MOD UPDATE: Bug Fixes 20w17

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Hello everyone!

Important note: This update contains changes that will create bugs if you play an updated, then downgraded world! Be sure to always backup before updating!

It’s time for another Bug Fix update! Yay! Here are two small features added:

New Galick Gun charge animation effect:

Border Block:


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BUILD 1.108

Dragon Block C Version 1.4.68:


  • Command dbcspawn:
    • Now you can set the spawned entity’s damage as well


  • A crash with Aura Flying Trails if the player could not be found

JRMCore Version 1.3.29:


  • Border Block:
    • Works similar to Barrier Blocks. They can not be destroyed, and you can’t go through them, and you can only get them via creative mode or cheats.
    • They have an animated texture which is always visible, but if you hold the block in your hand then it will use a “locked” texture which isn’t animated.
  • Every Ki Attack that contains “Galic” in it’s name will create a new Galick Gun charge animation
  • Configs:
    • Ki attacks:
      • Disable any specific Attack Types
      • Set Damage, Speed, and Cost of each Attack Type
      • Ki Explosion Max Age Tick (the amount of time it is active after being fired)
    • Meditation Stamina Cost Multiplier
    • Ki Blade and Scythe Damage multiplier from Ki fist and Ki infuse skills separately
  • Custom HUD:
    • Vanilla minecraft health is actually added now (if player reaches 0 health, then his life bar will become will, but will have a red tint)
    • IF “color with aura” is enabled then it will use the Text Color for the bar, then combine the two in to a new single color


  • Kamehameha charge particles appear if a skill has “kamehame” in its name
  • Kamehameha and Spiritbomb charge particles are now using the skills color rather then a fix one
    • Small note: These particles spawn if the name of an attack name (including custom ones) contains
      • spiritbomb” – Spawns Spiritbomb particles
      • kahame” or “kamehame” – Spawns Kamehame particles
  • All new player properties from the last big update were combined into a single data giving back more compatibility with non-JinGames mods, but will cause crashes when downgrading them
  • Particle Spawn amount Client Setting can now be set to 0
  • All Attack’s charging particle textures were moved to Dragon Block C as “bens_particles_attack.png”
  • Final Explosion (Ki Explosion with Effect on) locks the user to the attack’s position
  • Ki Shields do not gain experience if hitting another Ki Shield or a Ki Explosion


  • Damage indicators didn’t rotate properly in the second third person view.
  • A Client Crash with Ki Charge animations that created particles if the user could not be found
  • JRMCore missions could not change the damage of entities below their set base amount (this change could cause issues with non JinGames entities)
  • Ki blade/scythe used the Spirit attribute instead of Will Power power in some parts of the formula
  • Naruto Jutsus were too fast if their affinity was leveled up
  • Final Explosion KO-d the user if Friendly Fist was enabled
  • Texts for Attack Types:
    • Barrage damage didn’t show the proper amount (because the skill type instant charges, but only to 50%)
    • Barrage cost was written as 5x as much then it should be, but was normal after creating it
    • Ki Shield “Damage” texts were switched to “Shield”
    • Ki Shield and Ki Explosion Shield/Damage was multiplied by 2 as the damage taken from attacks are divided by 2
    • Ki Explosion with Effect on has it’s damage multiplied by 3

JBRA Version 1.6.42:


  • Ki Blade’s size increases as you level up Ki Fist and Ki Infuse


  • Sharingan and Byakugan received a unique texture for each basic eye

Have fun!

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8 Responses to MOD UPDATE: Bug Fixes 20w17

  1. dude says:

    love the effects, they are supreme xD

    when will we get more naruto work done? we have enough for now on dragon block tbh. anyways good work keep it up and don’t push yaself take care ben <3

  2. frankmax12 says:

    Great update however the new galic gun animation only renders in 3rd person.

  3. frankmax12 says:

    Also iv noticed that in the config for ki damage multipliers there is a bug where attacks don’t multiply past 10.0

  4. kev_spyro says:

    okay, Ben, you are nuts with all your amazing updates i absolutely love what you’re doing with all features
    please don’t stop and only do as much as you can manage ^^

  5. could for the next update improve the merge to merge are the NPCs?

  6. frankmax12 says:

    Suggestion: rage boost a simple enough feature that would have a configurable power boost, this feature would work like a transformation except instead of having the ability to activate it you can only access it under certain condition like UI you must reach 50% health or less when this happens you will be able to overcharge your ki by double 200% but can only be maintained for a set time.

  7. Lucas Oscar says:

    Nice work Ben. Please remove eyebrows from ssj3 and add pupil to ssj3, ssj god and ultra instinct if it’s possible

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