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      I’ve been playing the mod and as I understand 3 Dragon Blocks spawn 64 blocks around the players at midday every day, or at least that’s what I understood reading the config. The problem is that we spent a lot of time trying to collect them all and we did it but it was more difficult than what I saw in youtube videos. After summoning Shenlong once, we tried to use the information mentioned before and the radars but we got nothing. We even tried to change the config settings turning the spawn chance to 7 and the spawn time to morning but they just do not spawn. Or at least our radars do not recognize them.
      If someone knows how to solve this please help!

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      As the Wiki States, and as answer from my own experiment; the Dragon Radar does not target Dragon Blocks that are turned into stone. If you find one, you can hold your Radar and you’ll notice it won’t pop up there.

      In exactly one Year in-game (not sure if compatible with Jinryuu Years Mod, though it probably is), the Dragon Blocks will no longer be spawning as Stones, thus being shown on the Radar.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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