• Optifine does cause issues but can be used by doing 2 extra things, 1) Install bspkrsCore. 2) rename optifine to have a 0 infront of the O e.g. OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_U_E7.jar would be renamed to 0OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_U_E7.jar

    thats what i did to fix it and havent had problems with optifine breaking my skin since hope this helps.

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  • Thank you for the fast response. I’ll try to read ahead more before making posts in the future, my bad.

  • Mystic/OldKaiUnlock multiplier for saiyans and half-saiyans to be values assigned in config

    changes to jinryuujrmcore.cfg:
    line 522: Saiyan 300
    line 523: Half-Saiyan 600

    expected behaviour after config changes:
    saiyan and half-saiyan mystic multipliers to be 3x and 6x respectively

    observed behaviour after config changes:
    saiyan and half-saiyan…[Read more]

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    Mystic Kaioken health drain unaffected by kaioken – sustainable super

    changes to jinryuujrmcore.cfg:
    line 324: B:”Kaioken – Sustainable Super”=true

    changes to jinryuudragonblockc.cfg:
    line 427: B:”Mystic Kaioken Enabled”=true

    expected behaviour after config changes:
    kaioken available when in mystic
    health drain to be same as with other…[Read more]

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