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      uhhhh just felt like posting a bit of my dbz here for fun, maybe some people here’ll like it XP…… i hope an art thread like this is okay?!?!? and also if anyone else here wants to post art of theirs i’d love to see it !!


      some simple little somewhat joke-y doodles, partly to try and figure out how i wanna draw these characters (which tbh i still haven’t… totally figured out)

      a cell junior and final form janemba playing on game boys together. they are currently in a pokemon battle.

      from bottom to top, beerus, korin, puar, and scratch. they are all loafing like regular cats and stacked on top of each other.


      the only dbc player character of mine i’ve gotten around to properly drawing and making an oc out of, though admittedly his oc design is very different from how he looked ingame (which i unfortunately no longer have a screencap of anyway, this art is pretty old!) i have other dbz ocs but this is the only one with minecraft origins so far X3

      a very lanky purple, blue, and green arcosian with horns and a spiked tail. he has a sheepish expression on his face. he is wearing a tie-dye shirt and loose brown pants with a flower embroidered on the bottom, along with a ring on one of his horns and another around his ankle.

      (his name is icepop and he’s kind of a hippie, spends more time tending to his garden than actually fighting… which is a pretty good reflection of my own playstyle, oops)


      some doodles i did last night trying something VERY different from my regular artstyle… i like how these look but i def feel like im gonna need to practice and refine this style more lol

      a bust shot of xeno trunks, drawn in a somewhat detailed artstyle.

      the supreme kai of time sitting on a rock, tokitoki perched on her arm. in the same detailed artstyle as the trunks drawing. she is depicted to look rather old.

      …i know that canonically chronoa is supposed to look youthful despite being the second oldest U7 kai. but i don’t give a damn i am going to draw her as a weird little old lady and NO ONE can stop me


      AAAAND lastly some big colorful stuff, a lot of it being experimental/extra stylized. warning that a lot of this stuff is like, really brightly colored though.

      a very vibrantly colored image of janemba cheerfully swiping his sword upwards. the side of him fades into rainbow pixels.

      a vibrantly colored drawing of bio-broly staring at the camera menacingly. he is over a simple slimy hot pink background.

      a grayscale bardock standing in a tide of black blood, his hands covered in the stuff. rising around him are brightly-colored zombies of the many different alien species he helped genocide, clutching at his pantlegs and leaving trails of blood where they touch. among these zombies is toolo the kanassan, who has grabbed bardock by the arm and is reaching upwards towards his face. toolo's own face is completely blanked out with crudely stylized red eyes overlaid. bardock himself is staring upwards with horror, however, blood pouring down his face (akin to his red headband) and staring at a rainbow-colored psychic vision that appears to be smoking out of his scouter. in this vision are all of his crew with their faces blanked out, along with a grotesquely stylized frieza looming over planet vegeta.
      ^ (my favorite part of the original bardock special was the idea of him getting tormented by future visions as revenge for the genocide of the kanassans. sue me)

      young goku as he appeared at the beginning of dragon ball, looking silly with crossed eyes and sitting in a weird crouching position in a nondescript orange room filled with dragon balls. his shadow, however, is the star-filled silhouette of a great ape roaring, its eye a saiyan pod hurtling through space.

      ^ (i’m sure nappa and vegeta will revive you ANY DAY now raditz, juuuuust like you thought they would!)

      vegeta standing in a sea of blood, his face shadowed to only show red eyes glaring at the viewer. in his arms he is holding bulla who is sleeping peacefully, and clinging to his leg is kid trunks, who is staring down at the sea of blood with a frightened expression and hovering above it as to not fall in. behind them, a red sun appears to bleed into the ocean, which is filled with various corpses (including a couple namekians, one of which being a child, and, in the foreground, there is the corpse of nappa.) behind vegeta, jagged red lines imply the shape of his long-gone tail and the shoulder pads of his old armor.
      ^ (this piece is just saved to my computer as “family man”. the contrast between vegeta being one of the sickest bastards in the series at his introduction and the character he is NOW – with everyone either oblivious to or choosing to just forget his past – has always been fascinating to me.)

      …man, huh, as someone who’s always thought of myself as “not thinking much about the saiyans” it seems most of my fancy art is actually of saiyan characters LMAO


      ……aaaaaand thats everything i feel like posting here X3 theres a bit more art i’ve done but this post is already LONG enough and i have NO idea how long this’ll actually display as when i click submit o_o;;

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