Mod Update: The second filler episode – 19w42

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Hello Everyone!!


Since I am not making the greatest progress with Naruto C, here is another time filler update! This was originally going to be a Halloween update, but most of the planned features weren’t working as planned, so they were cut out. So here we go:

IMPORTANT NOTE: JRMCore Version 1.3.23 will crash if you upgrade then downgrade to any other version after it. It is caused by the client sided options/Ben’s config. To fix this crash all you need to do is delete/rename your Ben’s config file that can be found in your minecraft/config folder called “BensConfig_JRMCore.cfg”.


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Hair C updated to 1.12.2!

  • Recommended forge version: 1.12.2 –

Naruto C version 0.7.10:

  • Compatibility for the new moveable chakra/ki bar
  • Barseat was recolored, and has been given an icon
  • ADDED Vanity item:
    • Vanity Headband – Same as the normal headbands in the mod, but your hair is visible while wearing it


JBRA release version 1.6.38:

  • FIXED: Years C Watch renders properly again on players
  • ADDED: Head rendering for Vanity items


JRMCore release version 1.3.23:

  • ADDED: Using Kaioken while having Pain Status Effect now makes you lose a lot of health.
  • ADDED: New Craftings to Help Guides
  • CHANGED: Help text below the icon has now a border
  • CRASH FIXED: When a Saiyan opens up the “turn ssj” mission in Super Saiyan God SSJ Evolved/Shinka, the game crashed.
  • FIXED: If you were to lose Potential Unleashed (Mystic) skill, but had it enabled, it would stay enabled in the action menu, and block you from enabling Kaioken and Ultra instinct
  • ADDED: 5 more vanity slots. Now there are 8!
  • CHANGE: Vanity items were changed in to regular items from armors to prevent players from putting them in to regular minecraft armor slots
  • CHANGED: Server config tab name changed to Settings & Configs
  • ADDED: New rocks animation when player is transforming.
  • ADDED Item:
    • Fabric
  • ADDED Vanity item:
    • Creeper Sweater
    • Enderman Sweater
  • ADDED New Config:
    • Minigame Combo Timer (in seconds).
  • ADDED New GUI: Client Sided Settings
    • This contains the new “Ben’s Config” content so that you can customize them in-game
  • ADDED: Ben’s Config, a new Client Side Config system
    • Ki bar style picker
    • Ki/Chakra bar position editor
    • Lockon Style select
    • Health/Action bar style picker
    • Health/Action bar position editor
    • Turn God particles on/off
    • Turn New Rock particles on/off
    • Turn New Swooping Lines on/off
  • BUG FIXED: If you didn’t have DBC, Naruto, or Sword Art online installed, and started to create a character, you could freeze the game by trying to select a Power type.


Dragon Block C release version 1.4.63:

  • FIXED CRASH: When player enters a character that isn’t a number when asking for Weight from a master, the game crashed.
  • Redrawn namek dirt,namek grass, dirty stone, dirty cobblestone, clouds in heaven
  • Changed colorable items from armor to item. Now they can not be put in to the normal armor slots
  • FIXED BUG Hopefully: Aura hurricane
  • CHANGED: Bodysuits Icons are colored now too
  • CHANGED: Colorable Non-Vanity Clothes Icons are colored now too
  • ADDED Vanity items:
    • Colorable Headband
    • Colorable Wide Headband
    • Colorable Wristbands
    • Colorable Long Wristbands
    • Green and Blue Jackets were remade (Note: The old ones will most likely vanish from your world)
      • They are now vanity items
      • Their head texture is visible  on the player
  • ADDED: Blue and Green Jackets now have recipes
  • ADDED: Rocks Spawn when a Player is transforming.
    • They can be turned off in the Client settings
    • They only spawn if the player is above a block that contains dirt, grass, stone, or rock in its name.
  • ADDED: While swooping, lines appear on screen as an attempt to give a better effect
  • CHANGED: Lightning is invisible when game is stopped in single player

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17 Responses to Mod Update: The second filler episode – 19w42

  1. Prim says:

    Great update again, I’m excited to test out these changes

  2. IAmRaptor says:

    If it’s a filler episdode, it’s a quality one ! Lots of nice visual tweaks and quality of life improvement. You got my full support dude, keep that amazing mod going !

  3. This has been a really good little update, one issue I found though is I can’t seem to get Spacepods to open their gui, making it impossible to travel to Namek.

  4. SSJ4X100 says:

    If this is your filler, i cant wait to see what your main canon continuity is! I only have one suggestion. I’ve noticed that you have added headbands and along with that two variations for them. The Headband, and the Wide Headband. It would be really cool to see you do the same to the belt. Have a slim one with a tie and a wide one without the tie. Again the last two updates have been awesome! The guide would’ve been super useful for me way back when i was new to the mod so i can imagine it helping a lot of new comers.

    • SSJ4X100 says:

      And perhaps make the T-shirt variations vanity items able to be placed on the vanity slots. At the moment they can only be placed on the weight slot, even though the T-shirts can’t actually be weighted nor can the actual weighted T-shirt be colourable.

  5. lickutung34 says:

    nice job man, cant wait for the next one

  6. WindowCreep says:

    Thanks for releasing hairc for 1.12, so much more fun

  7. Brandon E says:

    what’s planned for next release? just curious.

  8. Sorry, but will there be global DBC updates? Like a new form, etc.?

  9. reumu says:

    Please make children (in the family c mod) work like they do in this game called ‘dragon boy online’ for ios and android where you can change their inventory, skills, train them and fuse with them by using commands like protect (to hit all enemies around you), follow (to make them follow you but not attack) and attack (to make them attack all enemies in sight). Thanks

  10. dude says:

    we need shadow dummy to be the only entity that works inside of safe zones

  11. DragonCrisis says:

    Hey, I know you’re SUPER busy, But could you possibly add Multi coloured Aura’s to your To-do list? I think alot of the community would LOVE to have this addition to their characters and customization, anyway that’s all i have to say.. keep up the excellent work!!

  12. OmegaX123 says:

    Any plans (or even any way, or would that be on the other mod’s devs?) to make Mine & Blade Battlegear 2 compatible again? Not even necessarily being able to hold two Power Poles or whatever, but just so that it doesn’t crash due to hiding the health bar.
    Aside from that, huge fan of the mod, looking forward to possible saga updates and anything else to come.

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