MOD UPDATE: Bug Fixes, Minor Additions and Changes – 21w51

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Hello everyone!

Make sure to always backup your world before upgrading to a newer version!
And this is an early build with core code changes, so the mods could be unstable.

Now it has been a long time since the last update, so let us get into it.

Why this update took so long:
I was simply not working on mods. I’ve spent most of my time developing a Game which I have mentioned in the past before. I have been mainly working on the Rendering Framework for it which is boring for most people, but essential to the project, so there isn’t really anything yet which I could show and tease about it yet, but since that already took so many months I have decided to put that project on hold again and get back to Modding.

Also, an after note:
I have posted some Polls on Patreon in the past, so as the result of the Next DBC Saga Vote we have been working on the first Dragon Ball series.
Many characters have been added from it, but the story mode will wait for a while, because I would need to re-balance the entire DBZ, and Super Story mode as well every time I update it, and I don’t want to postpone the update because of that.


BUILD 1.116

Mod Updates:

  1. JBRA Version 1.6.48
  2. Dragon Block C Version 1.4.74
  3. JRMCore C Version 1.3.35
  4. Naruto C Version 0.7.16


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JBRA Version 1.6.48:


  • Compatibility with the new JRMCore update


Dragon Block C Version 1.4.74:


  • Item:
    • Big Dino Meat (Raw and Cooked)
  • Mobs:
    • List:
      • DBS Broly Movie:
        • Broly Normal (4 variations), Broly Buff, Broly Buff SSJ, Broly Legendary
        • Paragus (2 variations), Cheelai (2 variations), Lemo
      • DB Fortuneteller Baba:
        • Fortuneteller Baba, Bandages The Mummy, Fangs The Vampire, Spike The Devil, Grandpa Gohan (2 variations)
      • DB King Piccolo:
        • Cymbal, Drum, King Piccolo (Old and Young), Piano, Tambourine
      • Other Dragon Ball:
        • Master Roshi (2 variations), Master Roshi Full Power
        • Bear Thief, Tiger Bandit
        • Puar, Yamcha (5 variations)
        • Launch (Good and Bad)
        • Ninja Murasaki
      • DB Pilaf:
        • Mai, Mai Mecha, Pilaf, Pilaf Mecha, Pilaf Mecha Combined, Shu, Shu Mecha
      • DB Tournament:
        • Jackie Chun (2 variations), Jackie Chun Full Power
        • Bacterian, Giran, Nam, Tournament Announcer, King Chappa, ManWolf, Pamput
        • Master Shen, Tien Shinhan (3 variations)
      • DB Red Ribbon:
        • Android 8, Buyon, Mercenary Tao
        • Colonel Silver, Colonel Violet, Commander Red, General Blue (2 variations), General White (2 variations)
        • Major Metallitron (3 damage level variations)
        • Red Ribbon Soldier (6 variations)
    • Red Ribbon Soldiers and mechs can fire long distance Rifles and Bazookas depending on the type
  • Configs (Damage, Health and Spawn Rate):
    • Bear Thief, Tiger Bandit, Red Ribbon Major Metallitron, Red Ribbon Soldiers
      • (Even with spawn rates set to 1 they can still sadly spawn a lot of them, so be sure to set the config to 0 if you don’t want that to happen)



  • Compatibility with the new JRMCore update
  • Enemies shoot Ki Attacks more often depending on the distance between them and their target
  • Red Ribbon mech and soldier projectile damage are now 50% of their damage config
  • Enemies (currently only legendary ssj broly) can shoot a new ki barrage type attack where they quickly spam all of them at once
  • Textures:
    • Namek Grass Block
    • Time Chamber Door Block
  • Pressing the Fly Key on the ground will now Lift you up a bit like jumping and turns on Flight mode
  • Changed some of the Base Values for Dino Damage and Health Configs
  • Big Dino hitbox was scaled a bit
  • Big Dinos Drop the new Big Dino meat



  • Mobs didn’t teleport towards the player when they are close if you move away from them once for too long


JRMCore C Version 1.3.35:


  • Configs:
    • Render Building Blocks as Normal Block On
      • Creative Building Blocks will be rendered as a Normal block when enabled, so they will generate shadows and could potentially create lag, but players can place down non solid blocks on them such as redstone, and levers.
    • Food Healing:
      • Can use healing items while KOd On/Off
      • Can use Senzus while KOd On/Off
      • Global Food Healing Health, Energy multiplier
      • Unique Food Healing Health, Energy multiplier
        • A list of Food items
        • Each line must contain: (ItemUnlocalizedName) (HealthHeal) (EnergyHeal)
        • Example: item.ItemDinoMeatCooked 1.5 1.5
    • Naruto C Explosion Tags:
      • Vanish after x Minecraft Ticks
      • Explode when vanishing after x Minecraft Ticks On
      • Entity Detection Range Multiplier
      • Explosion Size Multiplier
  • Skill Cost config (including Racial and Clan Skills):
    • (“…/minecraft/config/jingames/jrmc/skill_costs.cfg”)
    • Global Skill TP Cost and Mind Requirement Multiplier
    • Global Skill TP Cost and Mind Requirement Multiplier for the first Level
    • Global Skill TP Cost and Mind Requirement Multiplied with skill level On/Off
  • MiniGame Air boxing:
    • Keyboard button pressing game while a Shadow warrior is punching/kicking and transforming depending on what key you hit.
    • Using the Player movement keys (WASD by default) you have to click the one shown on the Key Track.
    • Each successful hit gives you points to your score, and increases your combo.
    • Missing or failing to hit a key will take away 2 or your 40 lives and resets your combo. Reaching 0 lives ends the game.
    • Daily TP reward limit is the same as with the Concentration MiniGame.
    • Has a unique config file (“…/minecraft/config/jingames/jrmc/minigames/airboxing.cfg”)
    • 4 Configurable Challenge Modes
      • Key Track’s color changes depending on the current Mode
  • MiniGame Concentration Configs:
    • Energy Sounds when hitting a Ball
    • Energy Random Movement
    • Constant Click On
      • If this is set to ‘true’ then you can hold and move your cursor to hit Energy Balls in the minigame (this naturally also includes bad ones as well)
  • Client Settings:
    • Render Distance for: Particles, Barrier Blocks, DBC Auras, and Ki Charge Effect
    • A few client settings were added to disable certain bits of the MiniGames such as animated texture, and the 3D shadow boxer. (Under the User Interface Category)
    • Turn On/Off the new Ki Attack charge percentage text
    • Help System Tips and Error Notifications On/Off
  • Notification System:
    • Send Notifications to players via command.
    • Command:
      • Title
      • Description
      • Category
        • Info, Error, Server, Tutorial, Other
      • Icon ID
      • Render Location ID
        • From 0 to 8
        • Decides where the Notification Ping will be drawn on the Player’s screen
      • Icon Decimal Color
      • Examples:
        • /jrmcnotification @p {Title;Description;Info;0;0;16777215}
        • /jrmcnotification sendtoall {Title;Description;Info;0;0;16777215}
        • /jrmcnotification sendtodimension:0 {Welcome to our Server!;Hello Hello!\nWelcome!;Info;0;0;15023872}
        • /jrmcnotification sendtoallaround:0;50;50;50;5 {Title;Description;Info;0;0;0}
    • On Screen Pings containing the Title and icon of the notification
    • Has a User Interface to manage them
      • Press V and then click on the Notifications icon on the left side
    • You can remove any or all notifications
    • Block Categories to never receive any notifications from commands and the mod
    • Mute Categories to not receive an on screen Ping
    • Category states (Normal, Muted, Blocked) are saved in a config file
  • Help System:
    • Gives tips and errors messages to the player with the new Notification System
      • This only contains a few tips and errors for now, which will be improved in the future
    • Can be turned off in the Client Settings User Interface Menu



  • Skill Cost configs (including Racial and Clan Skills):
    • Moved to new configs files:
      • New Core Configs: (“…/minecraft/config/jingames/jrmc/skill_costs.cfg”)
      • DBC: (“…/minecraft/config/jingames/dbc/skill_costs.cfg”)
      • NC: (“…/minecraft/config/jingames/nc/skill_costs.cfg”)
    • Mind Requirement was changed to be fixed values like TP Cost
    • Mind and TP cost no longer scales with Max attribute Points
    • Removed Config: Skill Potential Unleashed – Purchase Modifier
    • Skill first level TP costs are no longer multiplied with 5 by default
  • If a Fusion participant leaves a server and re-joins then they won’t be forcefully Fused again
  • Flying Nimbuses and Space pods drop Players if they are knocked out
  • Reworked Concentration minigame slightly:
    • Textures slightly changed
    • Energy Balls randomly move around
    • You can now hold click to play rather than just click spamming
    • Texts were changed to make it stand out more
    • Received a new unique config file (“…/minecraft/config/jingames/jrmc/minigames/concentration.cfg”)
  • Commands jrmcse and jrmcracialskill now have “press tab to complete” options
  • Players can no longer look around while KOd
  • Naruto C/Chakra Powertype character’s size no longer scale with Power boosts such as Doujutsus
  • Client Ticks won’t update anymore if the Game is paused
  • Ki Attack Charge texts were slightly changed
  • Other Minor changes to the GUI User Interfaces
  • Changes to the code to hopefully make minor performance improves such as certain update code running less frequently



  • Arcosian Base Regeneration worked while using Ultra Instinct even if it was disabled
  • Minor color and text fixes for Family C chat messages
  • Rare crash with Ki and Jutsu waves when trying to lock certain Entities
  • Ultra Instinct:
    • Re-written transformation code, hopefully fixing most bugs related to it
    • Fixes to dodge system
  • Fusion:
    • Spectators could spawn Shadow Dummies
    • Other random minor bug fixes and improvements
    • Fused players will no longer be able to teleport with Whis


Naruto C Version 0.7.16:


  • Compatibility with the new JRMCore update
  • Chakra Turbo Mode Sound
  • Doujutsu:
    • Doujutsu On Sound effects
    • Sharingan and Byakugan skills get slightly more powerful when leveled up
    • Sharingan now has 3 different Tomoe pattern levels, all of which are unlocked every 3rd skill level (for now)
    • Both Doujutsus received a minor visual change when being activated, but mainly the Sharingan
  • Forms and Doujutsus won’t turn off by opening a GUI
  • Explosive Tags and Kunais:
    • They look a lot smaller
    • They become invisible shortly after being placed
    • The user can hold the specific weapon to highlight his traps for himself only
    • The user can no longer trigger the explosion for them, but they still take damage if something else does
  • Removed the Ki Blast Explosion Effect from Fire Explosions


Stay Safe Gamers!

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4 Responses to MOD UPDATE: Bug Fixes, Minor Additions and Changes – 21w51

  1. frankmax12 says:

    Great Update! The mobs were needed great work!

    Small note: add great ape vegeta.

  2. matobato says:

    my world keeps crashing i get in play for like a minute or two and it crashes

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