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      « LuisDC »

      Remembering that I am Brazilian, so the words may be a little incorrect, if they are wrong is the fault of the translator :/

      Hello, my name is Luis and I want to show you my new suggestion related to mod dragon block c, my new suggestions and ideas quoted here, were inspired in the saga of dragon ball super and other extras such as: “Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Heroes “well then let’s get started.

       First I want to ask you to make new transformations like:
      – Super Saiyan 4
      – The Legendary Super Saiyan (Broly)
      – Super Saiyan Rage (Mirai Trunks)
      I have no idea of ​​transformation unrelated to sayajin race 🙁

      Well, the second type of suggestion is to add new items like:
      – Earrings Potara (Left and Right)
      – Capsules [Example: Training Capsule, Time Machine Cap (Dragon Ball Style)]
      – Time Machine
      – Trunks of the Future Clothing
      – Bills Clothing
      – Whis Clothing
      – Broly’s Clothing
      – Clothing from Zamasu
      – Clothing of Merged Zamasu (Fusion Zamasu)
      – Hit Clothing
      – Kyabe’s Clothing
      – Clothing by Zeno-Sama
      – Daishinkan Clothing

      Well, the third suggestion is to add new races like:
      – Majin Breed (Majin Boo Breed)
      – Mitsumejin Breed (Tenshinhan Breed)
      – Android Race

      Well, the fourth suggestion is to add new techniques / skills like:
      – Teleportation
      – Big Bang Kamehameha
      – Self-Destruction (Android Race)
      – Majin Kamehameha (Kamehameha by Majin Boo)
      – Planet Burst (Super KI BLAST Kid Boo)
      – Death Beam (Freeza Technique)
      – Final Impact (Majin Vegeta)
      – Dimensional Cry (Used by Super Boo in Time Room)
      – Finish Buster (Future Trunks)
      – Sword of KI [Spiritual Sword (Used by Vegetto, Goku Black and Zamasu)]
      – Ki Barrier
      – Burning Atack (Future Trunks)

      Well, the fifth and last suggestion is to add new planets / universes like:
      – Sacred Planet (Planet of the Kaioshins)
      – Planet Yardrat
      – Planet Sadala
      – Planet of the Bills
      – World of Void (PODER Tournament)
      – Universe of ZENO-SAMA

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