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      Link Sword

      I would like to propose a update about transformation.
      It is possible to return to the previous form without returning to the shape of bass and create a skill to be more quickly transformed?

      Thank you for answering me as quickly as possible

      PS: Sorry for my bad english.

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      I’ll just assume you mean instead of Transforming for from Form to Form like going SSJ to SSJ2. You could go straight to SSJ2. And as for Descending a Form I assume you mean like instead of Being SSJ3 and Descending into Base Form. You’d Descend into SSJ2.

      I assume this is either what you were trying to say or Its pretty close to what you meant.

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      I got an interesting idea
      when you turn back from ssj3 for example press H and go to ssj2 then again and go ssj then base
      or if you want to descend press second action button and G and descend from a form like charging it back
      An the form selection should be for every form like SS2 SS3 SSG2 SSG3 etc. to just turn in that form like how ssjb you can ascend from ssjg or to turn dirrectly..

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      Jude Bergeron

      JinRyuu, I have an idea about Ultra Instinct sign, and mastered forms, I think it should act more of a status effect, like whis said, its hard even for a god of destruction to even master it, and difficult to activate on its own, and at the final episode (temporarily) goku said he got it by accident. So here’s how I think we should achieve it, it would act similar to the legendary status effect, but to activate it, we should max out our god form skill, wait for a while for a certain chance to get it, then a silver aura picture would show up below our ki bar, and all our transformations including kaioken and mystic form would temporarily disappear (like the previous legendary status effect version) then we would be able to transform into ultra instinct sign, after that we would get a time limit (like in the anime) on how long we could stay in the form (like the ssg ritual) then after the time limit runs out, our transformations would come back, and we would earn the ultra instinct skill in the skills starting at lvl 1, but we would not be able to go back in the form until the ultra instinct status effect returns. The max level of ultra instinct would be lvl 2, then when the status effect returns when we max out our ultra instinct skill, we would go ultra instinct sign, then transform again into mastered ultra instinct. The mastered version would also have the time limit, but after the time limit runs out, again our transformations would come back, but also after the mastered version of the form time limit runs out, our health would instantly deplete about 8/10 severely while ultra instinct sign would only drain our ki instantly to about 8/10, the status effect would keep returning over and over, like the legendary status effect. And finally 4 new configs, 2 for the damage multipliers of the 2 forms would be: Ultra instinct -sign-, and Ultra instinct -mastered-, the 3rd config for the time limit of the forms we could be in, I think the max time limit would be 10 minutes, and the last config for the ki regeneration multipliers of the 2 forms. for all race characters in the ultra instinct sign form, they’re eyes will be silver but in mastered state, saiyans and earthlings hair will be silver, and similar to golden frieza, frieza’s race’s bodies will turn silver and so does the namekians as exclusive forms. that is all, hope you like the idea.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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