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      As an animator, it feels very bland to be swinging your hand like a retard and hitting things once. So, my idea, as the title states, is for animations, and moves that are animated. In first person, you’d just see the hand, but in 3rd person you’d see your whole body moving to do punches, kicks, etc. As for the moves, you could make them hit faster, but for less damage. For example, say I make a physical barrage move where I attack very quickly and rapidly, each hit would do less damage than a normal DBC hit, but would hit very quickly and add up overtime.

      Also, I myself could make these animations and help get them into the game. Don’t worry about the quality, I’ve been animating for a very long time and already started my career earning a bit of money along the way. I wouldn’t call myself professional, but I wouldn’t call myself a beginner or a novice either. I’d say I’m more around intermediate or slightly higher.

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      That would be pretty cool. Some work could also be done on what activates “passive” animations such as when the player flies backwards while facing forwards. (When in 3rd person and using dynamic flight it can look pretty wonky) Perhaps have an animation that looks like the player is pushing against an invisible wall to go backwards.

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      That exists, simply take a look at DBV (it’s a Dragon Ball mod too)

Viewing 2 reply threads
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