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      Hi, my name is Son Goku Games.
      I’ll make a good suggestion for you.
      your minecraft dragon block c mod is with several errors like:
      the scouter becomes white when it will use, the radar of the dragon turns white and you can not see, the dragon balls become gray, can not use 100% of power, can not become super sayajin blue, damage and are locked in 1 when using kaioken.
      I want you to fix those mistakes.
      I want you to add more things look like:
      add clothes, items, characters, animals, food, cities and all sagas from dragon ball, dragon ball z, dragonball z gt and dragon ball super (to saga goku black), movies (all) as secondary missions as well the mod would look better.
      and also fix the error of the servers that do not enter and get bugs and the textures of dragon block and legends that is not working in the mod.
      Please, do it.

      thanks for reading.

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      Hi man, when are you going to read and update?

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      read soon jingames

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      face makes a portuguese translation of dragon block c

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      Because I’m a party pooper : Jin is way too busy to answer your single person among the more than 8000 beings that follow him according to his YT channel. And certainly actually even more.

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      Because I’m a party pooper as well; most of those issues you mentioned are already in-game. You clearly haven’t played the Mod properly, or doesn’t know much about it.
      1. About the Scouter and Dragon Radar showing up as white, that is most likely a missing texture on your client/PC. You’d see way more people complaining about it if it were a global issue.

      2. Dragon Balls becoming grey is literally canon in the show, when they’re all gathered up and Shenron is summoned, they all become stone and head towards opposite directions for a whole year.

      3. You CAN use 100% of your Power, you just haven’t had your Potential Unlocked (as in obtained the skill with the same name, you can get it from Kami-Sama)

      4. By the time you’ve posted this, Super Saiyan Blue were not implemented, surely a reason to want it added; except the developer is a human being with other responsibilities way, WAY more important than a Minecraft Dragon Ball Mod. If he’s ever read your post, I can guarantee you it wouldn’t take him only a few hours to fully implemented Super Saiyan Blue, as you probably thought would. Game development is not that easy, especially when working on a Mod(ification) of an already existing game with its own limitations.


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