MOD UPDATE: Quality of Life and Bug Fix Release – 22w15

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Hello everyone!

IMPORTANT: Always backup your world before upgrading to a newer version!

Another update is ready to be Released!
It contains a few new additions, some quality of life changes, and bug fixes.
Let us know if you find anything, that isn’t working correctly!


BUILD 1.122 (Hotfix)

Mod Updates:

  1. Dragon Block C Version 1.4.78
  2. JRMCore C Version 1.3.40



Dragon Block C Version 1.4.78:


  • Configs (config/jinryuudragonblockc.cfg):
    • Kaioken Single Form Descend On
    • Other Enabled Instant Transformation Skills and Forms
      • Enable if it is possible to Instant Transform to Kaioken, Mystic Form, or Ultra Instinct



  • DBCSpawn Command could be used without OP Permissions


JRMCore C Version 1.3.40:


  • Mystic Form/Potential Unleashed always turned Off if the “Mystic Form Level Loss Timer multiplier” Config was set to 0


BUILD 1.121

Mod Updates:

  1. Dragon Block C Version 1.4.77
  2. JRMCore C Version 1.3.39



Dragon Block C Version 1.4.77:


  • Instant Transformation:
    • Double press the Transformation Key (default: G) to use it
    • It only works if you have enough Ki, and it is enabled
    • It can only be used for Racial Transformations
  • Single Form Descend:
    • Double press the Form Descend Key (default: H) to use it
    • Holding the Descend Key will use the old/normal descend
    • It only works if you are a Saiyan, and if it is enabled
  • New Enemy AI:
    • Enemies can now:
      • Fast Dash/Fly
      • High Jump
      • Follow you more aggressively
      • Run/Fly away from their target when they charge Ki Attacks (they don’t always shoot when stopping this)
    • Enemies hit their target faster when they are really close (Based off on the “Enemy Default Short Range Attack Timer Tick” Config)
    • Enemies have a set Difficulty Level, which decides how aggressive and good they are with these mechanics
    • Enemy difficulty is for now generally set based off on the Saga they are in:
      • DB: Easy
      • DBZ: Medium
      • DBS: Hard
      • DBS Broly: Insane
  • Configs (config/jinryuudragonblockc.cfg):
    • DBC AAI (new Advanced AI):
      • AAI Disabled
      • Force AAI Difficulty
    • Enemy Default Attack Timer Tick
    • Enemy Default Short Range Attack Timer Tick
    • Enemy Default Movement Speed
    • Ki Attacks go through invulnerable enemies
    • Instant Transformation:
      • Instant Transformation Enabled
      • Ki Cost
      • Percentage Ki Cost
    • Single Form Descend ON
  • Language File line: See-Through The Invisible Man’s name



  • While Fused, the camera of the spectator updates a lot faster IF enabled in the in-game Client Settings
  • Ki Attacks now go through enemies that aren’t alive IF enabled
  • Swooping is possible towards all directions besides Up (Space) and Downwards (Shift)


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  • Kaioken Status Effect was turned off while Charging Ki or while Transforming
  • DBC enemies who couldn’t shoot Ki Attacks would not properly attack target players, walking randomly around them
  • Dino Meat description Crash when using an outdated DBC Language file
  • DBS Legendary SSJ Broly’s Right arm’s swing animation was too little
  • Red Ribbon Army enemies didn’t become angry at the player, limiting their AI
  • Enemies flying animation/movement was changed to be more smooth


JRMCore C Version 1.3.39:


  • Client Setting: DBC new Fusion Spectator Camera Follow On
  • Smoother Release Level Changing



  • Players no longer lose Health, Energy, or Stamina in creative mode



  • Ultra Instinct Dodge wasn’t working properly because of Stamina Costs
  • Charging a Ki Attack while in Mystic Form and Ultra Instinct didn’t show the correct Ki Attack Cost
  • For Clients/Players the Bonus Attribute always showed the Client Player’s bonus data instead of the requested other player’s data
  • Some Ki Attack types didn’t vanish after hitting an enemy
  • Ki Attacks took 2x as much Ki to be used
  • When a player uses a Ki Attack that used up 100% of their Energy they will now go down to 0% Release level
  • While a DBC Player was Fused they didn’t lose Ki for certain things such as Forms
  • Crash with Hair Editor when pasting a buggy Hair Code with invalid characters
  • Ki Attacks (Mainly Ki Explosions) gave TP more than once when hitting entities
  • JrmcaBonus clear command couldn’t target players from console/command blocks
  • Open Notifications ButtonID was the same as “JRMCore Help GUI – Recipe List for Naruto C mod”
  • JRMC Notifications couldn’t be used on servers
  • JRMCore Help GUI – Naruto C Weapons Recipe didn’t show the Katana Blade recipe properly with DBC installed
  • First Person Camera Hand rotated a bit if a player is Flying on their screen with the Fast/Flat Flight Animation
  • Max Health, Energy and Stamina values did not constantly update on Client Side

Stay Safe Gamers!

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  1. RedosTheRed says:

    For some reason the namekians , sayjans and the orcs in hell keep attaking the players even if they didn’t attak them does anyone know how to fix thsi?

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