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      Okay, I have to say this. Naruto C is a great mod, and it needs a bit more attention. These are just a few ideas that could “upgrade” the Naruto C mod.

      The Eight Gates

      Basically after you fully max out taijutsu, the Eight Gates will be a possible ability to obtain. Each gate would increase your strength by a percentage by the number of gate x10.

      First gate would increase physical power by 10%. Second gate would increase current power by 20%. This would go on until the eigth gate.

      Extended Jutsus

      This would essentially be more elemental jutsus, including earth, water, and wind.


      Okay, we all knew this was coming. It would be something gained through a sealing master.

      Each form would be based on DBC’s Super Saiyan boosts. Initial Form would be SSJ, Version One would be SSJ2, and Version Two would be SSJ3. Custom models would be needed, and the Jinchuuriki Form’s red aura would be Kaioken aura.

      Doujutsu Expansion

      Sharingan would be more based on increasing jutsu powers instead of physical powers.

      Byakugan would be physical based, disrupting the chakra of an opposing ninja, and possibly stunning the enemy ninja. It would also let you see other players through objects.

      Susanoo wouldn’t be a giant avatar, instead it would be custom armor on your character. Remember Sasuke’s Bijuu Susanoo? The one that covered Naruto’s Kyuubi avatar? Basically that on the player. The boost would be equal to Version Two Jinchuuriki.

      Only NON CLAN Can be Jinchuuriki!

      This way you can’t stack Susanoo and Jinchuuriki.

      Well, whatcha think?

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      i for one think this is a great idea especially the tailed beast great idea

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      I like this idea, but how about we make it so two people have to be in a close proximity(1-3 blocks) to stack the tailed beast and the Susanoo. On top of that they have to achieve total control to be able to combine. That way it is possible to combine the two, but it isn’t ridiculously easy. Also I think that the Susanoo should be a giant avatar, with the opacity down and a hue of color that users chooses. Same goes for the tailed beasts except they have no hue and their visibility isn’t lowered.

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      How do you use the susanoo because it says 0 hand signs. How am I supposed to use it if it has zero hand signs?

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      SuaNu is used like 8 gates or a DBC transformation but is selected like a DBC ki attack

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      Well I think that clan’s should be able to be a jinjuriki but its harder to get if you are in a clan

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