Large Status Info – 18w23-30

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Covering the past weeks on what I should have written.

I’m not sure why is it so hard to write frequently. T_T
Anyway in summary this post atm will only tell roughly
-why I didn’t post until now,
-what happened in the past weeks,
-what are the next plans.
And I’m really sorry but probably there is not much in value for the community in this post.
Basically what I write here is what I should have written the past weeks, in tiny Status Infos, so you guys know whats going on. I know.

Now a little blabla about myself.
I don’t know if I already posted about, or anyone knows it but I have kinda social phobia and mostly prefer to be alone or to be with only persons close to me. But I actively fight against this behavior thus stress builds up and things happen like this. Either for short time or like as it happened now.
It’s like I can’t keep fighting myself, I need a break and behave how I want to, but honestly I don’t know.
I never really looked into this thou, but I might have too.
Why the hack can’t I get used to talking to people in general, mainly through internet, I don’t know.
I guess I don’t felt posting mainly because problems piled up since May and couldn’t concentrate on the things I wanted to do.

So what happened since last post in June.
I continued experimenting with a new aura type for the upcoming UI without much success. I thought maybe after a little time I will get some good idea on making what I imagined, so I continued working on other things I wanted to.

Website backend updates changes no one cares about, I’m trying to optimize my codes when I can. This took approx a week.
Website GDPR stupidity which automatization is still incomplete, I also tried talking to a new accountant and a lawyer. Dev for this took closely a week.

I decided to continue working on some site projects which has been around for a time I just put them aside, like
the changelog, resource pack sharer, mission system uploader and creation helper, new download site, hd skin site revamping.
These would be the priority site projects.
I worked around 2 weeks on site projects, and I wanted to concentrate on changelog and the RP sharing one first. I thought those would be fast to make. Well since I experimented with trying to use a new site framework without success that took quite a few days as well. In the end they are still not finished, so I still will need at least a week per site for these. But since modding was kinda neglected, I will put it for next time I guess.

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Then I was looking into my android game project ,Dragon Artifact Arena. I last worked on it 2 years ago and well since then I haven’t touched it until now.
I also worked around a week on it and progressed a lot. I would say it needs a month plus a few weeks, and it could be in a playable state.
At least for a pre-alpha state that is. I want to try adding ads in it and thus hoping in fixing some financial issues.
I got some help from my brothers on this one, so after its done, it they could potentially update it regularly afterwards.
Probably I would get back some modding time with this too again.

I’ve started to actively work on a server network, which I might have mentioned already in a previous post. The main benefit of my server network will be obviously me making exclusive server and client sided mods.

After that there were a few days when me and my family were on the summer anime convention. This is mostly personal life so read this section further only if you are interested. I tried to make a cosplay for my gf but didn’t looked well so I resorted to only make a custom kimono for my gf. And in the end I didn’t have time for my own yet again 😛

Since the past week I’m mentoring my gf’s brother about modding and how he could help me in it. Luckily he can work on his own. I wonder when he will be able to actively help me out XD

And recently I’ve been looking into my trading card mod and creating an announcement vid?
Well it’s not in playable state just yet because it had to be postponed because of DBC dev and many other reasons.

Well in the end I couldn’t create the UI aura I wanted to. :/
So I will keep doing what I did with many “features for the first time”, creating a “temporary” version of the UI and its functions, and after some time (months or… years) I believe I will be able to create how I want it to be. But for now an over simplified version as usual will have to do it. Since I’m already being asked too often yet again. I would love to hear more about what I should fix or work on, rather then UI here, MUI there.

Also I received a big help in creating/converting DBC for a newer MC version not long ago, so I’m thinking on making a playable version for that too. Though it will have tons of missing features regardless, and will still take a couple of weeks to actually make it run, but it should work.

Now what is the active plan
DBC update should be on Monday or Tuesday and its main focus should be on:

  • experimental Ultra Instinct
  • simple KO system
  • some fixes

Then what?
Ah those plans that are just lying around waiting to be worked on… The problem is that even with having tons of work to do, I keep having ideas on how to make stuff differently, or what new things to even create.
And that still means, no end in sight for development, and I’m not just talking about DBC here. But yea DBC will probably still be my main focus for quite some time.

Eh I couldn’t create a freakin schedule plan again… I will still work on making one, but until then here is this pot.
Pot of DBC Plans (Shortened Future plans for mainly time consuming features, changes or minimods ATM)

  • Custom Transformations
  • Ultra Instinct
  • Majin race
  • Fusion V2
  • DBC Saga revamp
  • ki attack update
  • space
  • Androidification
  • G3 custom hair
  • master-disciple system
  • character slots 3
  • built in tutorial
  • new NPC mechanisms
  • Duel and tournament system
  • Player size changeable
  • player sided saga difficulty settings

Just to be clear this is not a priority list here ^
These are not just major/big features, but varied ones in size and time, that I want to work on.
Its just what I want to add, but I’m not sure when I will get to them.
Also there is a lot more, I just don’t want to put everything here just yet.
And I still want to decide on a place/page/site that I will dedicate only for plans.

So what about the Future of mod development.
And I couldn’t even write enough about the topic I originally wanted to.
I’m not even sure what I may reveal. But for now I will go what I already mentioned.

So a separate DBC version for a new MC version shall be created.
And depending on its popularity as time goes, the most popular shall prevail and the other be pushed to a minimal update interval.
Sounds good, and that also should open to new possibilities for me.
Mainly learning more about the new MC versions, because I know very little atm, and what I know I don’t like XD
So I want to make myself used to that.

Then there shall be my Trading Card C (TCC) mod which probably many didn’t understood how it will work.
Even though its main focus will be where servers will be able to create their own cards, with also removing the built in ones.
My TCC mod will feature its own Trading Card game with its own unique rulesets! That means you won’t be able to recreate any other Trading Card Games (TCG)!
About it being unique I actually mean, that I will try to make what I can to make a nice TCG game work in minecraft.
In the beginning it will be probably very unbalanced, but as experience tells, every start is harsh.
For me at least it is usually true :/

Aaand Naruto C… well I guess interest in my mod is probably gradually losing because the lack of updates.
I know. But there is really so much I want to work on and there is absolutely no time.
And as time goes, I noticed more and more things are there that I want to do or have to or I must.
Anyway, it’s not lost! I still like it and I will continue, also probably all of my mods!

Then again for some DBC.
As I talked about a few times what should be next and such.
Considering the votes, messages, opinions, I might follow a specific line.
I will now write a rough priority list, that I might change when I have a change in my mind though as usually 😛
These are major features, not minor ones.
So I decided to add the Majin race then. It shall be a simple like the other races. Obviously with the highest regen rate, more about it another time.
Ki revamp. It is inevitable. The current ki attack system is s**t even with using my nicest language. And there I have new one in experimenting already. It would be a shame not to finish it. 😛
Space update. Not sure how deep I will make it at first. But I have a some nice features planned for it, and if the important ones work, it shall be considered playable.
Androidification. New skills, new looks, new systems, new playstyles. Just don’t lose your limbs 😀
And then I will try to continue Fusion. Potara, hair fusion, maybe outfit mashup and such.

Some final words for this post
I hope I wrote enough to compensate at least a little for the loss of info in the past weeks.
And again I’m sorry. The lack of information is kinda 

Next week I will definitely post something, and it should be about the next update. If something comes up, I will let you know this time.

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38 Responses to Large Status Info – 18w23-30

  1. Mr_SwagEnder says:

    Thank you Jin! I hope your ideas work well (first, by the way :3).

  2. Mitohan says:

    One way to keep people occupied is do a checklist like the modders for Skyrim together and have a tick on what’s being done / worked on or what’s going to be worked on next so we don’t get out hopes up on something that isn’t coming for another year or so

  3. Oscurum says:

    Are you alive! YAY! :3

  4. dude says:

    *clapping hands* keep it going =)

  5. Yoesph says:

    It’s nice to see your still active, your ideas sound very interesting and update posts like this one are good to keep the hype around the mod up!

  6. Moldy says:

    I’m excited for that K.O. system, sounds very interesting and could invoke some fun situations. But being honest, I don’t think we need any more transformations. We still need a way to /get/ them without cheating, so I’d prefer more training focused updates. (But obviously transformations are in higher demand :L) Either way, it’s nice to see you active again, and thank you for the mod and updates.

  7. In all due honesty, take all the time you need Jin, I’ll definitely wait however long it takes for you to release the mod, just do what feels necessary…

  8. Kasai says:

    Good work Jin, take all the time you need! Im really looking forward to any and all of the features you mentioned. Especially the texture pack sharing, since I am making one.

  9. Mitohan says:

    Am I the only one who finds *most* of the supportive posts a little annoying? It just doesn’t sound sincere at all…

    • Nah i feel the same don’t worry 😀
      I thought the same thing when I saw some polls ages ago when Jin just announced his TCG in Minecraft.
      Its my opinion but I never saw a real excitement on discord or whatsoever forums and actually nobody cares, we all want DBC and NC not this TCG weird thing.
      There are things that can’t be replaced in Minecraft, if you want a TCG just buy some Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon card IRL. Pixelmon tried the same thing and nobody gave a single f*ck cause everybody was interested in the real mod.

    • IAmRaptor says:

      This is called social politeness, the same you use when you say hello thank you, here you are, you’re welcome and goodbye to your boss/teacher while the only thing you want is 86’ing him but you stay polite because you’d rather not have him disliking you.

      Personally whether he disappears for an entire year or starts posting every day, I’ll just adapt.

  10. dylan_27 says:

    I support u Jin 110% 😛

    I really like the idea of incorprating the Majin race,Custom transformations and story saga revamp. I can’t wait what else you add and improve to the mod :3

  11. Jin tbh, your doing a good job as is so take your time. Plus if you have to you should take some time off DBC stuff to work on other things that may be less stressful.

    But still keep up the good work.

  12. Xen says:

    The charged creeper aura would be a nice stand in for UI in my opinion

  13. Brandon E says:

    Can’t wait for experimental UI.

  14. kevin_50 says:

    next updates has a got of new things to put in game

  15. TheDJMuffin says:

    Jin, from all of us, don’t force yourself to put out updates. in time they will come. for now, we have teasers. when the time comes, you can do it. 🙂

  16. IAmRaptor says:

    if you plan on udatping to newer versions of MC

    • IAmRaptor says:

      (sorry went too fast) then how are the second hand and the attack delay are gonna affect the way we fight.
      Would with work exactly like vanilla ?
      Like if I attack when the delay bar is at half, I do half my max damage.
      For second hand I’d see a thing like each hand being able to do a thing separately, like striking with both hands at the cost of stamina being drained faster, striking with main hand while loading a blast in off hand, or even firing blasts with both hand at once which would be a GREAT addition for spiritualist imao, they’ve always been underplayed, hard to play in an actual fight, but would already be a bit stronger with literally doubled firepower.
      But those are just random thoughts.

  17. kevin_50 says:

    mc 1.9 too 1.13 have both hands

  18. TheDJMuffin says:

    wonder if jin will release it today

  19. Bills_012gr says:

    when is the update gonna be released i am bored waiting for it

  20. kevin_50 says:

    The update could come out at night time you know

  21. Brandon E says:

    So hyped for the new update!!!

  22. kevin_50 says:

    lets all get on the hyped train

  23. slasher says:

    I want my ultra instinct

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