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      carlos Mex DB

      First of all, I have to say two things: first I apologize in advance for my English I am not a native speaker.
      and second, please read all the text before commenting.

      the new npc is going to be found in overworld in her own structure and the otherworld in King Yemma’s Palace.
      She will have two exclusive mutual options depending on whether you are dead or alive when you talk to her, “ask to let you return to the overworld for x time” and “ask to let a player return to the overworld for x time”.
      the first can only be used by good alignment players or neutral alignment players who have more good than bad.
      and the second depends on the alignment of the player that is requesting it from Baba and the alignment player that is being requested. (example: a alive 90% or higher good alinment player can request for a dead 90% or lower evil alinment player, but a alive evil 90% alinment cannot request another evil player. only 100% good alinment can request a 100% evil.)

      Regardless of which one you use, if you meet the requirements, the dead player will be teleported to the overworld with a new temporary status effect with a countdown, when it reaches 0 the dead player will be teleported back to anotherworld.
      the amount of times you can return is reduced by 1 for each time your countdown reaches 0, of course you can configure counts of times you can return, setting it to -1 is infinite, setting it to 0 makes you unable to return.
      You can configure how much time you can be out of another world, setting it to 0 makes the countdown disappear.
      Being killed while in this state will freeze the timer and send you to the otherworld, if you set the countdown to 0, dying will consume 1 of the number of times you can return.
      If you fuse with someone who is alive, the timer to otherworld will freeze for as long as you are fused.
      if you wish to the dragon block to resurrect Shenlong or Porunga the state will disappear, but the next time you die and return the countdown will continue from where it left off.
      just Like fusion, there will be a setting that determines the amount of time you lose if you transform.

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