MOD UPDATE: Majin Race, God of Destruction, Instant Transmission, Form Mastery – 22w50

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Hello everyone!

IMPORTANT: Always backup your world before upgrading to a newer version!

Finally! It took a while, but the new content update is now released! It contains features voted by our Patrons.
I have also spent some time changing the default configs to be far less grindy.

To use the new Default Configs and Missions you will have to delete or rename your old Config and Mission files!
(Configs location: minecraft/config)
(Missions location: minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/data/missions)

However this is the last big content update I planned to make for Dragon Block C. From now on I will mostly stop Modding and focus more on my own projects.
I will still rarely work on the mods, but those will generally just be Bug fixes, performance improvements, new Configs and tiny features.

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Please let us know if you find anything in the new update that is not working correctly!


The missions in the new update are Buggy. Use this mission file to fix it until a Bug fix update is released:

DOWNLOAD: Fixed Story Mode File

DOWNLOAD: Mod Update


Review Video:

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BUILD 1.128

Mod Updates:

  1. JBRA Version 1.6.51
  2. Family C Version 1.2.18
  3. Dragon Block C Version 1.4.83
  4. JRMCore C Version 1.3.46


JBRA Version 1.6.51:


  • Compatibility with the new JRMCore/DBC update (Build 1.128)
  • Players have a new unique Animation when using the Instant Transmission Skill
  • Majin Race player rendering
  • SSJ4 changes the Height of the player to their Adult size



Family C Version 1.2.18:


  • Compatibility with the new JRMCore/DBC update (Build 1.128)
  • Majin Children



Dragon Block C Version 1.4.83:


  • Compatibility with the new JBRA/JRMCore update (Build 1.128)
  • New Keyboard Binding: 3rd Fn (Third Function):
    • Default Key: Left ALT
    • Used for Instant Transmission only for now
  • Majin Race:
    • Weaker than most races, but can absorb others to gain Power
    • Starting attributes:
      • Higher Dexterity, but lower Constitution and Willpower
    • “Hair”:
      • Color is always the same as the Skin’s Color
      • Has 2 default styles and can also use “custom hair” option
    • Kettle Sound and Visual Effect for Ki Charge and Transformation Aura
    • Abilities or Racial Skills:
      • Unlocks:
        • Lvl 1: Super Regeneration Skill
        • Lvl 2: Evil/Gray Form
        • Lvl 3: Full Power/Super Buu Form
        • Lvl 4: Absorption Skill
        • Lvl 5: Pure Form
        • Lvl 5 + God Form Lvl 1: God Form
      • Forms:
        • Forms by default do not take Ki
        • Evil:
          • Changes Body color to Gray-ish
        • Full Power:
          • Strongest non-god form in terms of Power
        • Pure:
          • Highest regeneration compared to all Forms
          • Changes Body and Aura color to Pink
        • God:
          • Works similarly to other Non-Saiyan God Forms
      • Racial Skills:
        • Super Regeneration:
          • When charging your Ki you can regenerate Health for the Cost of Ki and Stamina
        • Absorption:
          • Enable/Disable in Action Menu (Default Key: X) next to Forms (if available)
          • To use:
            • Hold the “Transformation/Bloodline Power On” key (Default Key: G)
          • On use:
            • Flies forward. Once it finds a target then it will move towards it and attempt to kill it if the user is stronger. If it was successful then it returns to the host
            • Absorbing someone gives to your Absorption Level, which depend on their Power (Life and Damage)
          • Shows current Absorption Level on the Ki bar next to your Ki Amount (same way as Arcosian Power Points)
          • Costs Health
          • Gives bonus Attributes to all Forms
          • Visuals if the last absorbed Target was a Player:
            • Absorbing a Namekian or Arcosian will slightly change the Majin’s appearance
            • Shows the Absorbed Player’s vanity items
          • Lost on Death
      • Configs:
        • JRMCore Config:
          • Form Damage/Attribute Multipliers
          • Form Ki Regeneration Multipliers
        • Majin Main Race Config:
          • Has a unique config file (minecraft/config/jingames/dbc/races/majin/main.cfg):
          • Majin Race with Ki Powertype Enabled
          • Majin Race Pure Form Pink Skin Color Enabled
          • Super Regeneration:
            • Enabled
            • Health Gain
            • Health Gain per Racial Skill Level
            • Ki Cost
            • Ki Cost per Racial Skill Level
            • Stamina Cost
            • Stamina Cost per Racial Skill Level
          • Absorption:
            • Enabled
            • Attribute Multiplier per Absorption Level
            • User Power Multi (Attack, Health)
              • (IF user’s power is equal or stronger than the target’s then they can be absorbed)
              • Forms and such do not affect Power
            • Target Power Multi (Attack, Health)
              • Forms and such do not affect Power
            • Health Cost
            • Cooldown Timer
            • Max Life Timer in Ticks
            • Absorption Entity Speed Multiplier
            • Gain Enabled (True = Gain Levels, False = Replace Level)
            • Max Absorption Level
            • Minimum Gain
            • Gain Multiplier
            • LivingEntity Blacklist
  • Instant Transmission Skill:
    • Skill can be learned from Master Goku and Cell
    • When using it, it will display a Teleporting icon next to the center of the screen, and also a timer for Long Distance Teleportation
    • Holding an item or punching cancels the Teleportation Mode
    • Sound effect:
      • Has a new unique Teleportation Sound
      • If you have the Divine Status Effect, then it will instead use Goku Black’s Teleportation Sound
    • Modes:
      • Short Distance Teleportation:
        • In the Action menu you can now select between 3 short teleportation modes, this decides where you will appear:
          • On the Target
          • Behind the Target
          • In-Front of the Target
          • (These modes may result in players going through walls, or getting stuck.
            I recommend disabling “Behind the Target” and “In-Front of the Target” Modes for Servers)
        • Usage:
          • Look at a Living Entity (Mobs, Players, etc)
          • Press 3rd Fn Key + Right Click
      • Long Distance Teleportation:
        • You can travel to other Group Members, even to other Dimensions (with the only expectation currently being the OtherWorld!)
          • (Dimension Teleportation creates player location sync issues. This can be fixed by either re-entering the server or waiting until the server updates the teleported player’s location with the other players)
        • Dimensional TP can not be used while Fused
        • Usage:
          • Hold 3rd Fn Key for a few seconds:
            • It will bring up a GUI where you can select a Group member as a Target for Teleportation
      • In the Action menu you can now select between 3 surround teleportation modes. This decides who teleports with you if they are close to you:
        • Alone (You teleport alone)
        • Group members Only
        • All Players
    • Configs:
      • Has a unique config file (minecraft/config/jingames/dbc/skills/instant_transmission.cfg)
      • Notify Server if someone used Long Distance Teleportation
      • Modes Enabled (One for each)
      • Short Teleport Location Modes Enabled (One for each)
      • Surround Teleport Modes Enabled (One for each)
      • Skill Level Mode unlock (which skill level unlocks the short or long distance mode)
      • Short Mode Target Finder can go through blocks
      • Short Mode Target Finder target detection Range per Update
      • Short Mode Target Finder max distance
      • Surround Teleport Mode Max Player Limit (How many players can you Max take with you to the target)
      • Long Mode Dimensional Teleport Enabled
      • Long Mode Dimensional Teleport dimensionID Blacklist
      • Short and Long Mode Cooldowns (One for each)
      • Required Ki Sense Skill level to use Modes (One for each)
      • Ki Cost (Flat and Percentage) (One of each mode)
      • Ki Cost per Teleported Surrounding Player (Flat and Percentage)
  • God of Destruction Form:
    • Skill can be learned from Master Whis
    • Has a new unique Status Effect
    • New unique aura sound
    • You can not use God of Destruction with other forms (managing to use it with Mystic or Ultra Instinct will greatly damage the player and remove all of them)
    • Can only be used in Base Form
    • Aura, Hair and Eye Colors are changed to Purple and Magenta
    • Requires God Form Skill
    • Destroyer Energy Attacks:
      • All Custom Ki Attacks are converted to Destroyer Ki Attacks
      • They have a darker color with an even darker outline
      • Their damage is 80% (default config) of their true damage
      • Can instantly destroy other Ki Attacks, but only if their damage is stronger than the target Ki Attack’s damage
      • Unique explosion effect
    • Destruction Aura:
      • Using Turbo mod in this form will make all attacks weaker than 80% of your power not deal damage to you
      • If config “Enabled only when using Turbo Mode“ is Enabled then it takes Ki instantly when entering Turbo Mode as well
    • Configs:
      • Has a unique config file (minecraft/config/jingames/dbc/forms/god_of_destruction.cfg)
      • Is Form Enabled
      • Attribute Multiplier
      • Attribute Multipliers per Race
      • Ignore Base Attribute Multiplier Config while in this form
      • Ignore Base Ki Regen Multiplier Config while in this form
      • Level Requirement
      • Regardless Level Requirement Chance (if level requirement is not met, then you can still transform with an x% chance)
      • Max Alignment Requirement
      • Tp, Mind Cost
      • Destroyer Energy Attack:
        • Is Enabled
        • Damage multiplier
      • Destroyer Aura:
        • Is Enabled
        • Enabled only when using Turbo Mode (if disabled, then Destroyer aura is always on)
        • Ignore all weaker Projectile Entity Damages
        • List of damage source damages it can ignore
        • List of entity damages it can ignore
        • Ki Cost (flat, percentage)
        • Ignore Damage Multiplier (player’s melee damage multiplied by this must be stronger than the attacker in order to ignore it)
  • Form Mastery:
    • Current Form Mastery Level is shown in the Data Sheet GUI when hovering your cursor over the Current Form’s Name Text
    • Fused players have their Mastery Levels combined, but they can not gain Mastery Levels or Auto-unlock Skills
    • You gain Mastery Levels to the currently active Form(s) by:
      • Being in it
        • Around every 5 seconds
      • Dealing Damage
      • Taking Damage
      • Firing Ki Attacks
    • You gain less and less mastery levels as you level them up
    • Mind Attribute affects mastery gain
    • Commands:
      • “/jrmcformmastery”
        • Requires OP
        • Add to or Set a Form Mastery’s level value
        • Press TAB to autofill the command
        • “/jrmcformmastery [playerName] (Add/Set) (formName or nonRacialFormID) (Amount)”
          • Non-Racial Form IDs are in the same order as listed down below on the “List of Skill and Form Names and IDs” list ‘s “Form IDs” list
            • For example for Humans: Base = 0, Full = 1, Buffed = 2, God = 3
        • Examples:
          • “/jrmcformmastery @p add base 10”
          • “/jrmcformmastery @p set 0 10”
          • “/jrmcformmastery @p set ss2 55”
          • “/jrmcformmastery @p add kaioken -5”
      • “/jrmcformmasterycheck”
        • Get a player’s Form Mastery levels
        • Example: “/jrmcformmasterycheck @p”
    • Mastery Levels change the Power and Efficiency of Forms, such as:
      • Form Power/Damage
      • Form Ki Costs
      • Arcosian Power Points Ki Cost
      • Kaioken Health Cost
      • Kaioken Active Strain Timer
      • Kaioken Temporary Strain Timer
      • Ultra Instinct Heat Gain
      • Ultra Instinct Pain Timer
      • Ultra Instinct Health Requirement
      • Mystic Form Level Loss Timer
      • God of Destruction – Destroyer Aura Ki Cost
      • Saiyan God Ritual Strain Timer
    • Configs:
      • (Each race has a unique config file, which contains each form’s mastery configs)
      • Main Configs:
        • Has a unique config file (minecraft/config/jingames/dbc/forms/form_mastery_main.cfg)
        • Enabled
      • Config for each form:
        • Has a unique config file (minecraft/config/jingames/dbc/races/RACE_NAME/form_mastery.cfg)
        • Max Mastery Level
        • Instant Transformation Unlock Level
          • Values below 0 completely disable it for the Form
        • Auto Learn on Level:
          • Makes players automatically learn skills or racial skills by reaching a specific Mastery Level
          • Example:
            • (FormName,LearnedLevel,RequiredMastery)
            • (FormName1,LearnedLevel1,RequiredMastery1;FormName2,LearnedLevel2,RequiredMastery2…)
            • Racial,1,10;Racial,2,20;KK,1,10
              • Use “Racial” to auto-unlock a Racial Form Level
                OR use any Skill ID (from list below) to be auto-unlocked
            • The player automatically will learn:
              • Their Racial Skill Level 1 at Mastery Level 10
              • Their Racial Skill Level 2 at Mastery Level 20
              • Kaioken Skill Level 1 at Mastery Level 10
            • List of Skill and Form Names and IDs:
              • Skill IDs:
                • FZ, JP, DS, FL, EN, OC, KS, MD, KK, GF, OK, KP, KF, KB, DF, KI, UI, IT, GD
              • Skill Names (same order):
                • Fusion, Jump, Dash, Fly, Endurance, PotentialUnlock, KiSense, Meditation, Kaioken, GodForm, OldKaiUnlock, KiProtection, KiFist, KiBoost, DefensePenetration, KiInfuse, UltraInstinct, InstantTransmission, GodOfDestruction
              • Form IDs:
                • Human:
                  • Base, Full, Buffed, God
                • Saiyans:
                  • Base, SS, SSG2, SSG3, SSFullPow, SS2, SS3, Oozaru, Golden, SSGod, SSB, SSGodR, LSS, LSS2, SS4, SSBE
                    • (LSS and LSS2 were both removed many Years ago and do not work, but their names are still on the List)
                • Namekians:
                  • Base, Full, Giant, God
                • Arcosians:
                  • Form0, Form1, Form2, Form3, Base, Form5, Ultimate, God
                • Majins:
                  • Base, Evil, Full, Pure, God
        • Required Masteries:
          • Set multiple Form Mastery requirements which are needed to unlock a Form
          • Example:
            • (FormName,MasteryLevelGain)
            • (FormName1,MasteryLevelGain1;FormName2,MasteryLevelGain2…)
            • Base,5.0;SS2,12
              • Use Form IDs from “List of Skill and Form Names and IDs” list above
            • The player will only be able to transform if:
              • They have Mastery Level 5 in Base Form
              • They have Mastery Level 12 in Super Saiyan 2 Form
        • Add Gains to Other Masteries:
          • If a form gains Mastery Levels, then give Mastery Levels to these other Forms as well
          • Example:
            • Mastery Level Gain = 15
            • (FormName,MasteryLevelGain)
            • (FormName1,MasteryLevelGain1;FormName2,MasteryLevelGain2…)
            • Base,1.0;SS2,2;SS2,0.5
              • Use Form IDs from “List of Skill and Form Names and IDs” list above
            • Result:
              • Current Form Mastery Level + 15
              • Base Form Mastery Level + 15
              • Super Saiyan Form Mastery Level + 30
              • Super Saiyan 2 Form Mastery Level + 7.5
        • Damage/Attribute Multiplier (Flat, Per Level, Max)
        • Mastery Level Gains:
          • Gain Multiplier Divider Plus:
            • Mastery Gains are Divided by this value to make them gain less and less points as they reach a higher and higher Mastery level
            • Formula: Gain Result = ((Current Mastery Level / (Current Mastery Level + Gain Multi Divider Plus)) * Gain)
            • Example:
              • Gain Multi Divider Plus = 100
              • Current Mastery Level = 200
              • Level Gain = 3
              • Gain Result = 3 – ((200 / (200 + 100)) * 3) = 3 – ((200 / 300) * 3) = 3 – (0,67 * 3) = 3 – 2 = 1 Level Gain instead of 3
          • The MIND attribute can affect the Gained Mastery Levels
          • Gain Types:
            • Gain Level on Update (Flat, Mind Flat, Mind Per Level, Mind Max):
              • While you are in a Form you gain a Flat amount of Mastery Levels.
            • Gain Level on Attack (Flat, Mind Flat, Mind Per Level, Mind Max)
              • When Attacking in a Form you gain a Flat amount of Mastery Levels.
            • Gain Level on Damage Taken (Flat, Mind Flat, Mind Per Level, Mind Max)
              • When Taking Damage in a Form you gain a Flat amount of Mastery Levels.
            • Gain Level on Fire Ki (Flat, Mind Flat, Mind Per Level, Mind Max)
              • When Firing Ki Attacks in a Form you gain a Flat amount of Mastery Levels.
        • Cost and Timer Multipliers (Flat, Per Level, Min OR Max):
          • (The “MinOrMax” value depends on the “PerLevel” value. If “PerLevel” is below 0, then MinOrMax will be a Minimum value, otherwise Maximum)
          • Ki Cost Multiplier
          • Arcosian Power Point Ki Cost Multiplier
          • Kaioken Health Cost Multiplier
          • Kaioken Active Strain Timer Multiplier
          • Kaioken Temporary Strain Timer Multiplier
          • Ultra Instinct Heat Gain Multiplier
          • Ultra Instinct Pain Timer Multiplier
          • Ultra Instinct Health Requirement Multiplier
          • Mystic Form Level Loss Timer Multiplier
          • God of Destruction – Destroyer Aura Ki Cost Multiplier
          • Saiyan God Ritual Strain Timer Multiplier
          • Saiyan God Ritual Form Timer Multiplier
  • Ultra Instinct Config:
    • Attribute Multipliers per Race for each Level
  • New unique aura sound for Ultra Instinct
  • Added more !??!? ?!!?? ?!???



  • Minor changes to DBC Ai
  • Config:
    • “Other Enabled Instant Transformation Skills and Forms” Config now includes the God of Destruction Form
    • “Status Effect – Legendary – Boosted Transformations” Config now includes the Majin Forms


JRMCore C Version 1.3.46:


  • Compatibility with the new JBRA/DBC update (Build 1.128)
  • 22 new selectable fixed colors for Ki Attacks
  • Config:
    • Attribute Upgrade Cost (UC):
      • Start Minus
        • Divides the Attribute cost by this value. If the value is below the Minimum Value, then it uses the Minimum instead
        • The bigger the number is the later the Attribute Upgrade Cost will start to increase when Attributes are Leveled up
        • (This division calculation was always in the mod with the default value of 140)
      • Minimum Value
        • (If the Attribute Upgrade Cost is 0 then Upgrade is disabled)
      • Attribute Multiplier per Attribute
        • (Before this update this 0.75 multiplier did not exist, so if you want to use the original Attribute Upgrade Cost you have to change the values to 1 from the default 0.75)
    • SafeZone Entity Whitelist
      • This will overwrite the SafeZone Blacklist Config
      • By default this list contains the new Instant Transmission Target Finding Entity to make Teleportation possible in Safe Zones
  • Action Menu Options (opened by holding X):
    • Instant Transmission Short Range Location
    • Instant Transmission Surround Mode
    • God of Destruction Transformation On
  • Client Settings:
    • Instant Transmission First Person Animation Enabled
    • Instant Transmission Particles Enabled



  • DBC Missions:
    • (Old Mission files must first be deleted to use the new ones)
    • TP Rewards were raised
    • Other minor changes for item rewards, etc
  • Configs:
    • (Old Config files must first be deleted to use the new ones)
    • Many configs had their default value changed
    • Skill and Racial Skill Configs:
      • TP Minimum Value Costs From 1 to -1
        • (-1 = Skill Leveling Disabled)
      • Mind Minimum Value Costs From 1 to 0
      • TP and Mind Max Value From 1 Billion to 2 Billion
      • Config Descriptions now contain their minimum and maximum value range
    • Race Config files were renamed and moved:
      • Their name is main.cfg
      • They are all now inside a folder which is the Race’s name (ex.: minecraft/config/jingames/dbc/races/arcosian)
    • Saiyan and Half Saiyan stats were separated:
      • Half-Saiyans will use their own configs instead of the Pure-Blooded Saiyans’ for:
        • Power/Damage Multipliers
        • Mystic Power/Damage Multipliers
      • Configs that were separated:
        • JRMCore Config “Racial Skill Saiyan and Half-Saiyan – Damage multiplier”
        • JRMCore Config “Racial Skill Saiyan and Half-Saiyan – Ki Regeneration multipliers”
    • Min and Max Values:
      • “Status Effect – Majin” Max value From 40 to 100000
      • “Status Effect – Legendary – Transformation Boost” Max value From 100 to 100000
      • “Core System – Attribute Cost mulipier” Min value From 0.001 to 0
  • Removed Minecraft Shadow from DBC Explosions and Energy Attacks
  • Character Resetting now also shows Form Mastery NBT values when someone loses their Masteries
  • Command “jrmcrei” now has:
    • TAB Auto-completion help for booleans
    • KeepFormMasteriesBoolean value
      • true = Keep all
      • false = Lose all
  • Command “jrmc” now works in command blocks
  • Data sheet GUI button Supporter’s site Replaced by Official DBC Server’s site
  • Increased Family C Player Data update timer from 10 ticks to 100 ticks



  • Command “jrmcrei” command usage help text was the same as for the “jrmcse” command


Stay Safe Gamers!

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8 Responses to MOD UPDATE: Majin Race, God of Destruction, Instant Transmission, Form Mastery – 22w50

  1. Zero says:

    The mod is crashing 🙁

  2. Gamefan says:

    For some reason, when i select the “Majin” race, it makes Minecraft crash (probably also in Multiplayer Worlds or Servers, but i haven’t tested that out yet). I couldn’t test it out, since there also was’t any Curseforge JRMCore file, which means i can’t play the newest update with my friend using Aternos (a Minecraft Server Hosting Service). I tried uploading the JRMCore file to Curseforge for a short time and delete it right after, but i can’t, since a project called “jrmc moi” had a duplicate file. Hope this gets patched soon!

    • Gamefan says:

      An update to my previous comment, it seems that the file is on Curseforge and i’m finally able to play using it on the server. I’m thankful this changed, since the problem may have been that the file took a bit of time to load.

  3. Veoxyz says:

    Hey, if I may ask, what will happen to the mod? And if I may ask this too, what kind of projects?
    Please stay safe.

  4. Veoxyz says:

    Happy New Year!!!

    Not sure if this is known, but everytime I wanna progress the story after defeating Mecha Frieza and King Cold, the game crashes with “A fatal error has occured, this connection is terminated” (Singleplayer World)

  5. kev_spyro says:

    Hey there! it’s been a while since i last played the mod. I always wanted to play it more but never got around to it. Now i finally was able to return to it and started getting my own configs on it running but noticed something when i started a new world:
    when you set the starting attributes to 1 then for some reason it says that the stats are already maxed out and i can’t upgrade it anymore. Though i really would like to start with the lowest stats possible to work myself up, but because of this bug i can’t do that. Could you look into that please?

  6. RedosTheRed says:

    What about HAKAI (destruction attack)?

    or maybe like a kind of kill command for the God of destruction.
    that he can only usevery rarly.
    -Maybe AOE
    -Maybe command style
    -Or maybe a energie attak that /kills someone

    something like that

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