MOD UPDATE: Small Mod Update 20w42

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Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since an update was released so let’s get straight into it! There are config name/description changes so they will generate a new config!


BUILD 1.112


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Mod Updates:

  1. JBRA Version 1.6.44:
  2. Dragon Block C Version 1.4.71:
  3. JRMCore C Version 1.3.31:


JBRA Version 1.6.44:


  • Small changes to the Kaioken coloring.



  • Small bug fixes


Dragon Block C Version 1.4.71:


  • Configs:
    • Enma Revive Dimension id, and Rotations (one for each alignment)
    • On Death Teleportation Location in the otherworld (one for each alignment)
      • If the player’s alignment changes in the otherworld then he will sadly still teleport to the location he first entered at
    • Planet Vegeta Saiyan 1 and Saiyan 2 Spawn rates
    • Healing Water/Pod:
      • Update Timer (Tick): Sets how often the player gets healed
      • Healing Rate (Health, Ki, Stamina): The amount the Water heals specific powers
      • Percentage (Health, Ki, Stamina): It converts the Healing Rate config to a Percentage amount, rather than using a fix number



  • Configs: (New configs will be generated for them!)
    • “Ki Defense Armor per level” to “Ki Protection Armor per level”
    • “Ki Defense Cost per level” to “Ki Protection Cost per level”
  • Mob Models:
    • New Models:
      • King Kai, King Yemma
    • Slight changes:
      • Beerus, Berryblue, Champa, Fat Buu, Evil Buu, Super Buu, Buu Fusion, Buu Piccolo, Ultimate Buu, Buff Buu, Kid Buu, Krillin, Roshi DBC, Shisami, Sorbet, Tagoma, Vados, Whis, Zamasu, Fused Zamasu, Unstable Fused Zamasu
  • Old Healing Water/Pod Config was removed
  • Teleport in and out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber will now always make you look forward.



  • Debugging Console text writing a few block IDs at the start of the servers was removed
  • Dbcspawn command could not be used with only health being set
  • Mobs on some servers have a negative number as their damage which creates a crash, now their damage is set to 0.


JRMCore C Version 1.3.31:


  • Commands:
    • JRMCRacialSkill:
      • Set or add to or take from the player’s racial skill’s level.
      • Usage: “/jrmcracialskill set/add Level [Player] [TPCostOn] [ConsiderMind]”
      • Example: “/jrmcracialskill add 1 @p true true”
      • Works with both DBC superforms and Naruto C Bloodline skills
  • Configs:
    • Racial Skills can be leveled up using TP on/off.
    • Player Update Timer (Tick): Sets how often the player will update itself when asking for missions, and when entering the teleporter for the Hyperbolic Time Chamber
    • JRMCRacialSkill command received 3 Command configs to notify Self, console, or others.
    • For Ki attacks:
      • List of Entities EVERY Ki Attacks react to
        • Reactions: The Ki blast will…
          • 1 = Vanish from it
          • 2 = Destroy it
          • 3 = Destroy it IF “effect” is on for Ki attack
          • 4 = Damage it
          • 5 = Damage it IF “effect” is on for Ki attack
        • The default config will destroy Snowballs, Arrows, Small fireballs, Large fireballs
        • To add a specific Ki Attack Type to the config add for example “jinryuudragonblockc.EnergyAttack!2 1”.
          • 2 equals the type of the Ki attack, and 1 sets it to instantly vanish/die from it
          • Ki Attack type list:
            • Wave = 0, Ball = 1, Disk = 2, Laser = 3, Spiral = 4, Large Ball = 5, Barrage = 6, Shield = 7, Explosion = 8
        • NOTE:
          • Ki attacks still work the same way. Even if a living entity is not on the list it will still damage it like before.
          • Some entities don’t always get deleted. This might be caused by lag.
      • Separate “List of Entities Ki Attacks react to” for Each Ki attack type besides Shield and Explosion
        • This way you can configure special reactions to entities for specific Ki types, while having the option to only use the config above for the ones every type uses
      • Entity Hit by Ki Attack Console message
        • If a Ki Attack hits an entity which is compatible with the Config above it will type in the name of the Entity in the server console/log.
      • Spirals go through entities rather than explode (on off)
      • Final Explosion vanishes if the user dies
      • If a blast is x times weaker than the other Ki attack clashed with then it just instantly gets destroyed
      • Ki Attacks knockback on/off
      • Ki Shields and Explosions give Ki Tech Experience percentage
      • Disable Explosion/Effect for any specific Ki type
      • Final Explosion Self Harm Damage Percentage (from 0 to 100)



  • Commands:
    • JRMCTP:
      • You can now add an equation with Player NBT values to the TP value
      • Usage: “/jrmctp value [Player]” or “/jrmctp value [Player] [(nbt)]”
      • Compatible Math operations: (+, -, *, /, %)
      • The command will try to look for numbers in NBT values even if it’s a text, BUT it will only succeed in finding numbers if the last value is not a character, but a digit.
        • This means that it is compatible with Super form levels which are saved for Ki Types as “TRx” – x being the level.
        • If it fails to find a number then it will just ignore the formula and move to the next one.
      • NBT Options:
        • Method 1:
          • [ Math operation (NBT) ]
          • Example: “/jrmctp 1 @p [*(jrmcAlign)]”
          • TP Result: 1 * Player’s Alignment
        • Method 2:
          • [ Math operation (NBT | Number 1 | Math operation 2) ]
          • Example: “/jrmctp 15 @p [*(jrmcDiff|3|-)]”
          • TP Result: 15 * (3 – Player’s Difficulty ID)
        • Method 3:
          • [ Math operation (NBT | Number 1 | Math operation 2 | Math operation 3 | number 2) ]
          • Example: “/jrmctp 15 @p [*(jrmcDiff|3|-|+|1)]”
          • TP Result: 15 * (3 – (Player’s Difficulty ID + 1))
        • Using Multiple Methods:
          • [ Math operation (NBT) Math operation 2 (NBT 2) ]
          • Example: “/jrmctp 15 @p [*(jrmcDiff|3|-|+|1)*(jrmcAlign)]”
          • TP Result: 15 * (3 – (Player’s Difficulty ID + 1)) * Player’s Alignment
  • Client Settings:
    • Enma’s Desk on/off
  • For Clients regarding Ki configs:
    • You can no longer charge disabled Ki Attack types
    • Ki Attack charge is now connected to the Ki Attack damage and cost configs
  • Arcosian 5th form mask On/Off switch in Action menu received colors, and changed text from “Mask” to “5th Form Mask”
  • Ki Attacks now go through certain entities by default instead of instantly vanishing (e.g.: projectiles)
  • Help Guide Crafting Page:
    • Items are generated items instead of a few fixed images making it Texture pack compatible
    • Hovering the mouse over an item will display its name.
    • Added most crafting recipes from the JinGames mods.
  • Config name description for Explosion Max Age Ticks multiplier removing “multiplier” from both (A new config will be generated for it!)



  • Oozaru transformation will turn you into an Oozaru in more cases even if another form is enabled.
  • Ki Blade/Scythe power didn’t scale with forms.
  • Custom HUD preview in the client settings would create a crash if DBC wasn’t installed.
  • A few Portuguese language file crashes.
  • On server update it will now check if a player is above the max Racial skill level to prevent crashes.
  • Ki Explosion Client Hack
  • Status effect Cooldown texts were invisible with Custom HUD turned off.
  • Jutsus:
    • Weak Jutsus (mainly 1% chakra ones) had 0 set as their size making them invisible.
    • Jutsus would often vanish instead of dealing damage to their target
  • Learnable Jutsus list’s next page button didn’t function properly.
  • Player reset while being Fused could cause issues so it was a bit tweaked to not always reset the players.
    • NOTE: It still can cause issues, so you should still avoid trying.
  • Other small fixes


Have fun!

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8 Responses to MOD UPDATE: Small Mod Update 20w42

  1. kev_spyro says:

    amazing update, i love it, still have to figure out the way i have to use that config for the ki attacks but i can propably adapt to that, or for those who don’t get the hang of it:
    how about you could do a introduction/explanation video? i mean its not necessary but i think lots of people playing the mod will appreciate it ^^

    keep up the good work and dont strain yourself, and don’t get sick with the current virus around!

  2. frankmax12 says:

    Great update, ki attacks are so much better these days thanks to your dedication good work! One thing I was wondering though is why no great ape vegeta in the story?

  3. James2000 says:

    Is there going to be a config file for global PVP? because that’s kinda a big issue with this mod along with all PVP lovers.

  4. Very nice update, but do you guys plan on hosting the mod on Curse any time soon?

  5. Williams says:

    Good update i loved, but Fat Buu and Evil Buu skin’s is bugged

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