How to install java 7

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How to degrade java 8 and install java 7

With the new forge build 1345 there is no need to degrade to java 7 for MC 1.6.4 mods!

Forge build 965 and lower wont run with the new java 8, so you must degrade to java 7 if not done yet.


  1. First you need to uninstall your current java. This step is important you must do this!
  2. Go into your Control Panel
  3. Open Programs and Features
  4. Search java, click on it and uninstall.
  5. Then Download java 7 from here:
  6. Accept the agreement
  7. Download the java your system requires
  8. And simply run it and follow the installers instructions.

download java17

If its still not running then you will need to edit your Profile in the Launcher.

  1. Open a New Profile Or Edit your Profile (depends on how you use it)
  2. If you open a New Profile give a name first. If you Edit Profile you may skip this step.
  3. Select a minecraft version at ‘Use version’, you will probably use ‘release 1.6.4-Forge9.’
  4. The Important part check ‘Executable’ at ‘Java Settings (Advanced)’ and type in your Java 7 path. It can be:
    1. “C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe” If you type it in the Start Menu search field it should give you that exe file if it correct but don’t need to open that file!
    2. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe” If you type it in the Start Menu search field it should give you that exe file if it correct but don’t need to open that file!
  5. If the Java executable is found and the above steps are completed then you can ‘Save Profile’ and start Play to see if it works.


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Below there is an Image tutorial if you don’t understand something!


15 Responses to How to install java 7

  1. SSJNate says:

    Forge 965 is working on java 1.8 Why do we have to go to java 1.7?

  2. Crimson says:

    For several people they cannot use the latest forge versions because of bugs in Java. By having Java 1.7, it doesn’t affect your overall performance, and mods can be run without worry.

  3. SSJNate says:

    So do i downgrade to java 7 or is it just a recommendation?

  4. recommendation for those who have problems launching Minecraft with Forge 965 mods.

  5. Bossnjm says:

    This is hard for me to do

  6. BrolyBlox says:

    When I try to launch the mod the output always ends with
    Java hotspot (TM) 64bit server VM warning: Using incremental CMS is deprecated and will likely be removed in a future releese.



  7. AztekkSlayer says:

    I’m having the same problem as BrolyBlox I can’t even launch minecraft it makes me sad because I LOVE this mod.

  8. AztekkSlayer says:

    If you have any ideas on how I can fix this please let me know.

  9. zskull4yolo says:

    my minecraft crashes with java 7 and java 8 if i try to run forge 1.6.4.
    can anyone help me.

  10. zskull4yolo says:

    exactly the same as brolyblox please anyone help us

  11. zskull4yolo says:

    BrolyBlox and AztekkSlayer i found the answer.
    Just download the latest forge for 1.6.4 it works for me.

  12. Rustydog25 says:

    The mod won’t load. Whenever I try to launch minecraft nothing happens

  13. As game because my java 8 does not run the game with java I did not run to eight ago

  14. MegaMoh says:

    I play the mod on 1.7.10 with forge Minecraft launches with the mod but when I open a single player world it crashes and says “shutting down internal server”

  15. Alex Schott says:

    For people playing minecraft, forge wont work on some devices, in my case, i run ubuntu (linux) insted of windows, and i had to compleatly un-install java (its harder to uninstall things on ubuntu)

    Im installing java 7 to beable to run 1.7.10

    Also anyone with shutting down internal server, you eather have too many mods, too much ram allociated, or corupt mod

    sorry for spelling, too lazy to use auto correct

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