MOD UPDATE: Small Bug Fix Release – 23w16

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Hello everyone!

IMPORTANT: Always backup your world before upgrading to a newer version!
(This update contains old Config name changes, which will be newly generated!)

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Please let us know if you find anything in the new update that is not working correctly!


DOWNLOAD: Mod Update


BUILD 1.131

Mod Updates:

  1. Dragon Block C Version 1.4.84
  2. JRMCore C Version 1.3.49


Dragon Block C Version 1.4.84:


  • Compatibility with the new JRMCore mod, Build 1.131


JRMCore C Version 1.3.49:


  • Config: Form Mastery Data Separation Per Player
    • Separates the Form Mastery Server Packet when Player count is above this config’s value
    • (Found in: minecraft/config/jingames/dbc/forms/form_mastery_main.cfg)
  • Config: Bonus Attribute Multiplier Per Racial Skill Level, for each Race’s Forms:
    • (Found in: minecraft/config/jinryuujrmcore.cfg)
    • This Power System was originally only available Non-Saiyan Races to balance their Form Attribute multipliers with Saiyans due to having way fewer Forms



  • Form Mastery Values are rounded to a max of 2 decimal values before being sent to Clients
  • Majin “Absorption User Power Multiplier” and “Absorption Target Power Multiplier” Configs:
    • Now both also have a Ki Power value, which is now also used for Power calculation
    • (this will detect missing Ki Power multiplier values from old configs and add it to them afterwards)
    • Default damage values were lowered to 0.25 from 0.5 to match the new 0.5 Ki Power multiplier
    • Ki Power for Mobs is equal to their Attack divided by 2
  • “Racial Skill Arcosian – …” Power Point Configs:
    • (Found in: minecraft/config/jinryuujrmcore.cfg)
    • “Power Point Growth”, “Power Point Cost”, “Power Point damage multiplier” and “Power Point damage multiplier from Points”
      • All of their names now contain “(for Build 1.131 and above)”
        • (They will be newly generated)
      • All of them now contain every racial and non-racial Arcosian form, except Kaioken
        • (Each line now also has the Form’s name next to it)
      • Form Mastery:
        • Cost Form Mastery Configs are now available for each Form except Kaioken
    • “Power Point Cost”
      • Default values were lowered
  • Safe Zone and Absorption Entity Blacklist checks performance improvement
    • Now remembers if an EntityClass file was already checked and uses its previous result rather than re-calculating it each time
  • Form Mastery config texts from “Power_Point_Ki_Cost_” to “Power_Point_Cost_”
  • Removed Shadowdummies from Safe zone Blacklist config
  • You can no longer gain Mastery points in 0% Release
  • Ki Bar text:
    • Properly X Centered
    • Was changed from “Ki – PP/Absorption” to “Ki (PP/Absorption: value)”
      (old ex.: “1500 – 50”, new ex.: “1500 (PP: 50)”)
  • More UI texts had their numbers separated with “,” including:
    • Health and Ki Bar
    • Data Sheet Level, Statistics
  • Form Mastery text on the Data Sheet:
    • Current Form name now matches the Data sheet Form name
    • Kaioken text was line-broken
  • Default Custom HUD Health and Ki Texts were slightly moved and changed



  • Crash when Failing to check a Form Mastery Data which does not exist
  • Form Mastery “Gain_Multi_Div_Plus” configs did not work
  • Form Mastery Data could reach the max packet String limit
    • Now it will be sent to the clients in segments depending on the player count and the new “”Form Mastery Data Separation Per Player” config’s value
  • Majin Configs “Absorption Attribute multiplier” and “Absorption Entity Speed Multiplier” were client sided
  • Majin “Absorption User Attack Multiplier” config was not used
  • Form Mastery Data was sent to the Players even if it was disabled
  • Battle power text always showed 5 when reaching a very high value
  • Kaioken aura was invisible when charging ki with a Majin
  • More Naruto Crashes without Dragon Block C
  • Form Mastery Level Text on the Player Data Sheet GUI was not hidden for Naruto C power type players
  • Arcosian Form Mastery Power Point Cost was not checking correct Form IDs


Stay Safe Gamers!

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