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      ultra instinct is the transform that msot peopel are asking you i nwo its not easy to get the same comments but if you could add ultra after ss4 it would be nice thanks!

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      GOD DAMN IT !!!!….it’s actually funny to see peeps that keep asking for things that probably added before long because we don’t know enough about it.
      And we just had a new form, for Saiyans on the top of that. Saiyans who, just in case, had already 13 DIFFERENTS FORMS, so could we move to more important things now ? I duno G3 hair, ki udapte part 3, combat udapte, you know … actually necessary stuff.

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      Saiyans actually have 14 forms in the mod itself

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        How the hell did you get 14? They’ve 7. Ssj1-3 , god, blue and rose. (grades don’t count)

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        Saiyans have 14 transformations:

        SSJ, SSJ Grade 2, SSJ Grade 3, SSJ Grade 4(FPSSJ), Oozaru, Golden Oozaru, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4, SSJG, SSJGSSJ, LSSJ, LSSJ2 and Ritual SSJG.

        And yes the SSJ Grades count since they’re transformations still.

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        Also I forgot Rose
        So 15.

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      I am starting to get tried of people asking for UI. We know very little about it so let it go. The other race’s need some love and the game needs more work.

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      ok now saying that saiyans have 14 FORMS!
      is just a biased statement
      Ultra Instinct is for “EVERY RACE”
      so stfu
      and whis has explained it in a few episodes far back in dbs
      whis also explained it in vegeta’s flashback in ep 116
      and if you want forms for your Race then think of a form that “Actually Exists for it”
      What you want a eight form frieza(Acrosian)?
      or a super namekian blue?
      or even a super human rose?

      but yes the game itself needs work like what the first comment stated we need the fundamental features to be fixed ;-;

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      You honest to god think Jin will make UI for all races? Remember when LSSJ was put out and Jin said he’d give other races a legendary form at some point. Well that was 5 months ago.

      Jin could also do a good route and take some things from video games like DB Heroes to give non Saiyans some new forms.

      But frankly I’m sick to death of Saiyan updates. Saiyans constantly get wanked off for no good reason whilst the other races sit back with no love whatsoever.

      Hell Golden form was released 9 months ago and still hasnt gotten any customisation or a custom aura. You know..the things that should’ve been released with Golden in the first place.

      Jin either doesnt care or simply doesnt like non-Saiyans.


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      I’m not even using Saiyan?

      I’m using namekian which has only 3 forms?
      That’s why I wanted ui :'(

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      do you have a discord cause im trying to work on this project and im kinda new to modeling and i wanted to know if i could get some help or pointers on modeling

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      My only argument for this is Ultra Instinct is too op. It will make ppl near impossible to hit and would also need a lot of coding to do. It will require a lot of trial and error to test Ultra Instinct to be balanced enough to not break the game. Btw according to dokkan battle, the form is Ultra Instinct Omen. Ultra Instinct in general is a technique but Goku’s form is still a form.

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      Btw Ultra Instinct is for all races but Ultra Instinct Omen would be saiyans only unless unless other races can actually get UIO

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