Not sure this is the right forum, but how do I render the player like DBC

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      Okay, so this doesn’t quite feel right asking this here, but I wouldn’t know what other section I could do to ask for personal help. Now just hear me out. This mod has inspired me big time. I LOVE the hair models and all that, the transformations and even the tail. Now, I’m making my own mod that has hair as well as and you can change the style of it by clicking a key like in this mod. Now, what’s the problem? First of all, I’m awful at coding. I wouldn’t even know how to code this in my mod. I’ve tried countless times to render anything on the player. If you don’t know what rendering is, it’s basically putting anything on the player without applying an armor to the player. I’m sure there’s some coders in here, so PLEASE! If you know how to do this (preferably for version 1.16) please tell me! I can give you my Discord if you’d like. Anyway, I bet some of you are asking, why don’t I just use Jin’s hair mod? Well, I kinda hinted at that with what I said earlier. The mod is for 1.16, and I don’t think Jin’s mod works for that, and anyway, this is my mod, I couldn’t do that to Ben, linking his own brother’s mod just so they can play my mod right. So please, if you have any ideas, please tell me, and tell me if I’m not on the right topic as well.

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