MOD UPDATE: Quality of Life and Bug Fix Release – 22w26

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Hello everyone!

IMPORTANT: Always backup your world before upgrading to a newer version!

A new mod update is here!
It contains a few new additions, some quality of life changes, and bug fixes.
Let us know if you find anything, that isn’t working correctly!


BUILD 1.126

Mod Updates:

  1. JBRA Client Version 1.6.50
  2. Dragon Block C Version 1.4.81
  3. JRMCore C Version 1.3.44
  4. Naruto C Version 0.7.18


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JBRA Client Version 1.6.50:


  • DBC SSJ4 Eye Color was always black, even if the person was either old, or a Half Saiyan with a custom hair color
  • DBC 3D vanity items render and rotate more properly on Family C Woman Players


Dragon Block C Version 1.4.81:


  • Space Pods and Flying Nimbus items no longer require the Player to look at a block to place them
  • DBC Enemies Changes:
    • All of them (except the Ginyu Force members) are now aggressive, meaning that they constantly try to look for a Player to attack
    • When attacked they will all target an enemy
  • Master/Safe Zone Changes
  • Entity Render Changes
  • Medical Pod Doors:
    • On right click it can now moves up to 5 other Med Pod Doors with it both up and downwards, making it a max total of 11
    • Textures at the top and bottom no longer render if there is another Med Pod Door above or below it (this is simply done by them having a few new textures for those cases)



  • Crash with Ki Sense if the Player’s data wasn’t received properly yet
  • Players could Swoop while riding an Entity including the Flying Nimbus and Space pods
  • Some enemies didn’t target Players, and would stand still (mainly enemies who don’t teleport)
  • Puar Model’s tail texture


JRMCore C Version 1.3.44:


  • Safe Zone Command:
    • Spawn, Change or Remove Masters/Safe Zones
    • Usage:
      • “/jrmcsafezone [playerName] (add/change/remove) (MasterName) (x) (y) (z) (safezone radius XZ) (safezone radius Y) (duplication Check Radius) ((Safe Zone Name))”
    • Example:
      • “/jrmcsafezone @p add Empty ~ ~ ~ 2 2 0 (The Black Forest)”
  • Config (config/jinryuujrmcore.cfg):
    • Safe Zone Entity Blacklist:
      • Kills the listed down entities in Safe Zones
    • Training Points Gain per Race – ‘TP gain / melee’ rate
    • Training Point Gain per Race – TP amount gained
      • (Increases TP gain from Ki Attacks as well)
    • Kaioken Form Health Drain multiplier for each Race
      • The lists also include non racial forms such as Mystic/OldKaiUnlock (which used to be a 5000% multiplier in the past)
  • Safe Zone UI Visual:
    • If enabled in the Client Settings, then instead of spamming the Chat when you enter and exit a Safe Zone it will instead show an Icon and Safe Zone Name on the top center of the screen when you are in a Safe Zone
  • Client Setting:
    • New On-screen Safe Zone Visual On
      • If Disabled then it will use the Old Method, were it sends a chat message every time you enter and leave a Safe Zone



  • Masters/Safe Zones:
    • Changed how Safe Zone Attacking and other features are handled
    • Created a new Main “Empty” Safe Zone Entity:
      • It is only visible for players in creative mode
        • Main purpose of this “Empty” safe zone is to create safe zones with no visible master
    • Ki Sense no longer works on Naruto C masters
    • Changed entering a safe zone message, which also uses their new unique name
    • They all now have a unique Safe Zone…:
      • Name
      • XZ Radius
      • Y Radius
      • Duplication Check Radius
        • They remove any duplicates of themselves in that radius
  • DBC Ki Protection:
    • Ki Cost now depend on the Attacker’s Damage (more damage = higher cost)
    • Ki Cost no longer depending on the Target Player’s Ki Pool
    • You no longer lose Ki from it in Creative mode
  • “Racial Skill Arcosian – Power Point damage multiplier from Points” Config’s Default value was changed from 2.0 to 1.0
  • Safe Zone Chat Messages were changed and moved to JRMCore
  • Small Hand rotation added back to Flying players without making the first person camera hand rotated as well



  • “Racial Skill Arcosian – Power Point damage multiplier from Points” Config wasn’t fully implemented
  • First Person Hand no longer rotates if you see a player riding an entity
  • Ultra Instinct transformation fail message improvements
  • DBC Defused Fusion Spectator in another Dimension would not defuse until either the timer ran out, or the original Fusion Controller was in the same dimension as the Spectator
  • Player Release Percentage didn’t reset when their Character was reseted
  • Multiple minor DBC Ki Protection bug fixes


Naruto C Version 0.7.18:


  • Master/Safe Zone Changes
  • Entity Render Changes


Stay Safe Gamers!

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4 Responses to MOD UPDATE: Quality of Life and Bug Fix Release – 22w26

  1. Cristofer says:

    With this new version every time i go to Namek Namekians attack me. And if I kill them so they dont disturb me, my balance decrease. I would like a way to Namekians and Ogres in otherworld as they were before so theyy dont destroy the map with their attacks.

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