Welcome to JinGames!

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Hi Everyone!

From Today on There will be a website for my works too.

Dragon Block C
Latest News (18th of March 2013):
Bug fixes that!
+Multiplayer clashing bug fixed
+Ki attacks wont slow down in water anymore
+The Dragons wont disappear when looking up
+fixed “on ice dash too fast bug”
+Installer fixes…

Naruto C
Latest News (3rd of March 2013):
Compatibility to Minecraft 1.5!
This is my second mod which i will work on.
It features only a few things yet but it will have tons of features. And this wont die too. ^^

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6 Responses to Welcome to JinGames!

  1. Felipe Alves says:

    put the cell sagas and boo and a super sayajin 3

  2. Xymgar says:

    Why thank you! I feel welcomed to jingames! Cocks

  3. Lord Frieza says:

    hue hue hue such an old post you got there xDDDDDDDDDDD

  4. TravelerSoul says:

    Well of course Lord Freeza, I’m everywhere, even if I say nothing
    *evil laughter in background*

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