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      Hello! It’s been like 2-3 months, and I had some idea’s that would be cool! But alas I don’t think they would ever happen. Their personally idea’s you’ve had before, but here are some coming at ya! I have more but I’ll stick to 5 (all mostly being the same).

      1. Two Arms/legs

      Dragon Block c REALLY makes me feel like im my own character, fighting in the shoes of Goku and CO. However when you take the time to think about the fact you only fight punching with one arm…do we have a better beating hand then ZAMAS!? Having a second arm would give you many possibilities (which I’ll touch more on later), and being able to kick would just be cool. With kicks, I imageine that if you are jumping down or looking down enough, you kick instead of punch. And with the second arm, you could either switch your preferred arm or maybe press a different button too punch with both fist? I dunno. It’s unlikely because I imgine the creator and his brother would think this as un-nececary. I mean it’s only Minecraft. I also think this because this would be better as an add-on mod instead. MOVING ON!

      2. One-Handed/Two-Handed Attacks

      Another major thing in the show is different positions for attacks. For the most part, two-handed attacks are more powerful, while one handed attacks are faster. For the most part. SO HERE’S WHAT I THOUGHT! We can have Disk, small blast, barrage, beams, and spiral’s be one handed. One handed beam’s and KI barrage being weaker. Big Blast, shields, KI barrage, beams, and explosions be two hands, with the barrage and beam’s being more powerful with two hands, but they take more time to charge and cost more. This would go with the two hands thing.
      And if this is added, we could have the feet Kamehameha and One-handed Spirit-Bomb/Kamehameha ūüėÄ

      3. losing limbs
      This is pretty self-explanatory, and go with the last two things. For those with one arm or leg, which Is a group im not apart of, probally would prefer tehre other limb. We take advantage of our limbs…and in Dragon Block you sometimes take advantage of yoru tail. The Great Ape form and Golden Great Ape form can be taken advantage of quite early in the game. Plus Super Saiyan 4 is much easier to obtain tehn the God Form without changing the configs. However let’s say your fighting someone, and they cut off your tail while your barley hanging on in SS4. Well now your stuck with SS3 being your best. Or Mystic (more on that later). So uhh…your f*cked. The same might happen with limbs. Let’s pretend your Vegeta.
      Your best attack (unless your like me and believe the Final Shine is better or read the manga) is the Final Flash. A TWO-HANDED attack. Your only other attack’s are Final Explosion, Galick Gun, Final Impact, and Big-Bang attack. Final Impact has to be shot from the middle of yoru three fingers. Final Explosion kills you. So that leaves Big-Bang Attack. It’s not bad, but it’s now your ONLY technique since you don’t have another arm. This would also make disk attack’s or swords more useful, since you’ll have two arms while they have one.

      4. Gravity Ticks
      So we are not moving on all the way. Well aside from what I said about mystic. Okay so you might be confused on what I mean. Think about this. Vegeta is at a point where he can take on 100x earth’s gravaity like it’s nothing. Neat. So uhhhh…how does it help him? I mean, it’s the most extreme he can get, but it’s in-adiquiet at this point right? Well the same could be sadi with dragon block. Using the GRAV function feel’s useless.
      So what’s my idea? you start off with 5 ticks. Each tick is a multiple of gravaity. The highter the tick, the highter gravaity you can handle. So with 5, you’re barely able to walk at King Kai’s, but yoru not dying. Take it up to 15? yeah youre gonna get squashed. By spending time walking around or training, you gain TP and ticks (configureable in the config). So maybe after 10 minutes, you gain a tick. So in about an hour, you can move around King Kai’s just fine, and you should get a good amount of TP by just being there.
      Now the one issue that comes to mind is weights. So maybe, you can change this to a weight counter? Or maybe both, have them work together. (So a 5 ticks in grav and 2 ticks with weights make 7or10 ticks altogether).

      4.5-Training Options.
      This kinda goes with number 4, so I added it as a bonus. Instead of moving, you could set an auto option where you do push-ups and sit-ups or whatever. There would have ot be a limit of somekind, or else people would just leave it as they leave their house, but it not only makes Dragon ball sense, but it would make our life easier (My hand start’s to cramp after spending 3 hours punching to gain Super Saiyan).

      5. Mystic/Fusion multipliers.
      I understand WHY these aren’t in the game. I mean the config option. But they really should be. For Fusion, it’s as simple as gaining a multiplyer to the fusion with every level. So two players with level 5 Fusion will have their stat’s multiplied 3.6 instead of 2, or something like that.
      With Mystic, I really think it’s stupid we don’t have it in already. We have one for EVERY single form except this. Mystic/Ultimate/Whatever Gohan is not 4x stronger then a SSJ2 Gohan. Even for Goku, it dosent make sense. What-If we want it to be equal to blue (like it APPARENTLY seems in Super?). Then well we have to say “Well guys, we have to agree either not to go SSJ3 or you just lose KI at an absurd rate.”
      I mean…just give us the config. Please man. Plz.

      Anyway that’s all. Feel free to respond and I might respond back. I spent 4 hours typing this because I got distracted…whoops.

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      Gravity used to work similarly to what you suggest, but it was changed. I don’t remember why, I think because it made training stupid easy, but it is unlikely to be changed back.

      As for Fusion gaining power through levels, that is kinda broken and not accurate at all. But I do agree that Mystic should have it’s own multiplier in the configs. I also think that Mystic’s de-leveling system should be changed slightly. In the show Gohan never lost his ultimate form, it just went dormant as he lost his power over time and he eventually got it back through training, not by going to the Elder Kai again. I think the skill should have a “Level 0” or something akin to that, so when you run out of time you don’t have to go back and buy the skill again but you can train to level it up once again. It could also cost less to level it up from level 0 than to buy it, idk if that would be balanced but it is an idea.

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        well good news, you can now turn off the mystic level decay

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