Mod Update: DBC and Naruto update – 19w52

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

I’ve decided to split my Naruto update plan into multiple segments so that you won’t have to wait too long for it to come out. Now I may have added a bit too much for DBC considering that I’ve wanted to make it a Naruto update, but the content added to DBC took far less time so I just wanted to give more you all more content. I hope you enjoy!

IMPORTANT NOTE: JRMCore Version 1.3.23 will crash if you upgrade then downgrade to any other version after it. It is caused by the client sided options/Ben’s config. To fix this crash all you need to do is delete/rename your Ben’s config file that can be found in your minecraft/config folder called “BensConfig_JRMCore.cfg”.


JBRA release version 1.6.39:

  • CHANGED: Rewritten Vanity item model renders.
  • CHANGED: Now there is a specific armor id for Vanity items, that will make it hide the player hair when worn rather than asking for a fix few Vanity items.


Family C version 1.2.17:

  • FIXED: A crash when mod failed to find a player while updating.


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JRMCore release version 1.3.24:

  • CHANGED Texture for Enderman Sweater Damaged to an actually damaged one.
  • FIXED: First DBC colorable Shirt had “Creeper Sweater” as name by changing the Creeper and Enderman Sweaters names
  • ADD Vanity Santa full clothing set as a Christmas update bonus.
    • Has crafting recipe.
  • ADDED Blocks
    • 5 Blocks with unique patterns
      • Each has 16 color variants that you can use.
      • Each color variation has a stars, slab, and fence to it.
      • They can not be crafted.
  • ADDED Particles for Explosions used in DBC and Naruto C.
  • CHANGED Texture for:
    • Status effect green up, and red up arrow, and red X
  • FIXED: When using Chakra as power, in client settings it wouldn’t render and position your chakra bar properly.
  • OTHER FIXES to a few random client sided crashes, and hacks.
  • FIXED: The Health and Stamina/Action bar’s red outline shows your minecraft health again.
  • ADDED to Vanity Items description that they can be colored using dye surrounding them.
  • ADDED: To Help Menu:
    • In Basic keys Guide: Spacepod key to turn it on (pick block/mouse 3 middle button)
    • When entering Guides it will now give you a list of all of their titles.
    • Colorable Tieless Belt, Colorable Wide Tieless Belt, Santa set, Konohamaru’s Scarf and Naruto’s Goggles recipe
    • CHANGED Colorable Tied Belt’s recipe
    • CHANGED the inventory image to the current one with 8 vanity slots
    • To recipes that you can color “colorable” vanity items by surrounding them with dye
  • Client settings and Ben’s config:
    • FIXED: Upgrading and downgrading Ben’s config can cause crashes. Starting from this version that should not happen anymore.
    • ADDED: The lock on style image is visible on screen
    • FIXED: Ki bar now shows properly without needing to save
    • ADDED: Naruto Fireball Particles ON/OFF
    • ADDED: Explosion Particles ON/OFF
    • ADDED: God particles ON/OFF Now also affects the new Ultra instinct particles
    • ADDED: Rotated Health bar ON/OFF (Known error: It doesn’t rotate in the client settings preview)
    • ADDED: Percentage/normal Health bar level switch


Dragon Block C release version 1.4.64:

  • CHANGED textures for:
    • Katana
    • Brave sword
    • Z Sword
    • Small club Item
    • Cooked dino meat Item
    • Flying nimbus Item
    • Black flying nimbus Item
    • Katchin shard Item
    • Ki Sense
    • Namek House Stone/Basic Wall Stone Block
    • Space Pod Entity and Item, and GUI
  • FIXED: In second third person view Ki sense wasn’t rotating properly with players camera.
  • FIXED: A rare random crash when the Namek sapling failed to return it’s icon.
  • Remade God Particles:
    • Now they use a custom image, and system rather than the basic minecraft particles
    • They turn a bit transparent in first person
  • CHANGED Stone/Rock Particles:
    • Rotate while flying, and also a few of them fly away from the player.
    • Spawn while player charges, or transforms. 
  • ADDED: New custom particles:
    • Ultra instinct (Omen) particles
    • Besides Dust particles, every other one rotates while moving.
    • All particles vanish in and out rather than pooping in and out of existence.
    • Grass particles will spawn when charging, or transforming above a block that has “grass” in its name.
      • Many of the particles fly away from player
    • Dust particles will spawn when charging, in turbo mode, or transforming.
      • The closer you are to the ground, the more dust particles will spawn.
      • Get smaller as they go away from player
      • Sneaking makes them spawn a bit more higher
  • ADDED Clothing:
    • Xeno Goku set
  • ADDED: Dino 2, and 3 now have tail wagging animation
    • Red Ribbon Mecha Robot 1 – has 3 types
      • Has a unique 3D model
      • They spawn in Dirty stone, Plains, and Extreme Hills, Taiga, Taiga hills, Ice plains biomes
      • It has 3 types of variants which all have different textures, power, health, and size.
      • They can be summoned with the command “/dbcspawn RRMecha1”
    • Sabertooth
      • Has a unique 3D model
      • They spawn in Dirty stone, Plains, Forest, and Birch Forest biomes
      • They can be summoned with the command “/dbcspawn Sabertooth”
    • Dino 1 model changed
  • CHANGED: Sounds:
    • Lowered the punching, and jumping sound a bit
  • ADDED: Jin now has god particles spawning around him
  • CHANGED: God Form and Ultra instinct (Omen) are now taught by Jin instead of Kaio
  • CHANGED: Kaioken in pain now damages the player greatly
  • ADDED: When using Mystic and Ultra instinct at the same time, the player loses his life and both forms.
  • CHANGED: Vanity item Belt with Knot’s name to Colorable Tied belt, and had its recipe changed as well.
  • ADDED Vanity Item:
    • Colorable  Tieless Belt
    • Colorable  Wide Tieless Belt
    • Android 21 clothing set
      • Coat, Chest, Arm, Leg, Boots


Naruto C version 0.7.11:

  • CHANGED Jutsus:
    • Rasengan and Chidori
      • New 3D Model
      • Spawn around the player hand
      • Player can use them by running in to an entity while holding it
      • They increase in size while holding them until reaching their max.
      • When hitting an entity create an “explosion” that looks like the jutsu.
      • Rasengan pushes away hit entity
      • Switched Rasengan Sound when charging.
    • Fireball Jutsu
      • New 3D Model
      • Creates particle effects while flying
      • Gains more damage, and speed when upgrading fire affinity
      • Very slow while flying, but this will most likely be increased in the future
  • ADDED: Naruto C now has its own icon textures rather than using DBC ones. (8 gates, chakra charge, chakra turbo)
  • ADDED Jutsus:
    • Earth Wall  & Mud Wall
      • They can only be spawned above a block that isn’t air
      • Both act as shields against Jutsus and ninja tools, and you can not go through them.
      • Earth wall is weaker than Mud wall, but costs less.
      • Their health is more when upgrading earth affinity
      • They will vanish after a while
      • (Note: Maybe in the future these will become 1 Jutsu in the future, but will have multiple stages)
    • Water Pistol
      • It’s a faster, but weaker than other Jutsus.
  • ADDED Vanity item:
    • Konohamaru Scarf
    • Naruto’s old Goggles
  • ADDED: Kunai, Shuriken, and Giant Shuriken now have a proper 3D model. (Both as item, and when throwing)
  • ADDED: Shurikens spin while in air
  • CHANGED: Chakra Turbo mode sound. Removed the first small part to make it less loud.
  • ADDED A second Zabuza mob. He drops his sword on death.
  • Story Mode Changed:
    • The seconds Zabuza fight is replaced with the new one.
  • ADDED Weapon:
    • Kubikiribocho – Zabuza’s sword
      • Has a 3D model and is dropped by Zabuza.
      • Doesn’t take damage/lose durability when hitting entities
  • ADDED Armor: 2 full sets of Zabusa’s clothing
  • ADDED: Ninja Katana now has a 3D model (from DBC)
  • ADDED: Shurikens, Kunais, paper bombs all bounce away from earth and mud walls
  • FIXED: Shuriken Throwing sound effect had a click sound at the end
  • FIXED: When sitting in a bar seat, it created a while box that will only vanish if you exit and relog in to the world.
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11 Responses to Mod Update: DBC and Naruto update – 19w52

  1. Brandon E says:

    Amazing update ben! I love the new quality and effects everything has and the new mobs.

  2. Артём says:

    I can not start the world in minecraft with this mod game flies.
    And what to rename Configuration Ben.

  3. Ridux says:

    Great update! I love the new dino look.

  4. dude says:

    sweet updates, this is looking really good :3 keep it up ben and take care.

  5. KhrinaleBC says:

    a bug i found is that i can’t use ultra instinct but other than that you are doing a excellent job ben

  6. KhrinaleBC says:

    you are doing an excellent job ben

  7. Brandon E says:

    could it be possible to remove eyebrows for super saiyan 3 in another update of dragon block c?

  8. Clausito says:

    Nice work dude you’re a speed demon with these updates!!!

    Naruto is looking really good, your ideas for it are awesome please don’t forget about it!

    I think Naruto C has huge potential with you, it can bring in a ton of fans, donations, attention, etc.

    Maybe hire people to help with some stuff you could get so much further, these mods are so good they’re essentially a standalone game at this point

  9. EkxhoDarK says:

    Great job!! You are incredible!!! The mod looks astonishing

    Maybe, if i could give my opinion, the only thing i’d change is the legendary state, the rest is perfect !
    I’d focus it as an alternative series of transformations, especially for the saiyan (and half saiyan) race, and not as a color change only.
    For example, i’d put the following (remember, this is only my opinion):
    – Restricted SSJ
    – SSJ (accesible too, remember the Return of the Legendary Warrior movie)
    – LSSJ (the form seen in the original 1993 movie)
    – LSSJ3
    – LSSJ4
    – LSSGSSJ (Broly God, like in “Broly 4D”)

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