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      carlos Mex DB

      One thing I dont like very much on most Dragon ball games is that the KI bar remains static when you transform and untransform, DB has been implying that the super saiyan uses his own reserve.
      I’m going to talk first about the changes that are considered to buffs and then the nefts.

      buff, all transformations will be divided as follows:

      Normal Ki: base form and great ape.
      Super Ki: super saiyan, SSG2, SSG3, SS Full power, SS2, SS3, golden great ape, SS4, SS God, SS Blue and SS Blue Evolve.
      Both: mystic form and ultra instinct.
      Normal Ki and Super Ki are obvious, what “normal” means consumes your ki from the base state and “super” consumes your Super saiyan ki, but “both” will consume both simultaneously but will prioritize emptying “super” first.

      Now the nerf, all the transformations will have a minimum required ki that you have to have to transform.
      This required amount of ki is not consumed when transforming, in cases like the super saiyan if you do not have enough “Super ki” when you try to transform you do not transform.
      but in others like mystic form if you don’t have enough “Super ki” when you try to transform your multiplier it will be as if your super form skill were zero.

      and in naruto c you could use the second bar for sage mode, tail beats or others.

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