MOD UPDATE: Bug Fix Release – 23w03

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Hello everyone!

IMPORTANT: Always backup your world before upgrading to a newer version!

The previous mod update contained a handful of Bugs so this release should fix them.
If this release still contains major bugs then I will consider creating a few Hotfixes, but no more than that. After all I have mostly quit Modding now.

To use the new Default Configs and Missions you will have to delete or rename your old Config and Mission files!
(Configs location: minecraft/config)
(Missions location: minecraft/saves/WORLD_NAME/data/missions)

Please let us know if you find anything in the new update that is not working correctly!


DOWNLOAD: Mod Update

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BUILD 1.129

Mod Updates:

  1. JRMCore C Version 1.3.47


JRMCore C Version 1.3.47:


  • Config:
    • Majin Absorption Multiplies Bonus Attribute Multipliers Enabled
      • Disabled by default
      • If Enabled then the Majin Absorption Attribute Multiplier will also multiply the Bonus Attributes you get such as Form Boosts (Evil 5.0 * Absorption 0.5 (+1) = 7.5) If Disabled then it will add to it (Evil 5.0 + Absorption 0.5 = 5.5).
      • Majin Evil Form Example:
        • Player Strength: 1000
        • Form Multiplier: 2.2
        • Form Mastery Multiplier: 2
        • Majin Absorption Multiplier: 0.5
        • Result:
          • Enabled:
            • Player Strength * Form Multiplier * (Form Mastery Multiplier * (1 + Majin Absorption Multiplier)) = 1000 * 2.2 * (2 * (1 + 0.5)) = 2200 * 3 = 6600
          • Disabled:
            • Player Strength * Form Multiplier * (Form Mastery Multiplier + Majin Absorption Multiplier) = 1000 * 2.2 * (2 + 0.5) = 2200 * 2.5 = 5500



  • Config:
    • Non Racial Form Mastery Default NBT value From “Base,0” To “Kaioken,0”
    • Form Mastery MaxLevel Default value From 100 To 50



  • DBC Main Mission File Generation was buggy
  • DBC Majin Absorption KOd Players if Friendly Fist was enabled
  • Config:
    • Air Boxing Mode 1 Speed was 0.9 instead of 0.09
    • Form Mastery “Add_Gains_To_Other_Masteries” ignored the Max level of Forms
    • If Form Mastery “Add_Gains_To_Other_Masteries” contained a Form Name that does not exist, then it gave its Gains to the First Racial Form instead
    • GUI Form Mastery Ultra Instinct Level showed the Base Form’s Mastery Level instead for Arcosians
    • Form Mastery “Instant_Transform_Unlock_Level” for Non Racial Forms used the value of your first Racial Forms, not their own
    • Form Mastery Ultra Intinct “Health_Requirement_Multi_Flat” was not used in the Server update when Checking Ultra Instinct Player Health Requirements
    • “Majin Pure Form Pink Skin Color Enabled” config set itself to the same value as the “Majin Absorption Enabled” config
  • Fixed many Form Mastery related bugs by giving each Race their own unique Form Mastery NBT String
    • If it detects a Player using the previous Form Mastery NBT then it converts it to the new one.
  • Form Mastery Fusion Crash
  • Form Mastery did not generate Both Racial and Non Racial Default Masteries when receiving points to any Form Mastery Level
  • Form Mastery Check Command showed Saiyan Non Functional/Removed Legendary Form Levels
  • Majin Pure Form Dexterity always had a smaller Multiplier than other Attributes
  • Arcosian Power Point (PP) Cost set your Current PP to the Cost rather than the remaining Points
  • During Damage Calculation Mystic Form & Kaioken had were reversed when checking if you are in one of the Forms
  • Rare KO eating crash
  • Instant Transmission Failed to cast due to Requiring Ki Sense Level x message showed the Level Requirement to use the Mode instead of the Ki Sense Level Requirement
  • Attribute Upgrade Costs (UC) between 0 and 1 would be considered 0, which sets the UC to 2 Billion


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Stay Safe Gamers!

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One Response to MOD UPDATE: Bug Fix Release – 23w03

  1. Thank you for so much effort and soul into this mod, Ben.
    I hope you find projects that you truly enjoy.

    I used to post on this site a lot more, and I’ve wished I was more thankful for the creators, so sincerely, thank you for helping it get to an amazing state, and giving the community more to play with.

    If I had a final config request, it’d be some way to tweak individual stats on forms
    (JRMC bonuses only applying when a specific form ID is active)
    e.g. SSJ2 having a custom +35% wil -20% dex
    while other forms are unaffected (SSJ3 at -15% wil +60% dex)

    I think the community can turn configs into magic, I’d love to see what they would do with it.

    Regardless, thank you for getting DBC where it stands today, mastery will definitely create a ton of new server reworks, I can’t wait to try Majin on DBZS once they update versions.

    Good luck, give yourself breaks from future projects, and keep your passions healthily rested.

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