• It seems like potentially one of the most interesting changes in a while, allowing us to give special traits to users. I really want to understand it, but it isn’t even clear how to utilize it properly…

    Specifically, I want to understand what to put inside the “BonusName or ID” parameter.
    The value was used in the example of its usage on the…[Read more]

  • The mind requirement multiplier scales with the maximum attribute limit. I don’t really know why it’s like this, but it is.

    With the Attribute Limit at 500 (default) and Mind Multiplier is set to 1 (default), it will cost 5 Mind ingame)
    Likewise, if the Limit is 5000, the Mind Multiplier must be 0.1 to be 5.

  • Before I begin the forum, I think it’s important I give some sort of background/context. Please read through the whole thing before commenting.

    I have created many small DBC-based servers in the past for me and my friends, but recently I made an RP-based server that somehow managed to gather over 50 members (with at least 20 playing…[Read more]

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