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Every key is configurable ^^
– Many things can be set in the config files too!

Basics keys

 Name Default Keys
Release Energy C
 Ascending – if you have available transformation G
 Descend – to go back to base form H
 Flight/Fly F
Turbo – it will give a little boost to some activities R
Scouter Function Key – switches the modes of your Scouter and KiSense skill modes if Scouter is not equipped F4
Attributes, Skills, Ki techniques screen and Char creator screen if new player V
Mission System screen L
Action Menu – to use Kaioken, change Transformation type X


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About Ki Techniques

Name Default Keys
To fire a technique  Ctrl+Right Click
Cycle through the ki attacks Middle Mouse(Pick block)
Cycle backward  Ctrl+Middle Mouse(Pick block)
They can be selected like items on your hotbar with either number  Ctrl+Corresponding Number
  or scrolling with mouse to cycle them through  Ctrl+Mouse Wheel


Further controls with 2nd Fn key (default “Ctrl”)

Name Default Keys
Decrease the Energy Release  Ctrl+C
Extra Slots – to equip weight items, bodysuits, scouters  Ctrl+E


Some Basic Features

Ki Techniques Ki Tech slots are separated in to 2 groups, custom ki attacks and pre-made ki attacks. Both groups have 4-4 slots to be placed.
Learn Ki Attacks You must learn them from Teachers like Master Roshi, Goku, Kami, Korin, Freeza, Cell
To deal high Melee Damage You need to have enough stamina to perform a high Melee Damage
Dragon Block Wishing Put 7 Dragon Blocks in H form on ground and right click the middle one to summon the Dragon
Spacepod travel After you entered the vehicle press middle click (pick block key), press on, press a number which represents where you want to go, finally press start.
Spacepod control Control the pod like a boat, jump key will fly up and Ctrl key will go down. If you exit the pod will fall to ground after a time


About Locations

Kami/God Location Can be found on X=75 Y=200 Z=65 coordinates
For Enma and Kaio You need to die to go to the Otherworld
To go to the Otherworld You must be in survival mode
Master NPC Locations Use the “/dbc location” command to check for their location, many must first be found to actually meet them
SafeZones Good main npcs like Kami, Enma, Kai and the new Roshi have a safe zone around them, and a warning message should appear if you enter or leave
SafeZone Limitations In the safe zones players wont be able to kill others, mine, place blocks or right click blocks except doors or blocks that are configured
Kame house with Master Roshi Will spawn in a large ocean biomes. In most case you can find it at the first Ocean biome but it can take more biomes to find it
Other Masters and buildings They will usually spawn in plains biomes


Some frequently used commands

Training Points /jrmctp (amount) [playerName]
Change Attributes /jrmca (Set or Add) (Attribute or All) (Amount or Max or Reset) [playerName]
Master NPC locations in XYZ coord “/dbc locations” or for short “/dbc loc”
Ki technique exp giving “/jrmctexp (slot) (amount) [playerName]” -> ‘slot’ can go from 1-4, ‘amount’ is max 10 000
 DBC building respawn “/dbcbuildings respawn”
 Main Saga reset “/jrmcm main 0”

To check their in-game description just type in the commands name for example “/jrmca”

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