MOD UPDATE: Hot Fix – 20w29

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20w29 – Hot Fix Update 1


BUILD 1.111

Dragon Block C Version 1.4.70:


  • Katchin block can be crafted back to shards


Have fun!

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12 Responses to MOD UPDATE: Hot Fix – 20w29

  1. Epsolon says:

    Thank you for the update

  2. Zero says:

    Thanks for the update. But I was wondering could arco’s get the buff form? Freiza did say it was a form in super and it would be nice to have a form before super evolution. Also for ultimate evolution could be other freiza golden form or cooler 5th form golden? Me, I love coolers golden form.

  3. Broku6 says:

    It was a good update, but the nerf to the self-explosion technique made it utterly useless, now that it stops when your HP hits 0… that just means you do your own HP’s worth of damage to your opponent, meaning you pretty much lose the fight with that nomatter what unless you have way more HP than them (typically meaning you’re stronger, and you’d have 0 reason to blow yourself up in the first place), when it should be a technique to be able to take out stronger opponents. I wish this change was at least toggle-able in the config

  4. just says:

    Thank you for the update! hope youre doing well. Any plans on updating sao mod?

  5. WindowCreep says:

    Are you looking to do a timechamber rework in the future? I enjoyed the concept of gaining extra tp in there originally I think it would be a good idea to make it so on king kais planet and the time chamber there would be new training modes alongside shadow dummy and concentration

    • Yes and no. I plan to rework the training methods itself one day, but that isn’t limited to the time chamber.
      There is also a possibility that if I rework training then I might add a unique feature for the chamber and gravity devices.

  6. KIddes123 says:

    I hope your doing well during these times can you please add instant transmission

  7. ReuMOO says:

    Hey Ben, I’ve been inspired by your work to try to make my own mod for minecraft. I thinking about using the java developer kit, eclipse IDE and pinta from what I’ve read on the internet, what sorta stuff did you use to make your mods?

  8. Gohan711 says:

    Hello Ben!
    You’ve been adding a lot of config options lately and I’m extremely thankful! But I was hoping we could get a few more that are severely lacking!

    Could you please add the power modifier Config for Mystic/Old Kai Ritual?
    I’ll also appreciate a bigger limit for Legendary status boost, it says the limit is 100 but after some experimenting the limit is more like 295
    Furthermore, please, please give us some details on how Arcosian’s Power Points work? It seems to be multiplicative instead of additive. But we can’t exactly tell. Would also greatly appreciate If there was an option to toggle on/off the use of Power Points for when 100%, I can’t use 100% above my 3rd Form without accidentally consuming power points.


    P.S. Namekians should have a Body Regen Skill that consumes Ki.

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