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      So a lot of players are having a problem with starting off on the server so I am making this post to help shed some light.

      Firstly after you make a character talk to goku. Somewhere in his list of warps you should see Piccolo Training. Talk to him DON’T FIGHT HIM. Simply follow his directions he gives in his dialog. This server unlike others has more complex quest and not cut and dry ones where you talk and beat the crap out of the npc. First quest is to give him a stone sword in return he gives a Magic Sword empowered by the Demon Clan. Then he will ask you to kill an original dinosaur (not the new ones). After that he will ask you to train with the monks. Which is located at the monastery when you talk to Goku again. Now when you do he will ask you to fight Krillin. Now before you rush in and try and fight Piccolo next I would stay in the monk training. Talk to the monks and follow their directions. Note there is a building where there are two young monks. Don’t fight those as they have 700 hp. You would want to fight the ones outside. After that and once you defeat piccolo you can move onto Red Ribbon Army training. And after you get strong enough you can go to Frieza Force Training.

      As for food you can go to the public farm located near spawn. Please replant them. Or I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you. For I have a particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long time playing the server. That or you can go to Dino Land when talking to Goku (note this would require you to have a decent amount of Dex or Con because this has a lot of Dino’s). That or you can buy food at Kami’s Lookout or the cheaper way of simply asking me, the headmaster of the Kasor Patrol.

      Making a house. Earth has been very populated over the years. And most people don’t really explore the server to find a good place for a home. Namek has been populated but not even close to the level of Earth. So that would be a decent choice. Nether wouldn’t be too bad either if you can stand all the mobs. Vegeta it depends because it switches between two realities sort of speak. So sometimes you won’t always go to the same Vegeta. So be aware of that. Hell/Otherworld. That was populated a lot in the olden days but not so much anymore. If you can stand the constant threats of Ogres this would be a decent place to live. As long as you live far away from King Kai or Yemna that is.

      Discord. Most of you may not know but Chaos recently got a discord of its very own. https://discord.gg/ttZ8qsY I assume we are keeping this though as not every player has discord so it’d be nice to keep this for those players.

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      We are going to be working on a revamp of sorts so it is recommended to join the discord to give us feedback on any plans.

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