MOD UPDATE: Bug Fix 20w18

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Hello everyone!

Here is a tiny update for Naruto C to make it compatible with the latest JRMCore.


BUILD 1.109

Naruto C Version 0.7.13:


  • JRMCore Build 1.108 (Version 1.3.29) Compatibility.

Have fun!

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10 Responses to MOD UPDATE: Bug Fix 20w18

  1. WeathershotMB says:

    When i want to join the Dragon block zero s official server it says your not white listed and i couldn’t play i knew what it meant so i waited hours and hours later i came back it still says i’m white listed can you please fix this.

  2. WeathershotMB says:

    Theres people in dragon block c zero s that keep making me banned i waited for 6 days and they keep getting me banned their name is tiny_BRuh and Mastermind please mke them stop i cant even play your game

  3. Roka says:

    Hey, I don’t know if this has been an issue for a while, since I’ve been off the mod for a few months (college), but is anyone else having an issue with their Dragon Radar not updating in real time? It can take upwards of 60 seconds for my dragon radar to update in the presence/absence of a dragon ball. Is this an issue for me exclusively, or a general problem?

  4. RainPhantom says:

    I was wondering what the progress on Naruto C was and how things are going with it. I really wish to see it thrive with content and players much like dragon block C

  5. lickutung34 says:

    is it possible that in the future both DBC and Naruto C can get updated to 1.12.2, would love to see how it would work with the combat system in that version

  6. KIddes123 says:

    Very Good im just waiting to see complete ultra instinct

  7. KIddes123 says:

    im also waiting to see fusion NPCs or Asking to Fuse with goku and vegeta and if you fuse with goku your gogeta and if you fuse with vegeta your vegeto

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