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      Hi I think that Jinryuu should add Potara earrings from Dragon ball z buu saga when goku and vgetta fuse in to vogito. Its like normal fusion and every thing but the time is longer then 5 mins in game it should be 10 for supersayian 1,2,3, 4 should be 10 mins god and supersayin blue should be 15 or 20 and it should be able to be edited in the config for servers. I think that fusion should have 3 way too fusion if its possible if not its OK but adding this would be cool and it should be able to fusion the two players skins should fuse into one the game or the mod should combind the skin and the hair and add its own armor to the fuse players skin and it will generate a random name like normal fusion its just a idea that I
      think players would like. One more thing you can get the earrings form goku or vetta or king kai somthing like that. That would be cool and amazing to be add I know that players and other people would like this I know I do and my friends. It would be super cool if it would be add it would help with rp and other things love the mod so much keep up the great work jinruu.

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      Alright listen. This isn’t new. People are constantly begging for potara fusion. Please stop asking and let Jin work. It will come when it comes.

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      Wait, wait, wait! I don’t even know what to say. First of all, I’m like 99% sure you can’t fuse two player’s skins together with just a mod. Second of all, even if you could, that level of coding would take up to years. BTW, a three way fusion is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. First of all 3 Way Fusion isn’t in any DBZ things, second of all there are only two Potara Earrings, and third of all, it would be much harder to code into the game. And lastly, almost everything else you said sounded almost fine except the part where your said that if you go God and God Blue that it will last longer. Have you even watched the anime? The higher the levels of Ssj get, the more strain it puts on the fusion, so if anything, it would make the fusion less time, not more.

      But anyways, I think Potara would be cool.

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      Nathan Cooper

      I believe Potara Fusion would be a better fusion method maybe there should also be fusion aura say from a SSGSS Evolution and a SSJ4(Legendary) as that way it makes the custom transformations look better as say the 2 forms I said it will add a more cooler green tint towards the blue aura etc.

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      Willie Wilson

      3 way fusions are a dance thing. can only go up to 5 iirc

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