• For context, I’ve decided mimicking Vegeta’s gravity chamber right below house, and knowing that accidents may happen, I’ve decided to use indestructible blocks (Mostly “Red Colored Stone 219:14”), so I’ve pretty much made the whole chamber with those blocks.

    Well, didn’t work as intended.


  • How exactly do Weights add to your training? Do they just make you weaker, thus increasing the amount of hits needed to defeat NPCs? Do they apply a TP Gain multiplier when being worn?
    If all they do is make you weaker, why not just decrease your Power Release? Or why even increase how much Weight you’re wearing?

    Alongside with Weights, are…[Read more]

  • One of my biggest achievements when playing DBC “canonically” (certain milestones can only be reached if canonically accurate, such as only obtaining Super Saiyan in Frieza Saga) has been finally crafting a Dragon Radar. Knowing that Dragon Balls would spawn around midday, nearly every time I realize the Sun is centered on the sky, I get my Radar…[Read more]

  • You can get the Meditation Skill from Kami-Sama, then save and close the game, find this line within “jinryuujrmcore.cfg” (obviously, open it with any text reader);
    # Server Sided! It can be either 'passive' or 'active'. If it is 'passive' upgrading this skill will increase the regen rate for Body, Energy and Stamina (Survival Oriented). If it is…[Read more]

  • KSHZ replied to the topic upgrade in the forum Suggestions and Ideas 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Because I’m a party pooper as well; most of those issues you mentioned are already in-game. You clearly haven’t played the Mod properly, or doesn’t know much about it.
    1. About the Scouter and Dragon Radar showing up as white, that is most likely a missing texture on your client/PC. You’d see way more people complaining about it if it were a…[Read more]

  • As the Wiki States, and as answer from my own experiment; the Dragon Radar does not target Dragon Blocks that are turned into stone. If you find one, you can hold your Radar and you’ll notice it won’t pop up there.

    In exactly one Year in-game (not sure if compatible with Jinryuu Years Mod, though it probably is), the Dragon Blocks will no longer…[Read more]

  • KSHZ replied to the topic Gaining TP in the forum Suggestions and Ideas 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    While that is a great idea, that would eventually make TP trivial. Why would you specifically farm Shadow Dummies in order to get enough TP to increase your Strength if you could just wear Weights, lower your Battle Power and get way more Strength from just punching?

    That doesn’t really sound that bad if you’re thinking just about Stats, but when…[Read more]

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