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      Emmanuel Reynoso

      please jin you that the dragon block c optifine work with my pc pls is very bad if or need optifine but when the mod I have not seen the Skins or hair

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      Alright, to start us off, be aware the settings can be tweaked as you want, but these are the ones that work the best, (for me). You can submit your own settings if they work. Do a back up of your settings just in case you don’t like mine.


      1.- Get optifine, as in the latest 1.7.10 Ultra ver:

      2.- Download this settings and place them into your .minecraft folder (reeplace them if needed):

      3.- (Assuming you already have DBC and it’s needed files), rename the Optifine jar file to: “1aoptifine” and the DBC stuff to Z-DBC/Core-JBRA. That’ll make forge perhaps load optifine first so Jin’s render doesn’t get affected, and thus. You’ll see hairstyles + models!.
      NOTE: IF it doesn’t works at the first try, give it a shot 1-8 times, aka reopen MC and try, because it’ll all depend whether forge loads optifine or DBC first.
      Side note: I’ll update this thead if I can manage to find any more quick and secure ways.

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      [UPDATE!] I figured out that the extra render I had of BSPKRS’s core was the thing that made me able to use optifine with DBC.
      DO use my settings for extra messures so do my other steps, but THIS RENDER IS NEEDED!:
      Note: it’ll still take a few tries 1-6/8 (depends on your luck) for it to work!.

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      all credit goes to SuperPieman

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      thanks man

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