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      So I’ve set up DBC to work in VR via Vivecraft, but I’m currently facing 2 issues:

      1. Switching Ki Blasts is impossible to do on touch controllers, since scroll wheel click is not mappable, and I don’t have enough buttons to map numbers 1 through 8. Is there a way to change Ki skills in order without/by changing the mouse wheel click?

      2 I keep crashing out everytime I use a modded GUI (Sagas, Training, NPCs). No issue with using any of the GUI menus and closing them by triggering vanilla inventory button or options. The issue however arises when exiting the modded GUIs with their own modded methods (pressing X to quit, or asking for a senzu bean, weights, triggering training etc – anything that automatically quits GUI the ‘modded way’

      Here is the crash report for the second situation.

      The game crashed whilst updating screen events
      Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Updating screen events

      I know this is not the inteded way to play this mod, but if anyone would know the solution to these two problems, I’d be most grateful!

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