chakra bar position editor
    • Lockon Style select
    • Health/Action bar style picker
    • Health/Action bar position editor
    • Turn God particles on/off
    • Turn New Rock particles on/off
    • Turn New Swooping Lines on/off
  • BUG FIXED: If you didn’t have DBC, Naruto, or Sword Art online installed, and started to create a character, you could freeze the game by trying to select a Power type.


Dragon Block C release version 1.4.63:

  • FIXED CRASH: When player enters a character that isn’t a number when asking for Weight from a master, the game crashed.
  • Redrawn namek dirt,namek grass, dirty stone, dirty cobblestone, clouds in heaven
  • Changed colorable items from armor to item. Now they can not be put in to the normal armor slots
  • FIXED BUG Hopefully: Aura hurricane
  • CHANGED: Bodysuits Icons are colored now too
  • CHANGED: Colorable Non-Vanity Clothes Icons are colored now too
  • ADDED Vanity items:
    • Colorable Headband
    • Colorable Wide Headband
    • Colorable Wristbands
    • Colorable Long Wristbands
    • Green and Blue Jackets were remade (Note: The old ones will most likely vanish from your world)
      • They are now vanity items
      • Their head texture is visible  on the player
  • ADDED: Blue and Green Jackets now have recipes
  • ADDED: Rocks Spawn when a Player is transforming.
    • They can be turned off in the Client settings
    • They only spawn if the player is above a block that contains dirt, grass, stone, or rock in its name.
  • ADDED: While swooping, lines appear on screen as an attempt to give a better effect
  • CHANGED: Lightning is invisible when game is stopped in single player

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The unexpected DBC Update 19w39

Hello Everyone!!

I’m sure many of you are wondering why the title says DBC instead of Naruto C.
I wrote in my last Status info, that IF it takes too much time, I will release it sooner, but as most of my attempts of making a new system were not successful yet, so I decided to squeeze in a “small” update before the Naruto one, which I started to spend more time on than I expected.

Since this was going to be a Small update, I didn’t make any new big changes to the mods, but rather just many smaller ones, so here we go:

click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.3.22:

    • ADDED GUI TAB Help:
      • Guides: There are 13 short basic guides
        • Basic Keys
        • Inventory Extra Slots
        • Release Level
        • Leveling up stats and skills
        • Skills
        • Action Menu
        • Forms
        • Movement
        • Buildings and Masters
        • Safe zone
        • Dragon blocks
        • Dimensions and Spacepod
        • Learnable Forms
      • Recipes: Shows images on how to craft new things. (Every recipe will most likely be added)
        • Strong fabric and New Color-able items crafting
    • New Type of Extra Inventory Slot called Vanity Items. They aren’t limited on how many of a kind you can wear at once, for example you can wear multiple clothes for chest, and currently all of them can be colored.
    • CHANGED: Few GUI icons
    • UPDATED: Translation file for Spanish


JBRA release version 1.6.37:

    • ADDED: Renders armor for Vanity Items in the New Extra Inventory slots


Dragon Block C release version 1.4.62:

    • ADDED: Vanity Items: (Note: They Can be worn in the normal inventory armor slots, but then they won’t be colored)
      • Colorable Gi Set
      • Colorable short pants
      • Colorable longer boots
      • Colorable Belt
      • Colorable Gloves
      • Colorable jacket
      • Colorable coat
      • Colorable One-shoulder Top Robe
    • ADDED: Armor:
      • Jin’s Clothes
      • Colorable T-Shirt
      • Colorable long sleeves Gi shirt
      • Colorable no sleeves Gi shirt
    • FIXED CRASH: When player enters a character into the gravity device that isn’t a number, the game crashed.
    • UPDATED: Translation file for Spanish
    • ADDED: Jin now has a Halo
    • ADDED: Item:
      • Strong Fabric: It is used to craft new colorable Gis.
    • ADDED: New Biome to Other world – Type 4
      • Spawns the new Maple Trees and Red tulips
    • ADDED Blocks and Items:
      • Sakura, Mahagony, and Maple Fence Gates
      • Maple Log
      • Maple Sapling
      • Maple Leaves
      • Maple Stick
      • Maple Tools (Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Hoe)
      • Maple Fence
      • Maple Planks
      • Maple Stairs
      • Maple Slabs
    • CHANGED: Scouter crack images
    • CHANGED: Scouters now can takes a lot more damage before starting to crack
    • CHANGED: When a person is charging his aura ring will vanish bit by bit rather than suddenly popping out of existence
    • FIXED: Aura animations Speed now aren’t affected by client FPS.
    • ADDED: Aura lightning rotates around the player randomly
    • FIXED: The mini game isn’t affected by FPS anymore.
    • CHANGED: Mini game combo speed has been decreased.
    • CHANGED slightly the texture for:
      • Power pole item
      • Small Club
      • Dragon Block
      • Namek Dragon Block
      • Saibamen seed
      • Senzu bean



Hopefully Next release will finally be for Naruto C.
Please let me know if you found any problems, or what your opinion on these additions and changes is!

Status Info – 19w31

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since the last Status info about the mods, so here we go!

As some of you know, Naruto C will be the next mod to be receiving an update . I’ve spend a lot of time in the past few weeks going through things to be added to it, and how those systems would work, but most of those rely on things I haven’t experimented with, so it might take a lot of time to actually be able to have an idea on when the update is going to be released.

This time, I don’t want to just release a small update, but if it takes me too much time, I will release it sooner!

Plans for the release:

This update will focus on rewriting a few main parts of the mod, and hopefully redesign how Jutsus work for the better. The first plan was a Tailed beasts update that would have added interesting boss fights, and later a Jinchuuriki system, but I decided to focus on that later since we first need a nice way to fight them.

And for the updates after this one, I plan on adding Sage mode, more Clans with unique traits, Sharingan, and of course Tailed Beats and Jinchuurikis.
Now these are not the only plans I have, they are just the big boys.

Here are 3 Videos of Jutsus, that I had worked on while learning about the mod:

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How do you prefer the Jutsus name?

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What Jutsu look did you prefer more?

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What future content do look more forward to?

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DBC Jins update – 19w26

Hello everyone!

This is a small Dragon Block C update.
I planned to release a more bigger one, but I had to cut out a few things, because they were not fully functional.

click here to go to the Download site

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.61:

  • ADDED: NPC Jins Avatar
    • Spawns in Heaven at King Kais place
  • ADDED: Particle effects for Saiyans God forms
  • ADDED: ARMOR & CLOTHING list from the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie:
    • Broly Armor
    • Paragus Armor
    • Cheelai Armor
    • Lemon Armor
    • Gokus Jacket
    • Vegetas Jacket
  • CHANGED: Aura lightning is now slightly randomized in size
  • CHANGED: Aura now constantly changes its size slightly

Fix Update – 19w21

Well its been a while, but the time has come for the first update.
After looking through many notes, I wasn’t able to identify which mod had been changed by Jin since the last update, so I’ll release one for each main mod, even if they had no changes.


click here to go to the Download site


Here is short list of the known changes.

Naruto C release version 0.7.9:

  • FIXED – crash when charging chakra

Years C release version 1.2.5:

  • FIXED – crash when loading a word that had “” saved as a date

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.60,
JRMCore release version 1.3.20,
and JBRA release version 1.6.36
all received an update, but there were no notes from Jin on what he changed. Most likely bug fixes only.


  • CRASH – starting a game using the previous version JRMCore (1.3.19) together with the new naruto can cause your game to crash

Yes these are all small changes for now sadly, but now I have a good understanding of how Jin projects  work behind the scenes, so I can dedicate my time more on just coding and adding new content.

Let us know if any of the mods have any bugs or are missing any features that were in the previous version.

A New Start!

With the founder of JinGames, Tamás “JinRyuu” Nagy passing away (link for more information), throwing away all his work is not an option.

JinGames will be led by me from now on. I’m Ben, JinRyuu’s youngest brother.
I have years of experience in programming, and very little experience in minecraft modding.
It will take me some months before I can continue his mods properly, and make new updates for them, and for everything else, but they aren’t dead.

New mod updates will probably not come out in this Year.

Great Thanks to everyone!