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      For a long time in Dragon Block C, a lot of the interesting content is linked between it’s interaction with others mods to keep things interesting. (I.E. CustomNPCs) I would like to suggest that 1 in order to help define the mods independence and upgrade potential combat, that an npc maker specifically for jingames mods is made. This NPC maker would allow you to adjust body proportions, set combat positions, and apply hairs. This would in my opinion would 1 make modeling new mobs for the mod more time efficient, 2 make it more detailed, and 3 would allow for mechanics such as built ki attacks similar to players, just for flexibility.

      Dragon Block C, Naruto C, Even SAOc (despite it’s abandonment) would benefit from this, and overall I think would be a good idea to make.

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      Yeah this isn’t a terrible idea at all. I mean, it’s a LOT of work on the creators though, but I would like to see it, not to have to use the Custom NPC mod. A lot of people forget that you can get the NPC wand in survival by making a hoe but with two bread instead of planks. Anyway, by doing this, it could possibly take away from people cheating in game just to fight a villain they want to fight.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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