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      Now a lot of you may know the server Vegeta Craft. A few months ago it was brought back and didnt do ****, But recently it has added a WHOLE bunch of stuff, For those of you who were on the late server Xeno Pixels and liked my work Vegeta Craft is getting most of the features that i made there. Heres a change log of the events for the website.

      Added- New Staff Application Form
      Removed- old staff applications
      Added- Tournement Countdown
      Banned- All the players that did some bad things on the website like advertising and pornographic images and removed there posts.
      Added- MORE RANKS!!!!! ssg, ssb, ssbx10, president of the server, race leaders, ssj, namek, arcosian, golden, ssj rage, and ssj rose.
      For the server

      Added- News Stations to keep updated on server news like updates and just plain events. Theres Animator News, Romantic News, Fighter News, and the rest is basic information though sometimes ill have to not use some news because theres no update in them.
      Added- More Parts of the saga
      Added- Years C
      Removed- Better records
      Added- Vegeta city, it has a bar, cloth shop, barbershop, blackmarket, and more fun shops to make like a real city. And the currency is owned by working at certain chops.
      Added Server Leaders. For these you can simply donate $5 at the website under Run For President in the donation store and then players vote for who they like the most. to advertise your campain on the website and spawn $10 (maybe lowering it to $5) To become a a race leader also just donate $5 now dont be angry and rage quit if someone buys the rank before you if you can kill the king, queen, and the heir you get the title and a corrination and everything.
      Added- Peace Zone for meetings between the 4 nations and the avaaaa i mean president to maintain the peace.
      Removed- Porn images in the discord and blocked porn websites so it doesnt happen again.
      Added- Actual Working staff.
      Added- a requirement to have papers saying your legal to live in a city controlled by a certain race. So like a biological namekian can become a Legal Saiyan. signed by ONLY Emperor_Justin.
      More will be coming soon trust me. if you want to run for president and build a wall go for it run for President of Vegeta Craft this Sunday aka 4/9/2017. Website is and the ip is Discord is if you want it.

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      Good work

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      try not to bite off SC this time ;D

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      Norman Landsman

      Kinda sounds like too little too late.
      also. didn’t you guys steal those exp converters from Saiyancraft, call them your own, start a flame war(which is why you guys need to remove all that porn)?
      I think you guys should do a little better than that. try looking into building an awesome Modpack based on DBC(heres a hint. galacticraft works.)

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      Just telling you “Mr. I get offended by everything”. JinGames doesn’t have that XP TP converter so stop trying to sue everyone. Also banning me everywhere does nothing to you.

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      Arlic bread

      the ip doesn’t work

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