New Teasers section has been opened!

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I will try to post here small teasers on what I work on and in some form might get to be added to mods.
But this wont only be for mods. JinGames works on mods mainly but we have own game projects planned as well.

Anyway I will post here short vids, images on what might come or just what I experiment with, and mostly without any text I guess.
So I will probably post unfinished, unoptimized, raw experiments, tests or what ever I feel like to share.
Basically things I work on.
I think I will also start to make soon short teaser vids on youtube as well that i will share here.

Damn I didn’t make any vids for youtube since a year now or even more… -.-

This section might not be available forever thou.
If I will be able to accept patreon income at a point I might make this section patreon only accessible page.
OR if the supporters site goes well, and people want to be patrons on our supporters site.
But for now I will be interested how well this section goes.

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Also I wont need any suggestions here, since I do stuff with plans in mind for them XD
Possibilities are endless.
Suggestions go to the forums suggestions section, Please.

Here is already a short a 3 second one ūüėõ

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6 Responses to New Teasers section has been opened!

  1. mreman says:

    Cool that sounds like fun

  2. Yoesph says:

    I think this is a great idea as it will show us your progress between main update posts.

  3. sweet! new ki attack types! possibly a new system entirely!
    hopefully that god-awful cooldown can be done away with and we get a ki system more faithful to dragon ball.

  4. IAmRaptor says:

    If this new animations then it’s neat as fuck dude, keep up !

  5. was that a wave? CAUSE IT LOOKED SICK!!!

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