MOD UPDATE: Small Bug Fix Release – 23w16

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Hello everyone!

IMPORTANT: Always backup your world before upgrading to a newer version!
(This update contains old Config name changes, which will be newly generated!)

Please let us know if you find anything in the new update that is not working correctly!


DOWNLOAD: Mod Update


BUILD 1.131

Mod Updates:

  1. Dragon Block C Version 1.4.84
  2. JRMCore C Version 1.3.49


Dragon Block C Version 1.4.84:


  • Compatibility with the new JRMCore mod, Build 1.131


JRMCore C Version 1.3.49:


  • Config: Form Mastery Data Separation Per Player
    • Separates the Form Mastery Server Packet when Player count is above this config’s value
    • (Found in: minecraft/config/jingames/dbc/forms/form_mastery_main.cfg)
  • Config: Bonus Attribute Multiplier Per Racial Skill Level, for each Race’s Forms:
    • (Found in: minecraft/config/jinryuujrmcore.cfg)
    • This Power System was originally only available Non-Saiyan Races to balance their Form Attribute multipliers with Saiyans due to having way fewer Forms



  • Form Mastery Values are rounded to a max of 2 decimal values before being sent to Clients
  • Majin “Absorption User Power Multiplier” and “Absorption Target Power Multiplier” Configs:
    • Now both also have a Ki Power value, which is now also used for Power calculation
    • (this will detect missing Ki Power multiplier values from old configs and add it to them afterwards)
    • Default damage values were lowered to 0.25 from 0.5 to match the new 0.5 Ki Power multiplier
    • Ki Power for Mobs is equal to their Attack divided by 2
  • “Racial Skill Arcosian – …” Power Point Configs:
    • (Found in: minecraft/config/jinryuujrmcore.cfg)
    • “Power Point Growth”, “Power Point Cost”, “Power Point damage multiplier” and “Power Point damage multiplier from Points”
      • All of their names now contain “(for Build 1.131 and above)”
        • (They will be newly generated)
      • All of them now contain every racial and non-racial Arcosian form, except Kaioken
        • (Each line now also has the Form’s name next to it)
      • Form Mastery:
        • Cost Form Mastery Configs are now available for each Form except Kaioken
    • “Power Point Cost”
      • Default values were lowered
  • Safe Zone and Absorption Entity Blacklist checks performance improvement
    • Now remembers if an EntityClass file was already checked and uses its previous result rather than re-calculating it each time
  • Form Mastery config texts from “Power_Point_Ki_Cost_” to “Power_Point_Cost_”
  • Removed Shadowdummies from Safe zone Blacklist config
  • You can no longer gain Mastery points in 0% Release
  • Ki Bar text:
    • Properly X Centered
    • Was changed from “Ki – PP/Absorption” to “Ki (PP/Absorption: value)”
      (old ex.: “1500 – 50”, new ex.: “1500 (PP: 50)”)
  • More UI texts had their numbers separated with “,” including:
    • Health and Ki Bar
    • Data Sheet Level, Statistics
  • Form Mastery text on the Data Sheet:
    • Current Form name now matches the Data sheet Form name
    • Kaioken text was line-broken
  • Default Custom HUD Health and Ki Texts were slightly moved and changed


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  • Crash when Failing to check a Form Mastery Data which does not exist
  • Form Mastery “Gain_Multi_Div_Plus” configs did not work
  • Form Mastery Data could reach the max packet String limit
    • Now it will be sent to the clients in segments depending on the player count and the new “”Form Mastery Data Separation Per Player” config’s value
  • Majin Configs “Absorption Attribute multiplier” and “Absorption Entity Speed Multiplier” were client sided
  • Majin “Absorption User Attack Multiplier” config was not used
  • Form Mastery Data was sent to the Players even if it was disabled
  • Battle power text always showed 5 when reaching a very high value
  • Kaioken aura was invisible when charging ki with a Majin
  • More Naruto Crashes without Dragon Block C
  • Form Mastery Level Text on the Player Data Sheet GUI was not hidden for Naruto C power type players
  • Arcosian Form Mastery Power Point Cost was not checking correct Form IDs


Stay Safe Gamers!

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