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      I’ve downloaded this mod many times, and got through each step, but have faced the same results of

      1. Blocks not loading/being black/solid color
      2. Mobs being black and sometimes non-moving
      3. f5 putting me into flashing solid colors
      4. items put me into flashing solid colors
      5. DBC NPCS won’t spawn (such as kami and korin etc)
      6. The game at times will flash colors at me anyway

      I thought I could play even with these bugs and just be careful, but I cannot gain anything since the NPCs don’t exist(so no story or even skills) and my screen randomly wants to give me a seizure just for playing. As I dig deeper to solve this problem, I find a possible solution of downgrading my drivers. This is when I find out that I cannot do that since I have not had a previous driver installed I’m taking it here because I wanna play this cool and unique mod but I think I’m 90 percent screwed so I want some confirmation or help

      thanks for reading this I know it’s a lot

Viewing 0 reply threads
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