• “Stolz
    admin of chaos forced my friend to become a namekian forever in order to stay on the server.”

    I never forced anyone to be something o.o

    “He also bans people for rumors and doesnt show any mercy. He banned me for a random person saying i advertised when i didnt.”

    Dude, I was online when you advertised your server and trash talked me…[Read more]

  • You sire, that’s just plain rude, I suppose you have been mistreated, but do not be decieved by justin, he was demoted from helper justified, but he still choose to keep going on about it for months now.

  • He got demoted a few months ago and he is still forious about it, and thinks it was unjustified

  • Firstly, Dup is an admin, and he didn’t train, nobody else trained just you, because I told them not to. Yeah helpers don’t have any commands for building, that doesn’t mean they can’t build, Donkey helped us building too and he was a helper too and he haven’t go on killing things what no one told him to do, it wasn’t even a problem. But you chose…[Read more]

  • So firstly Justin, everyone could help without training themselves except you, and when I told you that this won’t work, you got mad at me and turned to the others who told you the exact same thing, thus you got demoted and since then you hold grudges against me. Secondly, helpers never got those perms you are thinking about, like I said, they…[Read more]

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